A crashed plane
a forest of trees
was all brian had at first

A lake of water
a shelter
Is what brian found

A survival pack
on the plane
is what brian had last

By: Olivia

You never know if you're
going to be stranded,
all that you now is that you're fine

You never know if you're
going to find food,
all that you know is that you're hungry

Feb 25, 2013

An arrow to heart
You'd think would bring
But pulling it out
Brought pleasure
And gain..
Like I didn't see
The no trespass sign
I did..
I saw it...
with mine own eyes
But Ignored it
Distorted &
Covered in lies,
Small ones
White ones
Yet steeped
In truth
Like a bandage for souls
Undeniable coup...

The hatchet
Daniel Magner
Daniel Magner
Jun 15, 2013      Jun 15, 2013

The hatchet
that your mom gifted
is now gone to the wind
with your ashes.
It feels like saying
all over again...

© Daniel Magner 2013
Sorry Ed...
I am willing to bury the hatchet
Feb 8, 2012

I am willing to bury the hatchet
even if it's in my chest
but let's not walk forward under false pretense
you said for both of us it's best
but we are both falling apart
you with a smile on your face
and I, with an axe in my heart

joshua blackmire
joshua blackmire
Jan 22, 2013

I smash it
I crash it
I try my best
To get rid of it
And as soon as I set
It down to rest
It breaks and
I only hope
You can forgive me
For all the shit I put you through
with it broken we have no need to
Fight anymore

Kitty Parson
Kitty Parson
Apr 21, 2012

My heart pounds for your smile, Dogbreath
I like you more than a hooker likes meth
you may be family and I may call you bro
but it’s not incest when you’re a Juggalo.

I’ll never forget the day that we met
one kiss and I wanted to be your Juggalette
my passion for you burns like a thousand suns
it can’t be contained even if I were restrained by nuns.

My desire for you isn’t even satirical
if you think about it it’s kind of a miracle
drawn together like magnets – how do they work?
and the way you touch my butt drives me berserk.

You wrangle records like a big money rustla
I like Lady Gaga and ain’t much of a hustla
I was born this way, but my heart can grow bigga
if you’ll take my hand and say you’re my nigga.

Victoria Jennings
Victoria Jennings
Jan 19, 2013

We'll pretend
We never argued
Like I never cried
Like it didn't hurt
And we didn't fall from our pedestal
We'll bury it
For another month
Until the storm once again stirs
Awakening the truth
If we don't fix it
We never will
And this
Will never
Truly be okay.

Bury the hatchet,
Raychel Darling

Live and learn,
Do or die,
Bury the hatchet,
Sever ties.

Blank white pages,
Whiter lies,
Children and their,
Legs in pies.

Lovers lay down,
and close their eyes,
enter a world,
where deities die.

Uncharted territory,
and innocent lives,
Battle Royale,
Lord of the Flies.

Boys will be boys,
and little girls cry,
it's a wonder why,
we don't wonder why,
too little, too late.
goodbye, goodbye.

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I stayed at the Lucky Indian Casino Hotel.
I booked a 'reservation reservation' of the top floor Teepee Suite.
When I arrived an Indian wearing a full headdress
behind the front desk handed me
my Buffalo Loyalty Card and said,
'Happy huntin', enjoy your stay here.'
I shot 'em in the head with my Winchester
and told the dead Injun,
'Now, that's the way the West was won.'

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