Sep 25, 2014

.....before you hurt someone else
With the sharpness of. Anger.
Wash your hands clean of
The past we were given
So that you may hold present day,
Not stained by the rust
Of a saddened heart.

My brother, you are my best friend.
You know my dark is the same as yours.
We carry the memories of
A tainted childhood.
My brother..... Let go.

Some things are better not said
We cannot change them now.
Nothing they could ever say
Could take IT away.

If it's validation, here this,
"My brother, we've survived!"
Look at you. So strong,
And this life made you this way...
Not broken, not ruined, unafraid.

This weight that you carry
Must be. So. Very. Heavy.

My brother,
Let go.

Abuse is not cool, but neither is bitterness. Forgive, forgive.... and free yourself.
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Feb 21, 2014

A crashed plane
a forest of trees
was all brian had at first

A lake of water
a shelter
Is what brian found

A survival pack
on the plane
is what brian had last

By: Olivia
Feb 22, 2014

You never know if you're
going to be stranded,
all that you now is that you're fine

You never know if you're
going to find food,
all that you know is that you're hungry

Feb 25, 2013

An arrow to heart
You'd think would bring
But pulling it out
Brought pleasure
And gain..
Like I didn't see
The no trespass sign
I did..
I saw it...
with mine own eyes
But Ignored it
Distorted &
Covered in lies,
Small ones
White ones
Yet steeped
In truth
Like a bandage for souls
Undeniable coup...

I am willing to bury the hatchet
Feb 8, 2012

I am willing to bury the hatchet
even if it's in my chest
but let's not walk forward under false pretense
you said for both of us it's best
but we are both falling apart
you with a smile on your face
and I, with an axe in my heart

The hatchet
Daniel Magner
Daniel Magner
Jun 15, 2013      Jun 15, 2013

The hatchet
that your mom gifted
is now gone to the wind
with your ashes.
It feels like saying
all over again...

© Daniel Magner 2013
Sorry Ed...

Defiant is your heartfelt rhyme
it can be heard towing the line
crooked memories beat a drum
open the door, let truth come

For this tale is bold and cold
let others learn from this story told
years of grudges held in minds
decaying love in modern times

No sorry was ever read or said
regret or sorrow of the dead
in life they lived in persecution
never wanting resolution

Until one day the visits stopped
no more humble pie in pot
silence was the biggest noise
cutting ties and leaving toys

Firmly closing doors for good
on all the bad rotting wood
fleeing intimidating jibes
instead was drawn to happy times

Years passed by and families grew
as they moved to pastures new
never turning back the clock
or hatching any vengeful plot

A thorn was poking into wounds
was never cleaned, certainly doomed
death ended much of bitterness
forgotten words in wilderness

Never let a bloody bitter feud
fester for years, like cud chewed
always burry hatchets deep
and save our souls for peaceful sleep

the hatchet
c davis
c davis
Sep 22

Don't bury it
the hatchet
and the money
and the                        grass.
All frightening things
seem trivial
once the moment                starts to pass.
#burn   #grass   #hatchet   #bury  

Hatchets are buried in shallow graves,
recovered by a shovelful of dirt.

#hatred   #grave   #recovered   #shallow   #dirt   #beryldov   #bury   #shovel   #hatchets   #fued  
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