below the roses and the hatchet;
Callum Ray Foster

One day when your skull is buried
below the roses and the hatchet;
Would you have said
you've done all you can in life
before you cashed it?

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buried the hatchet yet, they say
Peter Balkus
Peter Balkus
Mar 19, 2016

They buried many bodies
some of them alive. They never
buried the hatchet yet, they say
they never had a chance.  They
didn't even try.
It's much easier with bodies,
even if they still move,
it's much easier. One hour, maybe two.
And job done.
Hatchet? - they say - Oh man, it takes time!
It's pain in the ass! We won't do it, no,
at least not now. We're busy, too busy
to give it a try.
Let's bury those fucking bodies first,
and then, in the meantime,
before new shit arrives,
we can try. We can't promise anything,
but we can try to try.
Is that fine?!

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Come let's bury the hatchet.
Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
Sep 26, 2016

You tell me another story.
But I gathered some facts.
Lame excuses' it's a lowry,
I'm so fed up of your acts.
Getting the tinnitus because I'm lovelorn,
So tired of locking yours with my horn,
Are you dead tired of fighting too?

Did you not know this already too?
Gaining what out of the fight you are,
Only we can be the best possible friends.
Come descend back home,
A helpless heart awaits you,
Another ceasefire beckons,
Come let's bury the hatchet.

HP Poem #1159
©Atul Kaushal
#love   #hope   #and   #once   #again   #lovelorn   #hatchet   #horn   #bury   #reckons  
Sep 25, 2014

.....before you hurt someone else
With the sharpness of. Anger.
Wash your hands clean of
The past we were given
So that you may hold present day,
Not stained by the rust
Of a saddened heart.

My brother, you are my best friend.
You know my dark is the same as yours.
We carry the memories of
A tainted childhood.
My brother..... Let go.

Some things are better not said
We cannot change them now.
Nothing they could ever say
Could take IT away.

If it's validation, here this,
"My brother, we've survived!"
Look at you. So strong,
And this life made you this way...
Not broken, not ruined, unafraid.

This weight that you carry
Must be. So. Very. Heavy.

My brother,
Let go.

Abuse is not cool, but neither is bitterness. Forgive, forgive.... and free yourself.
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the hatchet
Effigy Doll
Effigy Doll
Sep 22, 2015

Don't bury it
the hatchet
and the money
and the     grass.
All frightening things
seem trivial
once the moment           starts to pass.
#burn   #grass   #hatchet   #bury  
hatchet horror show
miss pie
miss pie
Oct 28, 2014

same same
secret sorrow clown
a 1000 smiles open doors

darkened blue eyes
elbow room
packing his fiend
along side

muttering silence
something about freedom
hatchet horror show
something new

What now shall we do kill clowns?
#freedom   #life   #death   #horror   #heat   #hatchet  
The hatchet
Daniel Magner
Daniel Magner
Jun 15, 2013

The hatchet
that your mom gifted
is now gone to the wind
with your ashes.
It feels like saying
all over again...

© Daniel Magner 2013
Sorry Ed...
I am willing to bury the hatchet
Joseph the Dreamer

I am willing to bury the hatchet
even if it's in my chest
but let's not walk forward under false pretense
you said for both of us it's best
but we are both falling apart
you with a smile on your face
and I, with an axe in my heart

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