like a moth to the light.
Ashley Somebody
Ashley Somebody
May 7, 2014

I fell for you
like a moth to the light.

Moths die.
#fallen   #10w   #light   #moth   #fellforyou  
And such as a moth
Eleanor Rigby
Eleanor Rigby
Aug 22, 2014

I come from darkness
And such as a moth
Beating itself
To death
Against a flame,
In your arms, I burn
Just the same.


#die   #darkness   #burn   #same   #beating   #flame   #arms   #moth  
it's gleam, he the hypnotised moth seeks,
K Balachandran

Her spider eyelashes intensely exude,
an irresistible charm though sinister-
when they flutter, desire in waves spread,
it's gleam, he the hypnotised moth seeks,
dashing straight in to her invisible web of deceit,
seeking an instant nirvana, only to dissolve  in darkness.

#desire   #spider   #moth   #gleam  
Like a moth
May 23, 2014

Like a moth
blinded by such froth
wished to touch the flame.
Wrapped with swath
Burnt wings dropped the cloth
Time to take the blame...

A response poem to "Jack and Jill" of Ae.
#love   #and   #bye   #blame   #flame   #moth   #jack   #jill   #novice  
Dear wee moth
Evangeline Ashe
Evangeline Ashe
Jul 31, 2015

Dear wee moth
tiny velvet life
what are you to me?
You are a tickle on the air
a fluttering moonbeam whisper
child of Icarus
always in danger
reminder of all that's brief.

Dear wee moth
tiny velvet life
what am I to you?
Another giant of death
or some strange mountain?
Do you fear me?
Let's be honest little moth
to you I am nothing.

#life   #status   #moths  
I’m just a gray moth
Joe Cottonwood

I’m just a gray moth
        among bright butterflies
I bob on small wings
        to the safety of
                your cheek dusting
        a light mark
of powder

Your freckles
        I tickle
                with tiny feet
My antennae
                to the glow
        of your soul
Flicker of eyelashes
You, my flame
Be gentle
        my love

#butterfly   #moth  
Hannah Jade
Hannah Jade
Jan 20, 2015

First she ate too much,
Then not enough.
She closed herself off from the world.
Wrapped herself in a cocoon of doubt.
She was an odd little caterpillar,
That gave up on ever becoming a butterfly.

I'm not in the brightest of places...
Moth, moth... can you stand still?
Jul 4, 2014

I saw you fallen in front of me
motionless and in grief
your only hope has faded
your little life is diminished.

For a split second I see
a tiny flap of wings
clumsy and weak
I hear your voice within me.

"Is it all you can do for me?"
"Why are you taking me?"
"You got a light?"
"Your hands are so warm..."

Moth, moth... can you stand still?
there is no light in here
Moth, moth... do you ever sleep?
live one day and forever be.

(I know nothing about poetry,  just write what and how it comes to my mind,  hope you like my debut in here.)
#poem   #original   #new   #writer   #moth  
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