like a moth to the light.
Ashley Somebody

I fell for you
like a moth to the light.

Moths die.
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Moth, moth... can you stand still?

I saw you fallen in front of me
motionless and in grief
your only hope has faded
your little life is diminished.

For a split second I see
a tiny flap of wings
clumsy and weak
I hear your voice within me.

"Is it all you can do for me?"
"Why are you taking me?"
"You got a light?"
"Your hands are so warm..."

Moth, moth... can you stand still?
there are no light in here
Moth, moth... do you ever sleep?
live one day and forever be.

(I know nothing about poetry,  just write what and how it comes to my mind,  hope you like my debut in here.)
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Eleni Anne Kennard
Eleni Anne Kennard
Jul 10      Jul 10

Your hand rests limply
Across my waist
A cacophony of thoughts
Our hearts beat at different rates

We search for the light
Like dusty moths
Floating broken
And drifting off

On top of the sheets
Listening to the world outside
I traced the features of your face
With my rough fingertips

We gravitate towards happiness
And do what's in our power
To find the light that never goes out
The light inside each other

It is late and I've been dreaming
So the string of thoughts is tangled
But I think from now on I'll keep
A lighter beside my candle.

Like a moth
May 23

Like a moth
blinded by such froth
wished to touch the flame.
Wrapped with swath
Burnt wings dropped the cloth
Time to take the blame...

A response poem to "Jack and Jill" of Ae.
#love   #and   #bye   #blame   #flame   #moth   #jack   #jill   #novice  
Eileen Prunster
Eileen Prunster
Sep 11, 2012

Your poems
the flame
I scorch

wrote this last night then deleted it    wrote it again this morning Lol still want to delete it

Your hawk eyed wing peers with fierce stillness
upon the day scorched Sonoran sands which,
humbled in sparseness like the Sinai, found favor
in God’s eye to cloak you in Joseph’s many colored coat.

Tail horned larvae, thick in hermetic mystery,
raise their heads  in sphinx-like pose, riddling enemies
with their stony gaze,  spitting green soup at trespassers,
worthy of Linda Blair in the Exorcist.

At dusk you emerge from your cryptic shyness
to pry the secrets of the Dune Evening Primrose
with your well hung proboscis, so tapered to the task
she can’t reproduce without your whirring whispers
bruited in her ear, her cloying nectar saved only for you.

With pugilist’s craft you woo all the desert blooms,
bobbing and weaving like Muhammad Ali midair,
swift and relentless, then hovering patiently
like predatory helicopters on the Mekong
spewing their gift of Agent Orange.

Vat? You didn't think I could write nature poetry?
Vat am I ~ a vun trick pony?

Sphinx Moth/Sphingidae
Moth, dancing moth,
Dec 2, 2013      Dec 3, 2013

Moth, dancing moth,
dance to the light. Dance to the death.
Break those wings to free the flight,
the sea is far and here is no hearth, not here.

Fly, moth, fly
away from the lilted breeze so to breathe easy.
Your heart is in shock; Moth, go back to
from where you come.

Moth, falling moth,
no crevice in sight, dear moth—where has your illusion
gone? Moth don’t waste time, hurry yourself and
cease the end, in through the spaces and far from time.

Wingless moth, pained.
The light shines only on you. What disturbance (perturbing the soul)
held moth back?

Amelia Jo Anne
Nov 27, 2013

single flame in dark
brighter than one hundred eyes
peering through bushes

I was simply a moth who wished she was beautiful
Sierra Elizabeth
Sierra Elizabeth
Dec 23, 2012

My dear, I was never your butterfly,

I was simply a moth who wished she was beautiful

Amanda Small
Amanda Small
Oct 24, 2012      Oct 25, 2012

nights fall heavy lidded
October leaves rustle beneath my skin.

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