like a moth to the light.
Ashley Somebody
Ashley Somebody
May 7, 2014

I fell for you
like a moth to the light.

Moths die.
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First she ate too much,
Then not enough.
She closed herself off from the world.
Wrapped herself in a cocoon of doubt.
She was an odd little caterpillar,
That gave up on ever becoming a butterfly.

I'm not in the brightest of places...
Moth, moth... can you stand still?
Jul 4, 2014

I saw you fallen in front of me
motionless and in grief
your only hope has faded
your little life is diminished.

For a split second I see
a tiny flap of wings
clumsy and weak
I hear your voice within me.

"Is it all you can do for me?"
"Why are you taking me?"
"You got a light?"
"Your hands are so warm..."

Moth, moth... can you stand still?
there is no light in here
Moth, moth... do you ever sleep?
live one day and forever be.

(I know nothing about poetry,  just write what and how it comes to my mind,  hope you like my debut in here.)
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brown moth
A Mareship
A Mareship
Jul 29, 2014

this dust-rolled
brown moth
with a band of white
to stand for winter,
when it was just a flimsy bundle
of gristle and sticks

and all the boys in the summertime are sticky and
like the mouths of dogs -
pink where the sun can't lick

the backs of their necks are baked red brick

girls wear bronzer
piled on thick.

#sun   #summer   #boys   #girls   #moth  
A moth is dancing at the only
Lawrence Wentzz
Lawrence Wentzz
Jul 24, 2014

Hang me up to dry
Killers in our summer clothes.
A moth is dancing at the only
lightbulb in the dark.
I’m moving stoned,
looking at the white of your eyes.
You woke me up too many times.
Now I don’t sleep anymore
and I think only at freedom
but I follow just the moth.
There’s nothing to do here;
I am only happy in bed,
in the bed of your mind.
Everywhere else i’ll die in mistery.
But tomorrow is to die,
today is to live,
to let your heart
enjoy the moth.

#love   #death   #end   #mad   #beginning   #moth  

Bright flame
You call
Say my name
And I fall

But had I the choice
I’d fly away
To hear Her voice
Just one more day

written May 17, 2010
#fall   #day   #choice   #voice   #name   #call   #flame   #moth  
Dec 17, 2014

With dusty wings
and awkward flight
Your tiny buffalo body
bounces on the
delicate glass surface.
An exaggerated shadow
announces your plight.
Is it the beauty of
the butterfly
that spurs you.
Why so frustrated;
so persistent?
Do you know of emotion?
Maybe you do,
and it is your own
dark turmoil
that draws you to the
glass skirted flame.

#pain   #dark   #butterfly   #hard   #you   #wings   #glass   #flame   #draw   #moth  
e l e n i
e l e n i
Jul 10, 2014      Jul 10, 2014

Your hand rests limply
Across my waist
A cacophony of thoughts
Our hearts beat at different rates

We search for the light
Like dusty moths
Floating broken
And drifting off

On top of the sheets
Listening to the world outside
I traced the features of your face
With my rough fingertips

We gravitate towards happiness
And do what's in our power
To find the light that never goes out
The light inside each other

It is late and I've been dreaming
So the string of thoughts is tangled
But I think from now on I'll keep
A lighter beside my candle.

Is it out of love the moth's attracted to the light
David Patrick O'C

Is it out of love the moth's attracted to the light
does it seek to destroy it for piercing the night?

just wondering
#night   #light   #moth  
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