Denis St Martin
Denis St Martin
3 days ago

You don't know me
Beyond what I'm like
You can look all you want
So long as it's out of spite

I take no pride
In knowing what you don't
I'm just mysterious
As far as you know

A raven of pitch
Jagged beak
Sericeous mystique

Stygious thoughts
They creak
Echoingly bleak

"Here I am,
A malignant streak.
No darling, don't shriek."

How esoteric?
No one could figure this out
Mysterious and puzzling
As situations come about
The people are speaking
But, there is lots of ambiguity
Unless we remove these clouds
No one will see clearly

A bored Poet
A bored Poet
Nov 23, 2016

One day a bee
Was flying happily
By a meadow curiously
He saw a sunflower
Shone brightly

Bewitched he flew closer
To the beautiful splendor
Of which was simply was
An elegant little flower

They chatted all day
With no obstacles in their way
Until night came
Then everything changed

The peculiar flower had to go
But with no goodbye to go
She just closed up where she was
And not a single stop or pause

Sadly, the bee left
Leaving the flower he just met
Thinking to himself that time
I'll try harder next time

Sep 30, 2016

So strong that it could absorb you
So quiet, it could calm you
So infinite, it could make you feel lost
So grave, it could surround you

Could be loved
Could be hated
Could be cursed
But what it could not be is abandoned
We carry it within ourselves
Within our hearts
Within our soul
Without knowing it's potentials
It's love
It's weaknesses
And there are no possibility to know about it either
Because it's not a human
It's not our friend

But it is a secret that he is my friend
He is so mysterious, yet adorable
His hugs surround me like a fable
His presence makes a lost impression
But his absence makes me feel unstable

I could keep him for a long time
But fear arises because of deadly time
I fell for the darkness in a short span of time
But I want it last for a life time

Lunar Love
Lunar Love
Sep 15, 2016

as much as i tried
to dream of the bad things,
i only dreamed of you,
which was good.

but then again,
maybe you were
actually bad.

when i had a breakdown the other day, i cut off all thoughts and tried to think of the bad things, for unknown reasons... but you ended up in there.
were you trying to save me from those bad things,
or were you one of those?
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Timothy Langley
Timothy Langley
Sep 8, 2016

That creepy, old house on the end of the block,
the one with a gate and that rusty, old lock,
some say that it's haunted,
and others say its cursed.
That family who lived there took a turn for the worst.

He still lives there all alone
but they all left him long ago.
He never comes out.
His loneliness is cancer.
And if you knock on the door he will not answer.

What happened to him?
I wish I knew, but I'm sure he has a story,
and I'm sure that it's blue.
Life wasn't good to that sad little family,
and after what happened, I doubt he'll ever be happy.

Now garbage and glass lie in the yard,
and rooftop shingles are twisted and gnarled
The grass is tall.
The windows are shattered.
But to that bitter old man it doesn't matter.

I think every community has this person somewhere. If yours doesn't, take a closer look.
Aug 22, 2016

I didn't learn a thing
on that fateful day
even if I tried,
I couldn't anyway.
For my mind was racing
thinking of what to do,
I found myself staring,
without meaning to.
How did you talk,
to a girl who didn't speak?
How did you explain,
that you'd wanted to for weeks?
Should I mention her hair?
Should I mention her book?
Should I mention the glorious,
unique way she looked?
The bell rang too soon,
I jumped up from my seat
and I raced to the girl
I was desperate to meet.
But she was long gone,
she'd already slip outside.
She was a part of the crowd.
She'd managed to hide.
But then I saw that flash of purple
as it went up the stairs.
And I raced after the girl,
and her bright purple hair.


I didn't see her
when I reached the top
but I kept looking
I couldn't stop.
I had just turned to go,
I was gonna be late.
But then I saw her,
I ran forwards, yelled "Wait!"
But she didn't turn,
didn't even look my way
but I was so desperate
to make her stay.
So I sprinted down the hall
rushing through the crowd
Trying to get her attention
hollering loud.
Finally she saw me,
She caught my eye
Exhausted and panting,
I choked out a "hi"


She eyed me, confused.
then smiled at me
“Hi.” She says
But I quickly flee
Scared of that girl
And her beautiful face
Scared of the way
She made my heart race
Scared of how different
And amazing she was
And so I ran,
Without any real cause.
Because more than anything
I wanted to stay there.
Alone in that hallway,
With her and her hair.


I hated that girl,
And how she made me feel.
I hated that she’d started
this whole ordeal.
I hated her headphones
I hated her book
I hated the bizzare,
Crazy way she looked.
I hated her smile
I hated her face
I hated how I saw her
All over the place.
But most of all
I hated how much I cared,
About that wonderful girl
And her wonderful hair.

I needed to see her,
I was going insane.
I couldn’t get that girl
Out of my brain.
But I didn’t dare try,
For I couldn’t make a sound
Whenever that purple haired girl
And her book were around.
Two weeks went by,
And I couldn’t believe,
When that purple haired girl
Walked right up to me.
The entire room froze,
They couldn’t help but stare
As I talked to the girl,
With the bright purple hair.

A follow up to my last post. This is all I had before poet freak closing so from now on parts will be posted  individually. Hope you enjoy!
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Aman Dheer
Aman Dheer
Jul 30, 2016

Stars explode during daytime,
firecrackers produce my ashes
burnt to death ,
I see an oasis far away
soaking up in the desert
with the faux Pyramids behind,
sand flies into my humble vortex
revealing my secrets hid behind the curtain
it’s too passé !
my shoes run off with the tide
rubbing against the scales of a Tuna
my feeble conscience is hidden behind those doors
playing hide and seek for long,
I drink every thirst of water
capturing the swarm in my jar
margarita flows in the canals of Venice
creating drunkards by the mast,
my boat where Venus reigns
sinks in the depths of my soul
lifeless limbs swim my wretched body away
I embrace the black moon .
Secret Poet
Secret Poet
Jul 19, 2016

Green eyed boy so mysterious and abstruse, won't you let me explore you?
You seem so disclosed but let people know that you are one who won't let anything show. You're hard to read. Some have attempted and left your pages tattered and torn, just know that I have always been one that is up for a difficult read.

I enjoy you.
#eyes   #boy   #green   #books   #read   #torn   #mysterious  
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