I want to touch the sky
be high
feel the coolest breeze
i want to feel peace
i want to ride
and never come back

Skye Applebome
Skye Applebome
May 13, 2013      May 14, 2013

Fire, pain and flashes
Screams, cries and moans
Begs for help, begs for mercy
Walls where air should be
Air where walls should be

I'd listen to you
But the voices in my head tell me not to.

psychedelic music trembles the soul.
lost in the moment, crawling over the floor.
big pupils gazing across the room.
shady characters wavering through the house.
a dog licking her ear, she looked him in its eyes.
she told it she loved him, and hugged it tight.

Feb 14

my mind has deeply forgotten my relevance to the world
because these compulsive movements are beginning to engulf my sanity
but i loathe every second of not being able to feel something impossible
because i’ve been able to surge into the depths of my own soul
to prove that happiness can and will exist under the sensible psyche

Aug 7

Kaleidoscope eyes
Telescoping with time
A tumbling jumble of colors and feelings
The quivers, the shakes, the shudders and reelings
Understood by the one with a blank expression on his face
Wide and bewildered eyes caught in her's embrace
Patterns colliding with no rhyme or reason
Deceiving her reflection
Just one more act of treason
Selfishly looking on over the bridge from her perch
Not comprehending the magnitude of her worth
A girl, a child, left out in the snow
A story never left behind
Now we'll never know.

All people want to escape from reality
So we can get into illusions
Perfect, wonderful thus peaceful
Enough sleep, enough eat, enough money

Love, money and sex
Everyone's dream

Grow peace in your soul
As peace wins every war

Fuck it :)

Palms upon metal
Morphing as water
Smoke from burning kettle
Every form calm and settle
Taking a breath
Sprouts and sprouts
Life emerging from one's mouth
Spirit moving into nostril, ear, then out
Purple glow
Down my spine
Space, it drove
Count the time
Every aspect gleams and shines
Palm fully through, my body leaves
Morphs, becomes
Into the shape
Reality at glory is made
Within the clouded universe, so vast
No vibrations of the past
None of future
Harmony at last?
More towards exploration
Astral plane at meet, my reality brings beautiful invasion
Goals are met
Measures aren't taken
My soul is awaken
Walk along the sector
Weather it be cliff or plain
Stiff or insane
There is a way
Gazing upon the used to be star
Or was it?
Thus reality is falling apart
Or is it?
Perhaps I'm in full art
Wormhole merging
Black hole dividing
Energy non-hiding
I let it sink in
Everything, shrouded within me
Shrouded in all
Mirrors of one's, we are
Let's expand our gazed star

Slithering slice
Fixture of light
Flicker, flicker along the fields of my sight
As the bubble I evolve in expands
Expanding towards my iris
Gazing upon my hands
Pupils dilated
Expand, expand
That's all reality does until it morphs towards a new dimension
Once, again it is small
Doing so is your decision
Senses all bound to one
Bound upon the screen am I
High upon the realm is my third eye
Rattling the vibration towards the ends of my feet
Then the energy meets
Continuous flow
Cycle, repetition, insanity, whatever may dwell through your mind
All is all, it merely depends on the kind
Variety, but also the same
Dry, but with a hint of rain
There is never a fully accurate range to perceive vibrations
At least not in this journey
My journey, my mere reality
A malleable matter this dimension is
Zoning unto a higher form brings the bliss
Endless doors enclosed in a hallway
Endless hallways enclosed in a complex
Endless complexes enclosed within a grid
Beyond the grid is a mirror
The key to all universes merged and 'alive' within the multiverse
A simple reflection, a mind blowing surge
Breathing deeper into the land I urge
Enhancements as the soul is here
Ego at gone, nothing to fear
How must a force so vulnerable be so beautiful?
That is for all of us to answer
We all thump into one, all inside the mirror of the Green Panther

#philosophy   #weed   #deep   #trippy  

Awakening upon a smooth textural cotton
Soaking energy within without knowing what had happened so often
As if I've woken from a coffin
Or if I've birthed from the planets
Or if I was earthed from the heavens
None the less, I am here
Between the astral plane?
Steaming from in to sane?
Perhaps both
Perhaps only a mere perception do I hope
I have been awoke
A purpose or so
Reaching a new surface I have known
Condensed energy through palm
So energized, though remarkably calm
Moving once
Steady, so beautiful
Awakening eye, I have begun
Gazing, focusing towards condensed matter I have made and strung
Cotton morphed to ground
A land has been found
No past, nor future, a mere stitch of multiverse this is
Reflection of the third eye
Two beings I see between the land and sky
A man and plant
A peace
A piece
A kind
Moving towards a journey through strength, but although hate
They can't see
Though I
As I am the man and the plant
One, indeed
Just as Yin and Yang
A bane is a glory
A glory is a bane
A unique spectrum, I live
I am the different multiverse
All are different universes into multiverse
Perhaps, I am the multiverse as I am numerous unto one
The man
The plant
One soul
Two shells
As both collide, meets a view of Heaven, Reincarnation, and Hell

Flying upon the sea
Mystifying as the aqua gleams
Body at freeze
Ego at ease
Soul at peace
Plunging towards the captivating vibration, I go
Clicking towards the mind, is a bowl
A metallic bowl within mere space
Flowing with the vibrant, warm water
Deeper and deeper below
No time no 'life', as everything is at slow
Deeper and deeper the faster I slope
Bubbles glistening and popping into my skin
Not knowing how or so thus had begin
Deeper and deeper below
Near, under, and through my physical barrier
Gliding through, swimming, diving upon my soul
Just as I am doing towards the bowl as the closer I go to meet a hole
Feeling a distant call
Very distant, very low
Bubble, bubble, pop pop
Sliding out every aspect of barriers I seemed to have
They met at the open
Thus my ego Cyrus, were formed as a token
Deep whispers through his ears were spoken
Telling him
Holding his very sanity
Keeping his sense of vanity
Particles within the tank
Within the bowl
Meeting every physical barrier it had
Burned and burned until all there was, was a purple smoke

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