Sydney Marie
Sydney Marie
Apr 10, 2014

This thing, all things devours; Birds, beasts, flowers
                                                       Gnaws iron, bites steel
                                                       Grinds hard stones to meal
                                                       Slays kings, ruins towns
                                                       And beats high mountains down.

-The Hobbit
(Only my life in two trilogies)
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Tis the biggest adventure a hobbit needs
Nick Strong
Nick Strong
Sep 2, 2013

I am told that Bilbo, before his
Adventures began, would walk, the
Shire to seek the queen of the fungi.
To search was the compulsion.
Driven by taste, for the mysterious
Fruit of the forest floor.
When asked, he would say,
To savour the wild delight has nothing to compare,
To the humble taste of a spud, or sprout,
Just an ecstasy of unparalleled delight.
Knowing you have found the woody nutty treasure.
Of the queen of the forest floor.
Tis the biggest adventure a hobbit needs
To test his might against the mighty mushroom.

But then he had yet to meet ...
A wizard and a dwarf.

    ©  Nick Strong 2014

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One little hobbit,
Eleanor Kellett
Eleanor Kellett
Jul 1, 2014

The voice of silk,
The eye of the devil,
Breather of fire,
Killer of many.

Smaug the dragon,
Sitting in his gold,
The figure of fear,
In the legends of old.

One little hobbit,
All alone,
Confronts the dragon,
The king on his throne.

So guess which film I watched today, also Puff the Magic Dragon is stuck in my head
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Chuckling as we ate our Hobbit breakfast.
Dec 8, 2012

And so I said to him, "Dumbledore beats Gandalf any day."

Chuckling as we ate our Hobbit breakfast.

Owen Anthony Ferry
Owen Anthony Ferry
Sep 14, 2014

Is there really a Middle Earth where Hobbits live or a Land called Oz
Are there really munchkins or  a Yellow Brick Road

Is there really a Lion, a Witch and a Wardrobe
do Harry, Hermonie or Ron live at Hogwarts
Or is it a Land of make-believe

i could go on forever
a Hobbit is bigger then a rabbit
Christos Andreas Kourtis

Keep the fire bright as stars
singe their hairy feet clean
a Hobbit is bigger then a rabbit
and three times as tasty

The best kind are near Mirk Wood
they are plump juicy and yummy
and as you put them to flame
they inadvertently call for mummy

Oh what joy on dark trollish evenings
to share a morsel or two with friends
eat those Baggins squirming kind
saving their chubby legs to the end

Come toast a hobbit with me
they do as well as chicken
see how many your tummy
will if you try hard to fit in

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris

Mar 28, 2016

we here in these northern isles enjoy big skies reflecting big seas
and big seas reflecting big skies
and we are made to feel quite tiny, more Hobbits than Humans
which gives some respite from nauseating feelings of false superiority
our egos kept in check by the vastness of where we live,
you could say it engenders contemplation, or a good beginning, at any rate, the feeling of being small in the face of such overarching splendour.

Waiting for the Hobbit to begin.
Jacquie Bullinger
Jacquie Bullinger
Jul 21, 2013

I know that had fate not intervened.
You would be here enjoying this with me.
Standing in line with your family and friends.
Waiting for the Hobbit to begin.

I bet you got an eagle eye view.
Watched them create magic.
Did you walk around New Zealand,
Traveling the path of the Fellowship?

Did you stand in that theater,
Laughing along with us?
Enjoying the adventure,
As if you never left us.

And when I finally see you.
And I wrap you  in a hug.
Will you laugh and tell me,
Who was your favorite Dwarf?

Written after the midnight premier of The Hobbit were I ran into my best friends family. I know if she were still here she would have been there too.
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