Watching a seagull floating lazily
Nick Strong
Nick Strong
Feb 2, 2015

Watching a seagull floating lazily
Through an invisible blue ocean
Effortlessly soaring on invisible waves
Course dictated by winds currents
Piercing eyes watching, senses alert
Casting a moving shadow, cross the deep
Tracking a path none knows
Swooping, surfing ocean’s rollers
Wingtips gently kissing wave peaks.

Beautiful bird in flight, a nuisance  around fish and chips ....
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Sara L Russell
Sara L Russell
Dec 19, 2014

Sara L Russell, 19/12/14 00:58am

White gulls fly against darkness of winter trees
swirling in a reeling easterly;
bare branches stand in earthbound traceries
behind the birds that dance weightless and free.

There is a rhythm in this circling flight.
a lazy, slightly tipsy minuet;
a majesty in gliding wings of white,
a sign that better times are coming yet.

The dew has barely faded on the green,
two fountains bend before the icy breeze,
as seagulls, with a grace I've rarely seen
swirl heavenward, like flights of fantasies.

#poem   #winter   #free   #flight   #seagull   #seagulls  
Phoolmatee Dubay
Phoolmatee Dubay
Dec 21, 2014

dipping, soaring. swerving
with sounds of their symphony
which they could only know
I hear, I listen
I see, I believe
with so few words to say
I wish I could say more

#hear   #see   #sounds   #seagulls  
Kayla Boyd
Kayla Boyd
Nov 13, 2014

As a young child and father search for crabs
stare at cloud
so beautiful it can't be real.
I look out at the edge of the world
like a lone wife waiting for her sailor
to come home
stinking of sweat and brine
but feeling alright.

My mind wanders carelessly away
back to a place so enchanting
I dare not stay too long.
I should let my thoughts disappear to
the end
until all I feel is this expanse of clouds
blue and gray and white.

#mind   #clouds   #ocean   #sea   #beach   #seagull  
The Terry Tree
The Terry Tree
Dec 6, 2014

In glorious flight owning daylight
You magistrate freedom across
An ocean with your own box
Of twilight that you share
In a land of fish
A moonlit wish
With wings that
Kiss the

Throughout your expeditions to ground
Your voice is a dynamic sound
None can ignore your presence
What would Pandora say
When you sing that way?
Higher you fly

Instruct us to use our heart compass
Open our eyes to perspective
Show us potential to live
When self-doubt is about
Like a grain of sand
May our cares be
Found without
A need

The liberty of our latitude
Is the length of our attitude
The way the wind blows effects
The direction we go
Our choices to be
Ebb and flow

Behold a new dawn of bright feather
Consider the stormy weather
Notice how cloud and sun
Witness the Mother
Nature at play
Survey to

May we find our way as you have shown
Limitless unbounded and flown
So shallow is the worry
No longer a fury
A calming has come
Soaring above
With truth in
Our hearts

Riding the currents of emotions
Soaring aloft mental oceans
Wings spanned in physical worlds
Discover us great pearls
Of wisdom and poise
Joyful in noise
Good solid
Gifts of

Cleansing our spirits of past trifles
Being careful not to stifle
New growth with every gust gained
A quill, a crest, a quest
A mountain peaked with
Knowledge like the
Pier we are

A gate to become the best versions
Of our outstanding self-landing
Into the stars we have been
The fringe dust of pinion
Divine with the wind
Beginning free
And renewed
With no


Poetic Form | the Nonet; The nonet poetic form is a 9-line poem that has 9 syllables in the first line, 8 syllables in the second line, 7 syllables in the third line, and continues to count down to one syllable in the final (ninth) line.
Christine Agro
Christine Agro
Apr 15, 2014

I can never tell
if you are laughing
or if you are crying,

#crying   #laughing   #sea   #seagull  
Katrine Lif
Katrine Lif
Dec 15, 2014

Shreaking their own
Little melodies
A part of the harmony
On the ocean shore
On top of houses
And fishing boats
Making me know
That I'm home

a seagull singing so late at night
Jun 13, 2014

a seagull singing so late at night
is unusual;
But remembering a book once read;
Johnathon Livingston Seagull;
nothing is unusual with seagulls

Commuter Poet
Commuter Poet
Feb 17, 2015

I’m back again
On the early train
And the clocks have gone back
So, it’s light in the morning

I can faintly smell
The salt of the low tide

A flock of seagulls
Races alongside my train

A man with a high visibility jacket, purple hat and a coffee
Gets on
I wonder what his day will be like

It is Monday
The beginning of a week
That will be like no other

Written 27th October 2014, 7.11am
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