He loved the way she smelled,
and that she sprayed her perfume right before bed,
so that he could smell it as he drifted off.

He loved the way she gave him her sardonic playful scoff,
when he did something silly, because although she hated it,
she loved it so much she couldn't contain it.

He loved when she walked through history her fires were lit.
Because her passion always intrigued him,
it made perfect sense within her soul, making her eyes bright.

He loved the way she held him tight,
when she was scared, or happy, or hiding from the light.
Because she was so strong yet sometimes her heart she would bare.

He loved the way she ran her fingers through her hair,
and wiggled her waist when she was pleased.
She didn't even know she did it, she was just so at ease.

He loved the way she squeaked when she let out a sneeze,
such a fragile noise for a spirit that was so tough.
Such a contradiction his little, soiled dove.

He could not have been more in love,
with all of these things she does,
no matter what kind of ordeals....

Or at least...that is what she hopes he feels....

#love   #need   #passion   #pain   #hope   #trying   #trials   #ordeals  

What hurts the most is because I don't know what it's like
But you do
And I'm sorry you have to know what it's like
And I am scared that one day I will too
That I will know what it's like
For someone I love to die

#love   #suicide   #depression   #death   #lost   #friend   #help   #trying   #sorry  
Jan 10

You say I haven't done anything, but how can I believe.
When everything I do, really makes you bleed.
I'm returning the love you're giving, please give me a chance.
I'm trying, I've tried.

All the efforts that I've made, to make the affection remain
Can't you see it?
Oh it is there.
I'm trying, I've tried.

You tell me things I'm doing wrong, things I need to fix
I give it my all and all is that I can give
Do you think I'm lying? How can I fix this?
I'm trying, I've tried.  

Everything I've done, to save our relationship from sinking
Do you think that I'm not trying.
Believe me, I'm trying, I've tried.

Now you're not here with me, and I am left alone.  
My mind is going a mile a minute, the past is what scares.
I hope you see this, and know that I am here.
I am trying my love, trying so dear.

Rough days = good poems from the soul
Inspired by a poem I saw on tumblr (I forget who).
#love   #sad   #depressed   #scared   #break   #relationship   #breakup   #trying   #tried   #loving  

She danced through wildflowers and wove lilac in and out of her long hair. She smelled of lavender and pine and she never went anywhere without a smile.

Dancing alone to the harmony of the wind and the beat of the rain hitting the ground softly she began to remember a better time.

A time before the hassle of growing up and before the sun stopped shining just a little to bright.
A time before she was afraid of sitting at home and just relaxing.

Remembering the smell of coffee and peppermint throughout her grandmothers home.
The idea that one day she would grow into someone she could respect and love.

She was strong and fierce but also slightly soft and simple.
She was wild and free but contained by walls of society she hasn't quite broken through yet.

Yet she continues dancing through wildflowers and spinning daisies around her finger tips.
She continues humming to the sound of the ocean and  falling in love with natures secrets.

She continues to grow into someone she can respect and love- finding her own the only way she knows how.

#love   #life   #dreams   #dancing   #family   #trying   #growing   #ocean   #respect   #wildflowers  
Dec 7, 2016

i'm feeling adventurous in this race
satisfied through my haste
calm while i'm blue in the face
full of love in such a lovely place

how does it feel to try,
to be motivated,
to be inspired?
better. liberating. rewarding.

distractions dismantle
my overblown candle
i cannot handle
the wind.
to be more, to be better,
to be better forever,
than what you thought i could be before.

#up   #trying   #motivation   #wanting   #lazy   #adhd   #pressure   #lack   #measure   #inability  
lisa kampen
Nov 30, 2016

your mental health more important than your grades
your mental health is more important than keeping other people happy
your mental health should be your priority
because this life is short, and it may seem really shitty, and maybe it is indeed shitty
but you have to do yourself a favor
take care of yourself.
it's the only thing you really can control

you have to accept that sad feelings are present because of a reason
but understand that you have the power to make decisions that will make your life better; YOU ARE IN CHARGE

you are in charge of everything. you get to choose who you want in your life, you have the chance to kick every negative thing out of your life

take care of yourself first
put your needs over someone elses wants
when sadness is too close to comfort, do realize that you owe it too yourself to change something
there are beautiful places to be discovered, there are beautiful minds to listen to, there are plenty of things that will make you feel whole

treat yourself with silence,
treat yourself with comforting words,
treat yourself by doing the things that give you energy,
not the things that suck the energy out of you

you owe it to you to take care of you

you really do.

i needed to hear this so i typed it out for myself - life can be hard and confusing
#day   #hard   #trying   #positive   #so   #every   #selflofe  
Tyler Man
Tyler Man
Nov 29, 2016

Trying my best. Just isn't enough. Mental disease has got me all fucked up paranoia controlling my mind twists and turns make corners blind hat you say is life's intent to beat you up and leave you bent. Mistakes you make will never end so you go on living life trying to mend. Lessons learned the first time like your eye with a little squeak size of lime. But lessons learned over and over   Sucking your brain like a hover now what to do live life healing you or me is that what makes me free from this disease oh please.... Help me

This is how I feel a lot of the times when I'm struggling to move forward and I keep getting stuck
Eleanor Rigby
Eleanor Rigby
Nov 15, 2016

He was not trying to die, my dear.
He was merely struggling to live.


#die   #he   #trying   #live   #dear   #struggle   #merely  
Arlene Corwin
Nov 6, 2016

Through Poetry I Try

Through poetry I try.
I try through poe-try
To throw some light,
Unscrambling actuality
Through beauty, teaching/
Beauty, reaching for reality -
Though trying not to sound banal,
Repeating thought through channeling
Words, phrases canned.
Traditions show themselves, of course.
I’ve no excuse,
No one to blame if you see through me, for
My passion is to waken focus, senses, balance,
Tolerance and breadth, aware
That all’s projection and interpretation;
Codes there to be broken through
To kernel truth
Long couched in years from youth
And long before.
Through poetry I try.
I try through poetry.

Through Poetry I Try 11.6.2016
The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Circling Round Reality;
Arlene Corwin

#art   #trying   #through   #your  
Oct 24, 2016

I'll hold you close
toes dug in the sand
with our black and gray hoodies
masking black and gray hands
and from our perch
we'll watch as the land
turns from dark morning
to something near bland
not to say splendor is lacking
but that mediocrity can be grand.

Trying to rhyme, lolol, not my forte. Just messing around.
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