love is beautiful ★
love is the ultimate
love is beautiful ★
love is the ultimate
5 hours ago

And tonight you will be in my thoughts, when falling asleep
Brightly the glowing moon, and stars will shine down upon me
Captivating the atmosphere shall be, and I will be with you
Dreaming of you and only you, you the one I adore, my love
Exceptional thus my night shall be, and tomorrow will be lovely
Father says, be careful with my heart, and choose friends wisely
Generously he gives me his love, a love so beautiful and so pure
Heavenly all my thoughts, fantasies and dreams embody me
Incredibly now, I see with new eyes, and I see my fallacy
Juxtaposition was my dream versus reality, and not a fantasy
Knowing actions speak louder than words, is most important
Loving others more than loving oneself is life's purpose
"Marvelous are all my friends, father," I say with a smile
"Noble are your statements my dear child," says father
"Overwhelmingly sweet you can be at times, my dear," says he
Pleasing father has always been my goal, since I was a small child
Quietness was my mind, becoming more at peace after our talk
Reassurances of my father's love always makes me feel happy
Simply stated, to one most special, you will mean the world
Trustworthiness and loyalty are something I value most highly
Understanding with communication, I know is the key to happiness
Virtuous qualities and love is better than diamonds, gold or silver
Words you speak, finer than gold and silver, both melt in envy
Xoxo, still in my heart, my feelings for you, always will be
You have captured my imagination and haven't set it free
Zzzzzzz, tonight I shall dream of you, sleep peacefully, and smile

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  10h  sunprincess

You came and melt this tundra,
Gracing your perpetual dawn.
Your specks of light fades away,
Vestiges remains.

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  10h  sunprincess

And you will wake up on this royal sheets
with my armor reflecting on your cheeks,
I will pelt you kisses
from the dungeons of your soul
to the tower of your lips;
gone are the cold nights
curling up near a fireplace,
for in these arms you
will be forever embrace.

  10h  sunprincess

How am I able
to drive away these bees from
chasing your sweet kiss?

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19 hours ago

thinking of him 24/7
he's a sweet taste of heaven
my darling sweetheart

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19 hours ago

In hushed velvet tones
whispers, "i'm in love with you"
and i kiss his lips

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3 days ago

I absolutely  love the fact,
That I've become your favorite Cat,

cat you can't get enough of
the one you love so well

I bet you've never actually
seen a cat like me

One that will become a wild, wild cat
at the drop of a hat

One that will scratch you to pieces
like you were a tree

One you cannot pet and touch
cause I will Bite you
'til you bleed!

#cat   #wild   #curiosities  
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