Grace Spellman
Grace Spellman
20 hours ago

I found somebody who carries my soul gently.
He took the demons you left me with and cast them all out.;
He planted flowers where you left weeds.
Although I was nothing but a dimly lit star to you, he sees the opposite.
I am his sun, he is my moon.
And together we rule the galaxy.
He takes care of me like no one has ever before.

-Thank you for leaving, for if you hadn't I would never have found my diamond in the rough.

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Your eyes are rough as
your fingers dance over Rubik's Cubes
in achingly distant memories.

How I loved the echoing sound
which I am slowly forgetting.

~~ It is strangely painful to miss something that you never had before. ~~
#love   #sad   #eyes   #friendship   #forget   #memory   #puzzle   #longdistance   #rough   #finger  

to you, my sweet,
my sunshine --
thank you.
for carrying me through the rough waters,
the rock bottom and my own perilous self --
for holding me with your steady hands
after i stumbled and fell into what felt like a chasm
filled with anxiety and despair
for being resolute,
despite my unwillingness to move --
thank you.

i do not know what i did, or what i have done,
to deserve someone so beautiful and kind.

for all that you did and all that you've done,
i will remember,
for always.

#love   #times   #rough   #d  

Today was one of those days
Where nothing goes wrong
But still life has its ways
Where it all feels too long

Nothing really happened
The world didn't end
But still you feel a rend
It's like your hearts a little bent

For no particular reason
Yiu just keep failing
Its not simply a season
And for an instant you think about bailing

But you keep on pushing
And you just have to trust
Its like your on a wing
And suddenly you see rust
And your heart leaps
But deep inside
Your heart still beats
Because you see the wing is wide
And you know you can trust
In the pikot of the plane
And though occasionally
Your faith will wain
The pilots is better than Sully
So you keep your head up
And thank your lucky stars
That your above all these cars
That you can see the world
And so you breathe and look out
And you smile and lose your doubt
Because you put your faith
Not in the plane
But in the one who flies it.

#trust   #god   #day   #plane   #rough  
Hope E
Hope E
Jan 4

My time is not meant for those who pretend to know me because they have seen an untanned patch of my skin
Do not etch me into your wooden bedpost as another tamed pussy

Titles are not awarded for time served
and cunts licked in fits of feverish lust
Not your girlfriend barely a friend
Do you even remember why I was crying last august?

I was so angry that day
#rough   #tuhib  
Dec 11, 2016

When the sun hits
She pillages tools from the toolbox
Only herself to fix

When the moon sits
Her ocular mislay the bones buried beneath chest
Matters not where she is

Some nights
She's left to claw a dresser with folded oaths
Inflating lungs, forging trust, to lift two toes

Some nights
The capsules burglarize her gas-tanks war
Stifling her endlessly to the end of the tour

#pills   #fight   #poor   #rough   #oath  
Susie Ivan
Susie Ivan
Dec 8, 2016

Thanks for taking care of me when I got too drunk and was alone and for making sure nobody took advantage of me.
Thanks for letting me pass out in ur bed watching American dad.
Thanks for giving me some of your things to remember you by.
Thanks for all the late night shitty life talks. Thanks for being brutally honest.

You were very straightforward it was kind of offputting at first but then I learned to love it. You always said you didn’t care about anyone but a few people. And I’m pretty sure you never thought about me once. Ash and Chris was about all that was on that list. But you meant a lot to me.
And thanks for being welcoming to me when i was lovely and lonely.
Thanks for so much.
Telling me that life is shit but there’s some good in some of it. Thank you.

This is not as good of a poem as the others.  It's kind of a rough draft and not as well versed.
#dying   #death   #free   #grief   #verse   #imissyou   #freeverse   #rough   #grieving   #roughdraft  
Nov 9, 2016

There’s no point in dwelling upon this
Just move on
Get over it
That’s what I’m doing
Not living
But surviving.

#living   #not   #society   #hard   #on   #surviving   #times   #move   #rough   #harsh  
Nov 9, 2016

I don’t face my problems.
I put them in a box, lock it, and throw away the key
This is just the way life works
We’ve all got to throw way our boxes
In order to make room for more
Because in this world, baby
The problems never end
Sometimes people just run out of room
And what happens when you run out of room?
Society runs out of room for you

#sad   #depressed   #anxiety   #society   #hard   #push   #times   #problems   #rough   #blocked  
Chris Neilson
Chris Neilson
Oct 27, 2016

In '85 I modelled my hair on Bono
YouTube "U2 Live Aid"
that was my look of choice
my credibility never made the grade

I worked in a rough ass warehouse
with men twice my age
my teenage angst and obstreperousness
regularly put them in a rage

One day I was wrapped in tape
bound up like an Egyptian mummy
thrown in an industrial waste bin
calling me a mullet head and dummy

Spun around and around
then left out on a road
my shouts for help unanswered
my temper set to explode

A passing engineer heard my wailing
and took pity on my plight
seeing me inside the rubbish
gave him a terrible fright

I was tipped out to the pavement
and freed from my imprisonment
I needed taking down a peg or two
but felt I was totally innocent

Today you would call it bullying
back then they said it was horseplay
I never forgot my mummified condition
I learned my lesson the hard way

A true anecdote
#tape   #work   #bullying   #rough   #ass   #mummy   #horseplay   #warehouse  
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