3 days ago

I am the pleasure that hides behind your walls,
seeping deep into your mind
like that of a woven fabric,
I am more comfort than habit,
your instinct is to need me,
like  the bite of something rabid,
you have to have it.
I am the light do your darkest
fantasies run rampant
like pigs in blanket
you want but you
won't have it
I am that desire
pressed firmly against the walls
of your empress of hotter than fire
holding back your wildfire
until your will, is a satire
and you melt into me
like molten matter
that rain drops
we weather
the peaks
of our

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3 days ago

Dip me
in your depths,
let me ravage you,
the way opposites do,
attract the positives out of you
and extract the negative attitude
got your reaching new altitudes
So hard, I stretching your latitude
on the beach, in the nude
the way we relate,
its all relative
no matter how you view.

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3 days ago

Slowly unfold,
as you fold into me.
Two explosions that explode
imploding our senses with sensory overload
too intersections that intersect invisible
connected through connectivity
magnetized magnetically
galvanized genetically
when energized
this pleasure is derived
riveting her visibly
I convulse as you implode
Extinguishing our misery
With pleasure beyond measure
Thirst quenched physically
satisfied, apparently.

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Turn the lights off so that I may know you
In this safe space, I invite you to indulge in our mutual vulnerability
Feel protection in my arms as I guard your heart
As I keep it warm between our chests
Set your gaze to mine while you share with me your aspirations
I yearn to experience them through the windows to your soul
Share with me your fears so that I may put them to rest
May this bed be a holy and sacred place for us
May this bed be our confession booth free from ridicule
May this bed be a tithing basket for you to receive love with no boundaries
In this bed, allow divine pleasure to overwhelm you
Let your orgasm match the depth of your trust
Let your tears turn to sweat that trickles down the valley of your spine
Let your bodily fluids baptize you; cleanse you of any guilt
Share with me your spiritual awakening
As I receive communion with your raw, unfiltered, liquified emotion running down your body
Toss out your bible, for the only religious text I need is your diary
Allow me to tie every inch of your glorious body to a memory
I wish not to fuck, but to love
I wish to fulfill all your fetishistic urges
For I know they are tied they are tied to a psychological yearning
By the end of the night I wish to know every inch of your flesh
I want the knowledge to be accompanied by the memories that make you, you
And if I fail, there's always round two after we cuddle

Tyler Castro

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another piece to appease.
another piece to please
another piece to give peace.
but is it to myself or to the past?

i guess, i'll never know.
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Mar 6

Fingers sinking deep
               below your surface;
               seeping into your loins,
               caressing your crevices.
               leaving their mark; baring pleasure.
               coursing ecstasy through your veins.
           searching for the highest of peeks beyond measure
               scorching heat, blood boiling, the pleasure pains
               soothing your aching flesh
               in relentless pursuit; of higher depths
               guilty yearnings, urges run rampant
               as your ecstasy starts to progress
               heavy breathing your hands held abreast
               pungent liquids; drenched with desire
               a seeping puddle stains the mattress
               gingerly leaking, outlining your canvas
                a mist in the air, cooling your skin;

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I want my kisses to burn a hole in your head
your body, pressed against mine
your moans and screams salvaging my ears
I want to make love to our memories....

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In the Shadows of a pale moonlight,
I envisioned making love beneath the starlight.
Being deeply tangled up,
with such mangled feelings
gave up and walked into your body
feeling the stirrings of being naughty.

Gently, you touch me,
and my body erupts with shivers.
Slowly and softly, you caress me,
and I can't help but quiver.
Whispering sweet nothings
that slowly turned into all things.

Coming together in such hunger,
grew my feelings to be stronger.
The moment we kissed,
there was such bliss.
Lost to lust,
our body combust.

Holding me in your arms,
makes me feel protected and warm.
You nibbled and trace my lips,
causing my heart beats to skip.
I reach out to touch you,
while you groped and clutch me.

Pressing me to your body,
my moans reflect your groans
sweet music to my sensitive ears
that leave happy tears.
I take great leisure
in having pleasure,
in kissing you
cause I've been missing you.

Beneath the pale moonlight,
in my heart, was delight.

Just got inspired and wrote this withing two hours. So happy i got it sounding the way i need it to.
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Mar 4

with each other.
We fucked all day, every day,
until we got to knew each other,
like we finally met each other,
then we left each other,
and never spoke again.

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