Jan 13

Last night I wanted 6 inches
I wanted it really deep
I wanted it coming all over me...
But that fucking snow never sticks round here

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Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
Nov 29, 2016

Oh my estranged lover,
What is my mistake?
To care about you,
And to suggest?
That too,
For your own good?
I never wanted any control.

Oh my sweetest lover,
What is my crime?
To selflessly love you,
And to support?
That as well,
For yourself?
I only wanted a lifelong friend.

Perhaps, a friend has an end,
But I wanted you as my lover,
And a lover is for forever?
I started to suggest,
At your own request,
Have you forgotten?
I just wanted to care about you.

Then you say that you have parents,
And they care for you as well,
You are their first born.
And you have two siblings,
Then why do you put up strange demands,
Have you forgotten Manya & Atharv too?
I tell you the rudest words because these are the crudest truth.

Do you know when your father will take a loan,
Supposedly from one of the private banks,
What he will have to pledge against it?
Maybe his car or more,
Perhaps his business office,
Or maybe the home?
I will suggest you against going overseas to study.

Do not you know India has the best education,
Ranked number one since ages long ago,
Where you transpire to go leaving it?
Trust me you do not,
I know that,
But what about your family?
Will you surely repay your loan by yourself?

Baby, you are immature and a control freak,
Controlling me was almost acceptable then,
But why do you control your father?
I love you like anything,
Your father loves you too,
But do you love anyone but yourself?
Wake up from your fantasies and face the reality.

If you have that grit in you,
Get your guts ready for competition in India,
Because if away you will go then it will be wrong for your family.

This was not a letter requesting you to come back to me.
No, I don't want such an immature babe.
But this was just a request,
That your father's patience you don't test.
Under your pressure and childish demands, he might break.
He is a really strong man and I respect him so much.
Whatever you decide, please be wise.
If you decide to be a psychologist, it's okay.
Do read your own psyche at first.

HP Poem #1281
©Atul Kaushal
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Nov 2, 2016

I hope when you blast off into space you get lost.
The red on your boots is not from Mars
Instead the blood from a still-beating heart
The one you ripped out of my chest and continue to walk all over?
Yeah, that one.
I’m curious to know why you think you did nothing wrong.
The last three weeks of our relationship was literally just problems
I assure you, I was not the only one to cause them.
You colonized my heart just to destroy everything it was.
I now know why Mother Earth probably doesn’t like humans.
I will burn every single artifact you left in my chest.
Hopefully, the ashes will fill the holes where my heart used to rest.
You took all the fuel I had and you left
I tried to be whatever you needed me to be
But the problem was that I needed me too
You have left my atmosphere and blasted off into the blue.
And now I will have to prove that I don’t need you
If anything I was better off before you landed here.
If anything I should have kept my resources to myself
I will think twice next time someone asks me if they can land into one of my new affairs.

Matt Hews
Matt Hews
Oct 2, 2016


I think not.

Who can blame someone for believing what they are told their whole life?
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Sep 24, 2016

Dear stranger I have never met,
Why must you stare,
At my chest,
And make me feel the way I do,
Like I wanna punch you,
Dear boy I've know about two years,
Why must you eye me like that?
Then claim you don't like me like that?
Dear people
Not accustomed,
To social normality,
There's reasons there are social rules like that.

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Sep 10, 2016

Excuse me, but were my words addressed to your ears? Or was I perhaps not talking to you.

Do I give a fuck about your unwanted opinion? Tell me, should I care?

Was my thought a gift for your mind to process? Or should you mind your own business.

Was I talking to you? Or are you just rude.

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Sep 4, 2016

My best friend
My shoulder to cry on
We were so close
But now
Now I see
You just needed me
So you could feel better about yourself
Because I was too messed up
I was beyond repair
But you
You just needed some of my essence
My "best friend"  
May I ask you this
Where did you go

Aug 11, 2016

Today I looked into the mirror
Saw a little glimmer
Of hope
Even though
I know
Right now it looks like I have none

I just had five teeth pulled
Out of my skull
I know I look real ugly
But I'm looking at the future

I will need to wear braces
I get them in two weeks
But at least nobody can tease me
For being so damn fugly!

They can't taunt my teeth
Because I'm finally getting them fixed

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The tales of a man once loved,
He who resorted to misstreating others.
Turned vial, turned dark.
He tore through hearts as if they were a craved meal.
Pulling and shredding souls with words so unforgivable to young minds.
Pushing them towards suicide he felt at ease.
A bully of minds with a cowardly heart.
They will remember him
They won't forgive him
Someday when he passes there will be no audience to his demise,
There will be no tolerance for he who is certain he is above all else.
He is a bully of the worst kind.
One who bullied a young girls mind.

-Kathia Mariana Landeros

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Shyanna Ashcraft
Shyanna Ashcraft
Jul 9, 2016

It's always you.
Your feelings,
Your heart,
Your mind.

Not me,
Or my sanity,
Or my peace.
Never me.

Always your happiness,
And your pains,
And you telling me
About how I'm wrong again.

And it's always you
That's right,
That's on the chopping block,
Not me.

It's never me,
That's hurting,
That's crying
While you're talking
About yourself,
Your needs,
On the other side.

It's never about me.

Maybe not the best constructed, but it shows my pain.
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