Oh give thanks
unto the Lord
for He is good
and His mercies,
Oh yes
His mercies,
they never fail us
His mercies
and ever
ever more.

Cj 2017 0108

So much we take for granted.  
So seldom, and maybe only as a last resort,
do we get what we really deserve.

We shine
of fires unseen
the soul of the moon
burns within
reflecting hope
bright enough
to eclipse all darkness

It is a hard road
to wisdom
is a brutal teacher
but we live
and we learn
emerge stronger
than we ever thought
we could be

Worn thin
tree branches break.
But the roots grow ever still;
her heart wrapped in scars,
yet deep inside of her there remains love.

If I am to be remembered, let it be for the love Ive shown.
Tasman Suitor
Tasman Suitor
Oct 18, 2016

If I was my life to read,
I think I'd find a tragedy.

But with each page I turn
I'd find something new to learn.

Perhaps on one I'd shed a tear,
On another I'll fill with fear.

At times I'll be an action drama,
At others something calmer.

But as I run out of pages and space,
A bleaker ending I seem to face.

Each character highlights a new flaw,
And I wonder how there could be more.

This book may brings its highs and lows,
But it's climax no one knows.

That is one thing I can't forget:
I haven't read the ending yet.

You are my light
As well as my darkness
For you shine bright
And I venture in total blindness

Not knowing where to go
You guide my feet with a hurtful spike
As I step, only Pain I know
And my tortured scream you so much like

In winter's cold you kept me
In a hug so tight I gasped for air
But It doesn't matter to me
As long as I have you there

You kept me warm
With your freezing touch
A stinging burn on my arm
A frozen heart I loved so much

Your harsh words
Whipping me scars of hurt
They cut deep like driven swords
In where I wake and make them worth

In every scar I receive
In every bruise to me you give
I still cherish every pain on your shiv
With you by my side I'll forever live

For we are in harmony
Like the equal yin and yang
Our hearts singing a sorrowful melody
In where our hearts in thorns are strung

I am hopeless masochist
Loving the pain and torture you provide
For you are a relentless sadist
In which your punishment is deliciously divine

For what might have been my inspiration
Inside my heart's totally hollow room
You are my Salvation
You are also my Doom

I remember putting up in this kind of relationship once, not the physical beatings but the emotional ones but in the end I still can't bear to lose him so I ended up putting up with his sh** all for 6 whole months until I met someone who I felt loved with.
Let me know if you ever went through this kind of relationship :D
#love   #hate   #hurt   #endurance   #sadist   #masochist  
Black Jewelz
Black Jewelz
Sep 28, 2016

Channel your energy.

Then don't change the channel.

Channel your energy.

Then don't drain the channel.

Sep 15, 2016

Breathe easy.
I promise you,
dawn will break,
and the sun will rise again.

~ For you. Wherever you are. ~
#love   #sun   #hope   #happiness   #strength   #endurance   #dawn   #daybreak  
Sep 13, 2016

Never apologize for struggling.
There is strength through endurance, and redemption in forgiveness.

Aug 4, 2016

what if the test
is not what we go through
but an examination of how we

#love   #life   #hope   #faith   #endurance   #live   #belief   #grow   #perseverance  
Jul 24, 2016

Make believe
I'm a mess
If you so choose
If doing so makes you feel better.

Don't get me started.
There's nothing
That keeps me grounded,
Quite like him.

Down to Earth,
Honey no,
I've got my head in the clouds,
And my feet are running on stars.
(Rewrapping old scars)

And reality doesn't come crashing down,
When I go tumbling back to our atmosphere,
Because my reality
Is in the clear.

'Cause it's not like
I regret my choices
That lead me to here.
Whether it's left me with scars or fear,
I would say
I turned out okay.

Listen up,
If you would find it pleasing to hear,
Or even if not.
I'm a pistol
With the safety on.

My smile melts
The ligaments in your knees,
And my knuckles are scarred
From fights with things that also bleed,
So you're no different,
In all honesty.

But he kisses me
And it leaves me breathless,
And suddenly the violence,
And swift movement
Of the fight
And grace on my feet
Comes crashing down,
I'm burning in the atmosphere.

I'm left as a
Fragile thing,
A bird with buzzing wings.

Dust off scorched skin
And soot covered feathers,
I'm stained in ash
And the pale raised skin
Of scars I probably somehow deserved.

Who I used to be,
And who I am now
Are no longer the same.

I used to fight to survive,
In more ways than one
And today I have to bite my lip to keep
From smiling
At seemingly nothing.

And I kept trying
To keep flying back to the stars,
And I kept getting burned,
But I don't need heavenly bodies,
I needed another bird to fly with.

Scramble the iridescent reds and purples,
With the greens and yellows,
Fluttering and flying,
I'll fly with him,
My Bluebird.

At peace with a life,
I never intended to live.
I never intended anything
Until now.

I fully intend
On sticking around
And staying with him
For as long
As he'll have me.

And I'll fight like the hell I've seen
To stay longer.
Giving up is for cowardly children,
They throw away what's broken
In order to get a new one.
Breaking it further so no one judges them
For throwing it away.

I am no child,
And I am now coward.

I want a life with my Bluebird.
And damn it all to hell
If I let petty displays of power
Rip that from my hands.

So let me inform you, kindly,
Of my intentions.

As a demisexual synesthete who writes too much and pays attention too little, I fully intend on staying here, hand in hand, wing by wing, with the bird that taught me (most likely subconsciously) that falling in love is the wrong way to do it. Fly, don't fall. All it takes is enough determination and desire to keep going in efforts for a life with another.

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