5 days ago

My life is mystery
A question that wants to remain unanswered
If l find the answer life changes the question
Life is PAIN

i wonder if l will uncover something someday
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He is
a slow laborious
And I read it
every night!

Year of the hottest tempers, for sure.

Along with the highest temper-a-tures.

Mere coincidence, the Learned will say;

While others regard the signs of the day.

The missing piece of this mystery’s math

Lies in the two-fold nature of wrath.

Julie Grenness
Dec 27, 2016

Do you want a small mystery?
Should I make the postman history?
What is in that letterbox?
Yet more bills, quite a shock.
Or do you want a big mystery?
Why are we here? Ask history....
Good question that,
We just are, that's that,
(Now I sound like PMS),
Dumb question that, I guess,
So, next, that small mystery,
When do I make the postman history?
I guess it's all  mystery to me........

Feedback welcome.
Nishu Mathur
Nishu Mathur
Oct 31, 2016

Sweet sounds of waves softly lap
On flecks of sun dipped copper sands
With gentleness the water swirls
In a kiss of frothy love on land

Splash of oars on a cobalt sea
While songs of sailors wane and fade
Aboard the ships of destiny
A cruise on an ocean's serenade

The sea gull swoops, oh hear the cries
Flap of wings fluttering the dock
Ferries roll on routes of spice
Midst the clap of waves on rocks

Crests of water heave and ebb
Touched by scales of coral scents
Whispers born in the wind
Sing of pirates, silk legends

In murmurs 'twixt rippling waves
Dreams float 'neath a setting sun
Whisked like boats in a river's flow
That sail across to meet oceans

Love notes of romance in the waters
Rhythm at feet, soaking wet
Dancing waves stir the heart
In a melody from the ocean's breath

In cadence pleasant when tis dark
On a night when moon and stars are laid
When the sky shines with silver light  
The breeze plays music of mermaids  

Though now no storm, 'tis serene
Soon the winds will ravage, rave
On this quilt of aquamarine
In a cacophony of thunderous rage

But for now, 'tis the conch, the shell
That sings those songs of the sea
I close my eyes and drift away
Swept by its magic and mysteries

#life   #beautiful   #nature   #ocean   #sea   #mysteries  
Alva Cardona
Alva Cardona
Sep 10, 2016

when I feel like getting lost,
I go to the beach
during the morning
to contemplate life,
and sit on the shore.

It’s a beautifully boring
and cliché pastime,
but it makes me feel
like I can listen to the sun rise,
and feel the warmth of light
in my skin and drown in it,
like water,
like it can wash me clean.

The sensation fills me
like a flood,
and I feel like I’m glowing,
like the light wants
to escape
through my pores.

And I just stand there still,
hair being blown away
by the breeze,
feet grounded,
buried deep in the sand,
the one place that makes me
want to be a palm tree,
or a crab;
the one place
I’d like to stay in,
frozen in time.

I can’t help but think
the sea holds the answers
to all the questions I have
about life,
about love,
about everything,
even the universe,
like it can unlock
the biggest of mysteries,
like I can listen
to the voice of God
if I put my ear
to a seashell.

And I can’t help but think
like I can scry
for endless revelations
in each drop of saltwater;
that life is like
the depths of the ocean,
like the coming and going
of its waves
like the rise and fall
of its tide,
like a mirror
of the heavens,
and I find my thoughts
floating in the water,
like the clouds
float in the sky,
and the fish swimming
in my head.

Because my soul
runs like a river
seeking its mouth,
and to become one
with the river flow.

Because the briny deep
sweet and spectral melodies,
like a siren’s song,
meant to lure me
back to the sea,
back where I belong
leading me adrift,
like a castaway,
then washing me

I sit on the coast,
watching many people
with metal detectors
looking for forgotten treasures
and material riches,
while I feel like I’ve found
not just myself,
but all that humanity
has lost.

#life   #ocean   #wisdom   #mysteries  
K Balachandran
K Balachandran
Apr 21, 2016

Dear star, neighbor of my broken, but adamant  singing heart,
All I wished here in this life disguised as a journey man
Trekking through the meandering wild, forest paths,
Extended moors and misty, dangerous marshes,
Was rooted in the faith that we would meet and connect
With our inner fire and get to gather together our band
The cosmic adventurers at large,each in a disguise  willed.

I kept on searching for the parchment, the papyrus scroll,that has
The secret missions of our lives encrypted, in an ancient script.

Yesterday at night a thunderbolt told the truth,like in days of yore
In pouring rain standing on the river side,wonder in my eyes,I got
The glimpse of a cauldron, floating down in the surging current,
That has all the answers we seek all though this journey fantastic.

As if by magic, or is it a plan we never know the karmic reason,
The scroll of papyrus came flying and sat on my hand, like happened
To many before us, I am sure, and I guess, knew nothing to do with it .

Come home soon, let's learn from this scroll of man, who we are
And the cryptic code  will tell us our kinship with all lives around.

Part of us is in the realm of fantasy
TSV Hari
Mar 29, 2016

Is love a bitter medicine

Or an elixir

To be eternal

I know not

Is affection

A means for peace

Or method for affliction

I know not

Can filial love

Wound beyond redemption

To decidedly kill

Its origin

I know not

Would a lifelong companion

Needlessly poison a partner

To incessantly rob him

I know not

But it did happen

So what is life after all

Why were we born

Why do lives end

And from then on

Where do we go

I know not


Is now my first name

And its unending mysterious misery

The identity

My death was confirmed

The moment I was born

I am merely levitating

Towards the inevitable end

To turn that eventuality

Into another adventure

Mar 8, 2016

No weapon found,
Not an evidence around,
It is a murder surely,
Done out of unknown fury.
The case becomes history,
But still remains a mystery.
The statue of limitations is in a few days,
And thus it will become a cold case.

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