My "White Identity" became a Killer Identity.
It wanted to dominate over Others
By making them White and Pale......
Ashen in complexion.
The Color of Death.

FJ Thomas
FJ Thomas
5 days ago

From out of the smoke we will rise
The weight of these chains we will break
From his face we will rip the deceitful guise
The spirit of our brothers and sisters we will wake

My blood flows free yet I do not weaken
My feet clothed in blisters yet I feel no pain
For my children’s lives I will not bargain
Though my anger burns my calm will remain

From beneath his foot our people we will remove
The hate he has implanted we will unbind with fire
The lies he feeds the blind we will disprove
We will watch him drown in desperation’s mire

With only a stance we will shake every plain
With only a look we shine with the force of the sun
My feet clothed in blisters yet I feel no pain
My blood flowing free yet I will not weaken

~FJ Thomas

….we are not of only one race in this family

Grab your pitchforks run him outta town,
only because his skin is brown.
If he knocks on the door don't let him in,
only because he lacks white skin.
Punch his face with a bang and a whack
only because his skin is black.
Pull out your gun shoot him in the head,
only because he grows his dreads.
Lock him in jail for nothing bad,
call him a loser and a deadbeat dad.

If you don't think you've gone too far,
you're wrong you soul's as black as coal tar.

Why is Racism so seductive?
What is so cool about it in 2017?
I don't get it?
If I'm ignorant about something,
My ignorance doesn't disappear
Simply because
My skin complexion is light.

A lame idea's not a knock
At ones who can't stand and walk.

My eight handicap's not a slur
To any falling short of par.

I repeat, Are you deaf or something,
Doesn't insult the hard of hearing;
It only means you're not listening.

If one's blind as a bat,
It's not a slight, it's not a fact,
It's just a phrase we humans use;
I've heard some used against the Jews,
And others we've unlearned to use.

We of habit and long of tooth
Aren't as bad as you may think
When overhearing oldies speak:
I'm just jittery when I'm spooked.

Our excessive sensitivity's daunting.
Nothing said's meant to be hurting.

How does all this sit with Whitey?
Yes, Whitey's what I said.
Should I mind that name?
Isn't it the same?
It's used to ridicule,
Exposing Whiteys as the fools,
By some who think they're far too cool:

     Whitey said so...
     Whitey did so...
     Whitey don't know...

This Whitey do know;
He don't like this shit,
Not one little bit, Brother;
And it makes me cottin-pickin pissed
With the hypocrisy, Sister.

The road goes both ways... Brother.
#bigotry   #racism   #names   #prejudice   #slurs   #whitey  

We want to care for the Environment.
We want to help the Poor,
But the most important thing always
Is for the White People to remain in charge.

We're better than you are
We're smarter than you are, Jewboy.
That's why we don't need to study a goddamn thing.
Because our Power is derived
From  the Absolute Truth of Jesus Christ.

The White Man continued to rule the Earth
The White Man continued to rape the Earth
The White Man attempted to continue his domination
Over the darker-skinned peoples.
The White Man disempowered the rest of Humanity
So they would believe that they were inferior.
The White Man got rich.
The White Man didn't care

#racism   #trump  

When a white woman is victimized they'll scour the streets, fan out, stop,
harass, detain, arrest any black man. Any one they can finger for the crime.
They say things such as they all look alike or something to that effect.

A black woman is abused they'll look around, see white males everywhere but they cannot find any suspects? None of them fit the description. Why is that? Yeah, that's right, it is because they all look alike! Too many of 'em. Can't arrest everyone now can we? People have rights!

Yep, I suppose they do...

As long as you consider them, people, -they have rights.

If you think we're gonna' relinquish our country without a fight, Jewboy,
You got another thing coming!
The United States is the Property of the Whiteman.
It don't belong to no Redman or Blackman or Chinaman
Or nobody else.

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