Martin Narrod
Martin Narrod
8 hours ago

the world is a world it is a word and it spins spinning, spinning, spinning, around and around, and this is the world and it spins, spinning around and around and we are here to see it, to see it and watch it spinning spinning around, here we are watching the spinning, the world, it goes around and around and around, spinning

Let me touch your skin, your skin your skin, your skin is so white, the whitest I have ever seen the whitest I have ever seen, white like the snow in the mountains, the mountain snow, so white, so clear, so snowy white like in the mountains, and I want to touch it, I want to touch it, let me touch it. You are like a leper, your skin is filthy and you are disgusting, so disgusting, let me touch you.

How I love your hair, your hair is amazing, it is so long, it is so incredible and so amazing and beautiful, it is like great big rounds of silk and satin in a great round, let me touch your hair, let me touch your hair, let me put my nose to it, let me put my mouth and lips to it, and my face to it, I want to breathe the same heavy awesome air that you breathe, I want to taste the same air that you have found. Your hair is like an old carpet with stains, let me touch it.

This is the world, here we are, watching it, we watch it, we watch it spinning, it spins around and around, and it will go forever, it or we or it will go around and around and around and around, spinning, and we will be here to watch it, spinning, spinning, spinning, around. You are like the end to the day that lasted forever and forever, never ending, but now it is ending, and the day was never ending, but no more. And the earth will spin around and around.

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i wonder if any of the same hair when we first got together is still on my head
it's a weird thought
maybe the very last centimeters
hair cuts
hair dye
remember when my ex cut my hair?
remember both times i cut my hair to my shoulders or above?
i wonder where the hair is that you first touched
several hair brushes
scattered on pillows and old sheets
washing machines
wherever i go my hair will leave
fall out from stress
somewhere, right now is the old me
or breaking down in the soil

now i am so artificial

This is about how much I used to worry about my hair, and some days I have peculiar thoughts about what happened to the hairs that have fallen out and where they could be. Somewhere there are multicolored- brightly painted pieces of hair
or they have slowly decomposed
I used to dye my hair a lot and ocasionally I still do- but not like I used to.
The last line references how now I feel so fake.. I have changed so much. I used to be a care free person, I didn't care what people think. My hair has been almost every color possible. Nowadays I am always switching between blonde and brown, although it isn't me deep down, it puts me in the norm. I have been  following the crowd and this poem talks about how I have come to realization about it through something so simple: hair.
In my mind that has also been something that means a lot to me and it would speak my personality through it's self. I'm always changing. I'm not who I was. I am fake as can be.
#sad   #hair   #deep   #personality   #peculiar  

Press my chest like the pillow
Breath your love back into me
Until I can see your hair swaying with ease
Softly like the whims of the summer willows
Would you resuscitate the lover in me? - I wouldn't mind
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When she was 8 she hated his hair
when he was 9 he stuck gum on her chair
when she was 10 he looked like a scarecrow
when he was 11 he stood on her toe
when she was 12 he was the boy she loved to hate
when he was 13 he asked her out on a date
when she was 14  she thought she loved him
when he was 15, he knew he loved her
when she was 16 she was his biggest fan
when he was 17 he thought he was a man
when she was 18 their love was sunk
when he was 19 he was always drunk
when she was 20 she re-floated his boat
when he was 21 he wrote her a note
when she was 22 she was treated like a fool
when he was 23 he thought he was cool
when she was 25 she heard he'd got married
when he was 30 his marriage was buried
when she was 40 her marriage had ended
when he was  50 his heart had mended
when she was 60 she still missed his smile
when he was 70 he held her hand for a while
now they're 80 he asked what he'd wrote aged 21
"we were born to be soul mates until we're gone", she said

Just a bit of imagination
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Jan 4

don't let others
write poetry about you
it'll start off with the stars in your eyes,
the strut in your walk,
the touch of your skin;

you'll read about the way you smile,
or the soft sent of rose your hair illuminates;
the way your voice flows like a sweet summer song,
or the way you never speak too little or too much.

don't let others write poetry about you
it'll start off with the stars in your eyes
but it'll always
in heartbreak.

three poets fell in love with me. the heartbreak was indefinite.
#heartbreak   #poetry   #romance   #summer   #stars   #music   #night   #hair   #songs   #description  
Dec 29, 2016

Colorless icicles hang off my hair
That has lost all of it's bounce and sway
Now resting on top my head
Looking like a disarray
Of sauced up spaghetti noodles

#ice   #winter   #food   #hair   #imagery   #colors   #cold   #idk   #yummy   #noodles  
Sebastian Macias
Sebastian Macias
Dec 21, 2016

As the water hit my back
The sun hit her face
It had been a long night,
The dawn was quiet
We showered together
After our passionate morning
And she washed my hair
And I drank my beer
We were undistracted
I wanted to say I love you too
But I could not ruin the moment

crystal holly
crystal holly
Dec 17, 2016

Sunday’s was our washday
After church my mom and I would quickly put a load in the washer,
Then slip out of our Sunday’s Best,
and wash our hair in the shower

She’d pour a dime size of Motions shampoo into the palm of my little hand,
and then tell me to massage the pearly white liquid in

We’d make beards with the suds,
and laugh until we couldn’t breathe,
but then we’d rinse the shampoo out,
and dry off by the sink

After we doused our bodies in cocoa butter,
and Palmer’s lotion,
she’d put a bleached towel around my neck,
and whip up her own potion

She’d mix Cantu products with Blue Magic grease,
then rub it in my hair and say it’s time for the heat

She’d take the hot comb off of the burner,
and pull the teeth through my hair,
I loved watching my kinky locks fall to straight silky hair

But as I grew older, I realized the damage this had done,
making little Black girls think
their kinky hair just wasn’t good enough

So I stood in my own bathroom at the tender age of 21,
and cut off my straight hair,
knowing I had won

Mary Scott
Mary Scott
Dec 16, 2016

I'm haunted by my mistakes
Every word venom in my mouth
they tasted bitter so I spit them out
and they hurt those around me
but I didn't care.

I dyed and cut my hair to play the part
of someone who moved on with an entirely untouched heart
it was blonde, then blue, green, and black
I cut enough off that you'd surely not come back
because you didn't like girls with short hair
I still don't care.

I'm haunted by my actions,
every move a cut deeper in my grave,
I hurt those around me in a viscious, Godly wave
Each time it crashed, I'd apologize, retreat
but would relapse, and get the same rush each time I would repeat
I'm haunted by that thought,
that I changed myself so much this year,
from gaining 40 pounds to starting to drink beer,
but I have not cleaned the cobwebs from my heart,
it's been 9 months and I am still torn apart.
Not from missing you, or heartbreak,
but from the repurcussions of these hideous mistakes,
the summer left those ugly scars that turn blue instead of white,
and I hurt too many people to even try to make it right
I wonder if I'll ever heal,
or change in ways inside,
because my hair is starting to break off,
with everything I use on it to hide

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Dec 16, 2016

i feel so much better without you
in my life.

i'm glad i threw you in the trash
where you belong.

i can't say i
will never want you back,

but for the time being,
i'm glad i look more like a boy.

so fuck you
i hope you make somebody happy
at least,
the bit i donated,
but other than that
have fun

~got my hair cut short last week and feel so much better
#self   #depression   #anger   #nervous   #frustration   #me   #emotion   #hair   #feeling   #relief  
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