2 days ago

We are all our own puzzle
connecting to
one another's life.

Alexander Leino
Alexander Leino
3 days ago

Born in this world as a innocent cub
Born into a world of temptations and desires
I use to be so scared of rejection and chased perfection
I lost my vision of perfection when I was introduced to temptations
I have had countless dances with these temptations
They just made me feel so free from this pursuit of perfection
This chase has led me astray and introduced me to a world of gray

A world of gray filled with nothing but space and me
I have used every fiber in me to paint my world of gray
By drinking just to sleep when I didn't even believe in me
Running miles for people that wouldn't even get out of bed for me
Doing everything to fit in instead of trying to stand out
Pretending that everything is okay while I was internally bleeding
Giving people chances that didn't even deserve a second one
Having sex just to feel something

Now my world is no longer gray
Its turned into a beautiful shade of white
Ready for me to paint a masterpiece
Time to let this little light of mine shine
And get what is mine....

My homework. You are welcome Lilly.
Sarah G
Sarah G
4 days ago

Are monsters born, or created?
I stand before you,
Unable to comprehend what has happened.

Once, you were my friend,
My brother,
My alibi,
My family.
Once, I knew you.
Now I see a stranger,
A stranger who has killed, and destroyed.

In a world far off in the past,
We were children.
We were innocent.
In a world far off in the past,
We were together.

This was my fault
I stood off as darkness took hold.
It sank its claws in your skin,
Why didn't I do something?
Before it took your heart,
Your heart that was once so beautiful
That was once so kind.

I created this monster that stands before me,
And I'm sorry my friend,
But now I must undo what I have done.

Are monsters born or created?
I do not know,
But I made this one.

Once in a land far off in the past,
We loved each other.
Once in a land far off in the past,
I had not held a knife towards you.

I'm sorry, my friend,

Alexander Leino
Alexander Leino
5 days ago

Don't worry baby
I'll give you the world and more
You're my everything

A promise to whoever I get married to.
Alec Boardman
Alec Boardman
5 days ago

Fingers type aggressively into the night as I stare at the screen of my phone.
A group debate about whether or not applying deodorant to your rectum will stop the chronic itching is being played out
We all smile and laugh.
For the record, it totally will.
The discussion of memes enthrals my mind as I relax into the cotton comforter.
The feeling of satisfaction travels through my veins as I embrace the friendship I have and the light, playful conversation taking place.

Anxiety and paranoia settle in and take their well worn places in my mind.
Like icy blue dragons, they curl around my thoughts, just waiting for these people who will soon be irrelevant to leave me.
The words they type about Harambe have no meaning
But the words they think about what I say in return imprison me.

Fear of abandonment creeps in as I swirl the aspects of my personality into a hue that will convince them not to drop me in a ditch.
I know, not because I’m afraid, but because I’ve seen it happen, that my trust in them will be burned to ashes eventually and I’ll be yet
Another traitor to the fragile glass of friendships that we all hold together.
Just waiting for them to use my insecurities against me like a time bomb ticking


Ticking in my ear.

And I can’t see the timer.

But I laugh along.
And send a relevant emoji.
They laugh at my jokes and I can’t stop thinking about how soon enough they’ll be laughing at

September 2016
Alexander Leino
Alexander Leino
6 days ago

I can't reverse time
Always chasing those past times
Time to move forward

Don't live in the past
Dead Lock
Dead Lock
Mar 21

I haven't been sleeping a lot lately

The world's been awfully rough lately

My decisions are a little


Old friendships have long since rusted

I'm not liked and I'm never trusted

Yet I'm okay with being hated

Then at least I know where I stand

I am sorry for letting a few bad people tear us apart
I am sorry for talking with so much bitterness
I am sorry for throwing you to the wolf
I am sorry for silently watching him destroy you
I am sorry for leaving you when you needed me
I am sorry for making you cry
I am sorry for being difficult
I am sorry for pushing you away
I am sorry for trying to fix us while I was still trying to fix myself
I am sorry for falling for you so quickly
I am sorry for holding on for so long
I am sorry for not understanding why we are holding onto each other for so long.
I am sorry for still having feelings for you
I am sorry for missing you like crazy
I am sorry for being the jealous type
I am sorry for everything
I am sorry for this since it probably doesn't mean anything to you
I am sorry I'll leave you alone and let you be happy
I am sorry for never saying sorry
So sorry.....

It started so quickly and ended so much quicker and yet we still are trying to put the missing pieces together. Even after going months without talking. Just sucks....So like I said I am sorry and just wanted to tell you that.
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Enjoy the small things
Because you will yearn for them
When you feel empty

When you meet someone you know could swallow you whole
You have two options

Jump into their mouths
Make their teeth your roof
and their tongue your bed
Hang on their every word
Roll with the waves of their words
Let their hot breath shape your being
Fall down their throat into their hot belly
You have no home but here
Outside is no place for you now

Run as far away as your can from the gaping cave
Plug your ears against the siren call of their voice
Do not let the inhale of their lungs pull you
Do not be small enough that they could fit you inside
Stand on your own
They are no place for you

you are your own
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