Don't be so bitter last love of mine
It wasn't a lie or a waste of time
You taught me much about who I am
And more about who I am not
I am no whore, no criminal, no thot
But I am worthy of love and lust and touch
You taught me to be gracious and grateful and kind
You taught me to love someone like me
That wasn't you now I can see
But it's not like it wasn't meant to be
So don't be bitter last love of mine
Time will mend you have her and I have wine
Speak ill as you will I can't stop what you do
But I have learnt to forgive
and so should you

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6 days ago

I forgive the person i once used to be

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Isha Kumar
Isha Kumar
7 days ago

How do I tell her
that I
lose sleep,
stay up all night,
finding the right words
to say
"Please, don't be mad.
I'm a little sad.
Things are bad.
I want to die."

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I lost her.
I tried making up for what I have done.
What have I done to get to this point?
I screwed up I know and I regret what I said.
I regret what I did to her. But I want to take it all back but I can't.
Please forgive me one day.
I know what I did was wrong and I tried fixing it but I guess I hurt her too much.
PLEASE know I am sorry.

I was an asshole to my ex girlfriend and i tried to make up for it but sje kept shooting me down.
Julia Mae
Julia Mae
Feb 11

so here's to our new hearts
here's to our new start
here's to saying goodbye
to our ugly past which caused our wreck
here's to our new and purer love
here's to us -
because it always
must be

#love   #hurt   #goodbye   #new   #you   #me   #together   #us   #start   #forgive  

I forgive you
because I'm not perfect myself.

It's not easy,
there's no one to encourage me to do so,
no awards seem to await for the good and the brave,
looks like I do it in my own's name,
out of myself, against myself.

When you know that good deed
doesn't always come back,
and when your heart's raging with hate,
it's not easy to say
"I forgive you",
it's not easy to say a word, or even stay silent. It hurts.
It rots you inside, to the core.

But in spite of it, I forgive you,
for we are all going to the same place
to live together, under the different names.
I forgive you, 'cause later on, you never know,
it might be too late.

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Jan 27

i fell for an impossible heartbeat
i could never feel.
spat into a well of despair
to give it a piece of me.

i got tired of crying
of bleeding
of caring
of dripping
with desperation.
love me love me love me love me
emanating from my skin.

i will not be someone
with so much feeling
that i am numb.
that i go through the day
of how crumbled i've become.

so i took a pen and wrote
until the ink
carved you out of my heart
and i felt the
dam rise
and the flooding stop
and the pain trickle away.

oh how wonderful it is to be free.
spilling dreams on
a lined page
and hopes
onto someone new
who isn't you.

don't get me wrong,
i care about you.
you're still my baby blue ford
in a way.
you are still a green light
shining in the distance.

but now, it's daytime here.
and the sun shines brighter here,
so your light
isn't so grand anymore,
you know?

for carr and all the time i freaking wasted
#ex   #end   #forget   #breakup   #light   #over   #sorry   #by   #forgive  

I'm drowning.
I'm fighting but I can't breathe.
The water is cold and I am weak.
I just want to sink.
Forgive me.

#weak   #drowning   #forgive  

i loved you once
and i'll love you still

though you said the things
someone who loves
doesn't say

and done the wrong things
when i clearly begged you not

to the warmth of my heart
and to the fact i'm a pure

i'll forgive you
because humans,
aren't present nowadays

and i'd like to be one
even though it hurts so much
i'll love you a bit more
for a bit longer period
than i thought

this is my opening ceremony for my come back
#love   #truth   #humans   #forgive  

Your living words are life to me
They provide the air I daily breathe
They are the bliss filling my heart
The eternal love of which I dream

Oh Lord, you are my truest treasure
The song my heart daily seeks to sing
My love exists to praise you only
For the happiness your spirit brings

I shall never look away from you
Nor your love will I ever forsake
In your shadow, I will walk gladly
With each step in life, I daily take

The whole of me will humbly serve you
Each day my soul is allowed to live
And I will never forget your blessing
When you spoke the words...I forgive.

A relationship with God is needed to bring peace and spiritual nourishment in ones life!
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