Lynn Al-Abiad
Lynn Al-Abiad
1 hour ago

Sometimes, a bottle of fresh orange juice and a thick piece of lazy cake with a sticky note that says "Sorry..." is one of the most honest ways to apologize to a heart you care about.

- LynnAA

You have given me love.
You have a pure heart.

I will always remind you of this.
All the love to you, sweetest child at heart.

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7 days ago

i loved you once
and i'll love you still

though you said the things
someone who loves
doesn't say

and done the wrong things
when i clearly begged you not

to the warmth of my heart
and to the fact i'm a pure

i'll forgive you
because humans,
aren't present nowadays

and i'd like to be one
even though it hurts so much
i'll love you a bit more
for a bit longer period
than i thought

this is my opening ceremony for my come back
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Your living words are life to me
They provide the air I daily breathe
They are the bliss filling my heart
The eternal love of which I dream

Oh Lord, you are my truest treasure
The song my heart daily seeks to sing
My love exists to praise you only
For the happiness your spirit brings

I shall never look away from you
Nor your love will I ever forsake
In your shadow, I will walk gladly
With each step in life, I daily take

The whole of me will humbly serve you
Each day my soul is allowed to live
And I will never forget your blessing
When you spoke the words...I forgive.

A relationship with God is needed to bring peace and spiritual nourishment in ones life!

First world issues got your bundle in a knot
brothers being labeled by police and getting shot
Many are confused with the delusion in the plot
which keeps us separated so the fed can reap his crop..
Its not
It stops
The "strong" will pay
The weak
Will say
No more..
show your insecurities the door
We need to build each other like we never have before..
i tell my brother everything his ego needs to hear
So we can push up forward with the bullshit in the rear..
say hi ; to victory as weakness leaves your side
Get used to different company and bolster forth your stride..

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You have taught me so much.
How to love, let go, trust, and forgive.
-for that I am thankful.

I said you would be my year,
That clearly did not happen,
-but you've allowed me to grow.

After several moves, I'm finally content,
Progress is being made.
-I'm still alive.

I look back on this past year and all I have been through,
I keep asking myself, "why me?"
-but I guess that answer has fled in the winds.

2017, I look forward to you.
Success, happiness, self-love, -I need you.

I may be starting another year with a broken heart but God, if there is one thing I ask of you,
Please don't let this bitterness fester within me.

Free me.
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You departed in wrath
That was my last breath
You free me from acquit
Since my soul to respite

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God needs no defending
God is love
God is good
What is good is evident
It feels good

God needs no defending
God loves in spite of evil
God chooses us even if we don't choose God
To light The Christ in all of us

To destroy in God's name is defiling
God can love even through this misguided attempt
God needs no defending
All is done through love
For every emotion stems from it
or the lack of it

We are not separate from God
We are collectively God
We can only turn away from ourselves
Placing our faith and trust in man
and the here and now
and you zombies don't know what it means
and you keep on keeping on
believing a fake reality
As if nothing else exists
while discounting the truth in your soul
In the aether, in your heart,
God needs no defending
To do so is to believe that we are greater than the collective
That God is weak
God is enlightened consciousness
Only the blind Christ maims in its own honor
God needs no defending
God only requires choice
The choice to love inspite of evil
To choose us even if we don't choose God
To reveal the Christdom in all of us
God requires no defending
Only choice.

No religion that brings you closer to your higher self should be judged one conciousness many ways to get there.
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Jan 2


Burnt pieces of my heart
with your spit on them,
burnt pieces I want to send away
and never see again...
They are just unwanted souvenirs
from lies I don't want to hear again,
presents I don't want to receive again.

Seething for what
seemed like an eternity,
I am finally unleashing all
the pent up fire;
your time for my mercy
and forgiveness has

I am slowly coming to terms
with the damage you have caused;
I was a city and then
you ravaged me...
covered me in bruises,
tattoos, smoke and graffiti.

Suffocating me,
you smell of cunning endeavors,
childish behaviors;
a touch of you is
toxic enough to make me
wish I didn't breathe.
My lips might say otherwise,
my mind might even say otherwise,
but my ammonia-soaked bones
will never forgive you.

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You said you loved being hidden in the background
But when were you really?
You with your head held high, adorned with gracious frown

Your heart of iron, freezes like stone
My heart made of mere flesh
Tends to bleed through my skin and bones

I knew you controlled minds, like the weather
But I didn't think I'd grow to hate
All I wrote to you in letters

Well at least you taught me exactly how
To master the art of observing
Changes between then and now

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New year, new thoughts
Ma Cherie
Ma Cherie
Dec 29, 2016

                           In life
                E V E R Y T H I N G

Cherie Nolan © 2016

Yup lol...
way I figure anyway! ❤ u guys!! - Vermont
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