I don't believe in YOUR “God”.
I don’t believe in anything.
How could I?
Why would I?
They tell me to pray about it..
Pray to who?
Why would he listen?
Who is He?

All of my life,
It has been shoved down my throat.
This “religion” of sorts.
Never can I get a break.

I was taught that your “God”
Wouldn’t accept me.
That I was a disgrace.
Why would I believe in someone like that?

So, no.
No, I won’t believe.
I can’t believe.
Even if you think
I should believe.
I won’t.

I'm tired of people asking me if I'm okay.. and then when they ask me what's wrong and I tell them, they always respond with "Just pray about it". No. I refuse to pray to a "God" that supposedly won't accept me because I'm bisexual. NO.
#god   #religion   #refuse  

Ya really got to wonder
how the process really works
Turning food into something
closely akin to mud, or dirt

Eat that steak or yogurt
and magically it seems
It's turned to something brown
as out your ass, it streams

The mysteries of waste
a defecated product made
simple fertilizer proof
of something, now decayed

It's a total wonder
as joy upon release
a crap that feels so good
as defecations, cease

God in his infinite wisdom
created life and everything
laughing uncontrollably
as bowels, are emptying

:D Oh yeah, The crapolla is in the house!
I would have marked this "adult", butt, let's face it, it's not ;D~
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Diane Puckett
Diane Puckett
Jul 8, 2016

Life is always beautiful and colorful.
But I'm not so sure I'm ready to be joyful.
Dear friends, and soulmates-clear your duties for today.
For, now is the day for getting free of things in our way.
Dear friends- we don't need a long time.
Just some free room and some free air to roam around, and feel  free.
Don't judge us by the burdens we have.
But, by the activities we choose or refuse.
Call it an instinct, or an intuitive feeling;
I've got my life in order for the dealing.
You've got troubles, I've got mine!

#beautiful   #free   #feel   #instinct   #refuse   #choose   #joyful   #roam   #around   #colorful  
May 18, 2016

A day in the life of words
                 wished not to speak

     Nostalgic reputation retaining more or less emotion.
     An ongoing tenacity of a war between mental and disorder.
      Recollection of a pervasive incident.

Annie Coleman
Annie Coleman
Mar 2, 2016

There isnt much to say
My mind refuses to think at this time of day
My hand refuse to move in that form or way
My lungs refuse to breathe, held up with clay
My heart it will not beat, it simply lay
I dont have words to say
Until you cross my mind at break of day
Until you caress my hand in that certain way
Until your lungs clear mine, free of their clay
My heart can not not beat how you and I lay

#love   #romance   #you   #refuse  
Feb 28, 2016

Humanity travels with strangers
With strange people

who are only strange to us because we lack their humanity
because we know not of their suffering

Because we know not what we destroy with the refusal to handle things carefully

Feb 1, 2016

I refuse to accept the fact that my soul was made to endure nothing but sadness.

I refuse to accept the fact that the atoms and cells inside me were created to endure nothing but a feeling of hopelessness

I refuse to accept that fact that my plan here on earth was to become nothing out of everything

I refuse to accept the fact that I will feel nothing but emptiness, a feeling of nothing inside of nothing.

I refuse to accept the fact that I can only hope to act out of the need of hope

I refuse to accept the fact that I can only sit and wait to move

I refuse to accept the fact my body wants so much, but does nothing

I refuse to accept the fact I have no will power to change

I refuse to accept the fact that all I can do is refuse

I refuse to accept the fact that

I refuse to accept the fact

I refuse to accept the

I refuse to accept

I refuse to

I refuse


Javier Maravilla
Javier Maravilla
Nov 19, 2015

The Age is coming
All seems to return
My world is upside down
My heart begins to burn

Beginning to rise
And everything I've worked hard for Slowly beginning to die

Smoking more and more
Popping harder than I've ever done before

By the minute
Mind racing
A thousand miles a second

Slowly shutting down
I wish to keep on going
But I've seem to hit the ground

I need to get my head on straight
Before it's too late
And I become addicted to this state

Working my way to burn out of this phase.
#solitude   #high   #lifted   #refuse   #sneaky  
Lianna Walters
Lianna Walters
Jun 4, 2015

My voice,
It cannot be silenced
I will write,
I will sing,
I will do anything to set me apart
From what I'm "Supposed to be"
Because normal is boring.
I don't want to be,
I refuse to be another face in the crowd,
I want to touch people with my actions,
With my words.
When I die
I don't want to be 6 feet under ground
With a face nobody will remember
And no difference made.

I want to make a difference. Even if I only touch one person, I made a change.
May 24, 2015

The words refused to succumb,
and splintered back into that familiar ocean of homeless thoughts,
yet again...!

#love   #words   #sad   #thoughts   #ocean   #sea   #refuse   #succumb  
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