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Zai K Nov 2014
Have all abused my love and made me into this cold person, hey I won't give them all the credit maybe it's something I've always possessed. Maybe I've always been this person and I just had to get stabbed alittle for it to become apparent.

Vulnerability was at is finest. Who would've thought I'd let just anyone get a piece of me, like I'm one of those random mints that always end up in your possession, and somehow you don't work to obtain this candy it just comes and happens to get the job done and I am one to blame for thinking at a point of time it was okay.

I feel bad for what I've done to you, and my karma probably awaits but I was bored with you..couldn't help it but at one point I was intrigued by your demeanor but like I said I was bored with you...and my karma probably arrived with

I hate free trials. They get you all excited about a game that your so anxious to play and while your enjoying it they tell you your time is up. You can't play anymore unless you sell your soul (buy the game) and once that ad pops up you question is the game even worth it. You wanted my *****, I wanted you to be mine..even risked a friendship for who knows what...karma proved to be a ***** but like you say love is love.

You genuinely made me laugh. But my heart was too cold and and too unsure to ever settle down with you because I am not for sell. You wanted me to be your African queen, but you forgot that an a queen is still a queen without a king. So karma might have missed me because for the first time in a long time I followed my intuition and didn't allow you to force commitment on my plate.. which is a good thing because now I have
All started with a Dm......a ******* twitter far nothing is regretted, I hope your as genuine as you come across. I like you. My cold heart likes you hopefully it stays this way...
Zai K Nov 2014
I need to get closer to God.

Words I say everyday, but still I walk around with the same feeling of humility.

I feel like God looks down upon me, as I have failed to honor his one wish of worship.
Sometimes I wonder why don't I have the discipline of those who reach out to him everyday..
Is there something I lack?
I care, I know I do..but why doesn't it show..why does my heart ache to become one with God but it always feels like I can't reach him or as if it's too late. Like I can't live my life and be happy without displeasing him or not being happy myself
Tomorrow I will get closer to God.
Zai K Nov 2014
My heart feels like empty glass.

I'm surrounded by so many full glass cups and still my glass remains empty.

Like am I not good enough to drink out of? Can I not quench the thirst or love from others?

I cry out for water, to atleast feel full inside but still my cries go unheard.

I could break any second and everyone's only concern would be that I will become a bother as I shatter on the ground, not that I have been broken....

I won't be missed, just swept up, sweeped away and replaced...
Zai K Sep 2014
At 18 my chocolate skin is almost close to perfection.

Light stretch marks surround my hips, which makes some feel insecure but reminds me of my natural beauty.

Oh...and don't bother asking me for any make up tips, cause baby I don't do it.

I stand 5'3 and my walk is mean.

My smile is too die for but my hair as ***** if not nappier than baby blu's.

I can't keep my hair the same for nothin, from tracks to braids oooooo!

So many options with my "*****" hair.

They call me ******, blackie, midnight...list goes on but what they don't know is black don't crack.

I mean you gotta learn to embrace what comes with this chocolate skin..
Because if you don't love it who will?
  Sep 2014 Zai K
There is so much you can give
until you run empty
there is so much you can give but
only if it's received,
There is only so much you can endure,
until your vessel overflows,
or filled till it cracks,
or broken,
or exploded.
" But i'm only human "
so is he
so is she
so am i
Then how is it possible to be excused of mistakes
merely over a factual statement?
The most filthiest, demonic, heartless species
to the extent of the victim being
humans destroy
then cries
and blame its own kind

( FAH )
Zai K Sep 2014
I hate that I'm falling for you and your just continuously giving me reasons why your just no good.

I hate that you always run my mind even when I attempt to distract myself.

I hate that you can't find it in your heart to love and want me, and I hate that I can't make you.

I hate that at 2'oclock in the morning when I should be sleep, I'm writing about you...
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