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What am i living for
Am i living for the hope that diminishes with time
Am i living for my family whom i was a great disappointment
Am i living for the happiness or love that never seems to arrive
Am i living for the 58dollars i got paid as my monthly salary
Am i living for the plans i made i never got the mobilities to acheive them

Maybe life treats some people preferencially
Maybe life has her own people she favours with  time
Maybe life is a politician who make empty promises
Maybe life is discriminating
Maybe life believed in the concept of favouriitism and
The principle of godfatherism

Why do some people enjoy this life as if they created it
The live a luxurous life
Intimidating the poor and surpressing them
They drive the most espensive cars and splashes water  at the poor
Some poor are there begging for a square meal
They never know what is happiness
All they do is find somewhere they could eat for the day a d move on

Life is really a politician
Life has people she made rich and people she made poor with time
Life has people she cares for and people she didnt care if they live or die

The poor suffers the most expensive sickness in the world today
With no money to cure them and they finally die with time
Malnutrition has caused the death of many childern and adult whom the principle of favouritism and godfatherism wasnt on there side

They work all day to provide food and shelter for there family
There 12hrs work per day to a month was spent on food and rent having nothing to save
There kids kids could not go to school due to the huge amount of school fees
Oh life
Oh life
Is time you start considering the tears of the poor
Oh life
Is time you remember the poor and favour them too
Is time you circulate the principle of favouritism and godfatherism and not monopolising it
Is time you give the poor reason to believe it worth to stay alive
Is time you restore the hope they already lost in you

Other than this  the cry of the poor remains
What am i living for
What am i living for
What the hell am i living for
Nessie Jan 2011
sun rising fast

orange light gives  public transportation a peculiar  look

pink sky is my favorite

my short skirt

and black lipstick

his long unkept hair

and Iron Maiden tee

its nice to see another misfit on the bus

mr. metal flashes me a smile

I pretend to be occupied  with my cell phone

I got a boyfriend


i'm not used to flattery

mr. metal is silly

he's drumming the seats with his fingers

I pinch a  black smile

don't laugh, be sensible

putting on my librarian face

glasses on the edge of my nose

sweep back stray hairs against my sensible bun

mr. metal is staring holes into me

he is amused

now I'm sulky

go back into Gatsby and Daisy

this is a bit coincidental

we are way too funny



next stop

mr.metal clashes into my world

books fly

headphones  are yanked

automatic door

next thing I know

i'm flailing off a bus


mr. metal is sorry

I dont know I'm laughing

til my sides start to hurt

grouchy morning bystanders are looking with interest

and the bus driver is surpressing a deep belly laugh

I remind him of his clumsy wife, sister, girlfriend, or daughter.

mr. metal is headbanging to my black sabbath

and picking up my books

suddenly I know

he has a very tired understanding mother

he helps me up

we're both wearing black nail polish

dont ask me why this is so hilarious

i'm stood up, brushed off, and looked at

he looks at me like an ex

he smells good

I blush far too easily

thanks are muttered

and we turn around to walk off

like a graceful plot

of some movie I've never seen

I get a text from baby

he takes such good care of me.

mr. metal will meet a cute girl he can pit with

at some heavy concert

and maybe when she's cold

he'll give her that leather jacket

and he'll ride the bus with her

all night long

thats what i'd like to think

either way

life is good.
Steve May 2019
Drinking away the cold reality,
sipping away at the truth,
smell of revolution in the air,
the township rebellion weeps,
radically violent love,
surpressing undignified hate,
**** the cop in yourself, stomp the ghosts in your head,
destroy your masters,
Sweet negation, oh sweet negation!,
Burn down the walls of infinite discontent,
Live your life,
Live for yourself,
The forever insurrection,
The creative nothing,
We are the unique,
Guillotine your captures,
Free your mind, free your body, free your beautiful life!
jerelii Mar 2015
when flames of the broken hearts
could vanish all of a sudden,
surpressing the heat
and the pain of once scars
repeatedly stumble the memoirs

indignant if it's a life tragic
or just a lesson that's been left
pleading for some strong justice
but don't have the source to put

& only to those who will survive;
should beg into tears
should kneel down for hunger
owe to save you
but will you receive the prize?

or would you let it slip that so easily?
start: 2014
edited & finished
March 22, 2015
Nichole777 Feb 2010
Yes who the **** knew
not me, nor you

It was a plan
it didn't even stand

So now you know
and now you go

In and out
merry go route

No one plans
for fates ultimate hand

No one stares
long enough to care

What lies ahead
is whats unsaid.

I swear we create
dare to demonstrate

What, you can't relate
give me a ******* break

I know whats at stake
'cause I took the bait

Tasted your tears
of all the years

Life comes undone
as we watch, stunned

Dont bother to care
as I only stood bare

I need you to hear
that I'm still here

Surpressing what's been felt
the hands been dealt
2010 - NR  _Memoirs of Unspoken Desires_
Mercie B Jun 2014
Facing the reality that I can, at any given moment, lose everything
       Finally forced me to accept
That I had to allow myself to, once and for all, be truly free.

With eyes wide shut, fearlessly I had no choice but to dive in
      Creating my own eternal ripple
Instead of complacently watching still water just be.

So many silenced words have sustained the cconfinment
      Of who I genuinely am
Often escaping through moments sadly swept away by time.

Like an imperfection of a mis-shapened candle I refined this art
      Of surpressing my light
The rythme left only to long for the remminants of my hearts rhyme.

Blinded by the beautiful brilliance of this magnificent darkness
       Full of fears inhibitions
The horizon teased with ideas,  brought about by acceptance of a  new way.

It was vulnerability that lead me to receive the notion
     That the less I resist the embrace of the unknown
The further from the norm I will stray.
With so much chaos in the world around me I had to return to the one place that allows me to be me and accepts plain old Mercie B. Thank you all.
jerelii Aug 2015
Memories we make,
above it's highlighted scene
Happy moments,
& the sacrifices were reaching out
It's hard to choose
whether it's the biggest choice
that will be decided on
Or the lifetime that will put us.
Though we may be separated for awhile
But what instruct my heart and body
is surely I'm surpressing.
The heart aches when you declined me once
The harsh words that I can't love you
Or maybe it will be just like this.

But what I never realize
is the whole story why you can't held on me
Whichever path, or road we'll be heading on
We'll know the answer if it is destiny that can answer for all.
trynna make a poem about this kdrama "The Time That I Loved You" One of those cliche love story I've watched but yea sure I hope there's really a happy ending story for this. Still looking forward on what will be the next move of the story.

August 11, 2015
Ben Tol Feb 2019
Well.. Take: Two has fallen through,
Should they try for Take: Three? Or just let things be...
People say that the third times the charm, but is it worth the harm,
When the second crack of the whip made them lose their grip.

There's a heavy deposit of skeletons in their closet,
Without a shadow of doubt, once the dooors opened the demons will come flooding out,
No control of emotions, numerous times have they caused extreme commotions,
Surpressing their memories, has caused problems in a multitude of territories.

Each corner turned, has left them perturbed,
At the front of the race, constantly chased by disgrace,
Cannot evade the past, wearing a smile as a mask,
A negative mood is nigh on impossible to elude, when corrupted thoughts continuously intrude.

Reliant on a bottle to release their full throttle,
Narcotics are an escape, ingested to alter the view of their own mindscape,
An array of illicit highs, have been used to speed up or slow down time,
Multiple mental chokes, caused after ploom, after ploom of differing smokes.

The director has tried more than once to call cut, but that pathway was shut,
Family and friends shouting to not let the show end,
The final curtain was nearly drawn, but the show still goes on,
"You have to continue! Let the world know the talent that's in you!"
So as I said,
That there will never be a day,
Where the darkness will devour me as prey,
I mean to say,
That because the crazy mind in my fray,
I am viewed as an equal,
But still invadable.
It can show it's self,
Disturbing and disgusting thoughts,
But the damage,
Is only an effect,
Not an affect.
Does that make sense?
As insensible as the blocking fog I described,
Ocean of craziness in a strong side,
Thought can be sensed,
But cannot sense the blocking,
Unlike emotions like hope or anger,
Fear or any other familiar stranger,
That can be beaten,
Or turned as an ally,
Or weapon to darkness that lie,
It is only a mental sensation,
That I can use or have any time in the day.
Like the darkness,
Only when it is thought of,
Can it become part temporarily,
In my brain.
Dragonfire Eyes
Shining Bright,
Revealing All
Throughout the Night.

Dragonfire Smile,
In the Sky.
Cities to Ash
We Don't Know Why.

Dragonfire Flames
In the Night,
Completely Shutting Out
The Fairy Lights.

Dragonfire Lost,
As All Fire Dies.
Creating Secrets,
Spreading Lies.

Dragonfire Hides
Out of Sight.
Filling People
Up With Fright.

Dragonfire Dream
Flying By.
Can't Be Caught.
It's up too high.

Dragonfire Fears,
A Chilling Bite.
Breathing In and Out
Is A Serious Fight.

Dragonfire Heart
Feelings Try
To Take Over My World,

Dragonfire Love,
Heart is Tight.
Surpressing Joy
With All My Might.

Dragonfire Life,
Sad, Tis Quite.
I'm Cutting It short.
The Ending's Not Right.

~Ashton Grayson Everly
I was really mentally ******* up when I wrote this. Enjoy.
Michaela Ferris Nov 2020
Right now my body feels out of sorts.
Unable to string together a few words
Of eloquent pros, and sophisticated rhymes
Expressing that deep down inside
I feel...

My brain seems to be firing on overdrive
But I can't make my feet move.
Staying in one place because
I must fix you and I must make sure everyone else is okay first,
Then I can move on to me.

So for now I have myself on the back burner.
I have placed my dreams and plans in a box
And given them up until my family is all okay.

I will take their insults and snide remarks
Because they are struggling, right?
I will take the never being or doing enough
When I have given up my plans to stay and support them
No matter what I do they don't see it...

So for now my body feels out of sorts.
Surpressing emotions and thoughts I thought were long gone,
Unable to express myself through words once again.
Feeling lost to the words of never doing or being enough...

— The End —