Haunter Jul 2012

Fuck this,
fuck that,
fuck you
and every fucking lie.

That slid through your
crooked/cracked teeth.

My fists,
consumed with an
angry adrenaline.

Knock out em' out.
You're going to need
an oral surgeon.
Next line you drop.
And Pow.

Talk shit,
get hit.
No, get electrocuted.

Steven Covert Sep 2014

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck
I want you to fuck me.

Ruthie Jun 2014


Addison René Jul 2014

today i listened to music and cried
for the first time in
a really long time
it still hurts

Noah Mytho May 2015

Fuck the world.
Fuck the liars.
Fuck the cheaters.
Fuck the rude ones.
Fuck the cold ones.
Fuck the slander.
Fuck the insults.
Fuck the pain.
Fuck the demons in my mind.

ellie Nov 2014

Fuck your happiness,
your carefree smiles and laughter.
Fuck your friendship,
your trust and your loyalty.
Fuck your love,
your passion and your kisses.
Fuck your success,
your pride and your achievements.

Fuck you and the things that light up your world,
and fuck you if you think I'm selfish for thinking
fuck you
but you can fuck off if you think that jealousy is unreasonable,
when you have everything and I have
fuck all.

Explicit cause of bad language
fuck everyone for being okay and fuck myself for not
Ashley Nicole Dec 2014

I scream until my throat aches and ignites.
I scream until my face flushes.
I've been screaming all day,
But nobody has heard me.

BML May 2014

You have your hopes, dreams and desires for someone,
Locked deep within your golden heart.
Hopelessly crying for their attention,
Endless time spent imagining the perfect future,
Will not bring you any closer to what you want.

Do whatever the fuck you want,
It's not like you're gonna get out

splvrry Jan 2015

i wish i had a heart of steel-
made as a source of shield;
wishing i could take care
for my own self defense.

Unrequited Love Jan 2015

You broke my fucking heart.

And you did it from the comfort of your own fucking garden.

While you had a fucking  cigarette.

I was curled into the corner of a fucking bathroom, so no one could hear me cry.

I don't fucking cry.
But since then I can't fucking stop.

I can't fucking deal with this.

Why the fuck did you do this to me?

I fucking hate you!

Please come back...

The pain in my chest won't go away, I can't forget him, I love him. I HATE HIM

Acts like they care
When they're the ones Judging us

Acts like they care
When they're the ones that made us this way.

Fuck owls more trees
Fuck society & fuck the cities
Let's all live in the forest with our own secret society
Tomlinsonsgun Aug 2015

How would it be
In a world without hate
We will never know
Fuck Society

Eleanor Rigby Feb 2015

Fuck life, man.
Fuck it to the bone.


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