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Jay Oct 2017
Baby help me get away from this insane reality.
because I'll forever drift away - endlessly.
Yet I know, I can't do that completely.
Maybe the only reason is a part of me stays with you, I'm sorry.
  Jun 2016 Jay
I joke about being lonely all the time, but I don't think anybody gets that it isn't a joke anymore.
***** this.
Jay Apr 2016
You were
too good
to be

Never have
I ever
had a

Why did
you leave
me out
of the
I think I'm blinded by the fact that I loved you.
Jay Apr 2016
Thought I finally found someone worthwhile
someone who would take an extra mile
just to see me smile

Someone who would be there to protect me,
someone who would never hurt me

I don't just feel dumb,
because I know for a fact
that my expectations ****** me up

*How do I feel numb?
PS: Expectations will ******* up.
  Apr 2016 Jay
I snort poetry
Just give me a rhyme
I'll breathe it in deep
Like a******* line
I love words
Poetry and prose
I'll snort 'em right up
Like I'm sniffin a rose
They give me a buzz
Get me high
Give me wings
And then I fly
Way more addictive
Than any drug I've tried
Write me a poem
I'll read it and get fried
  Apr 2016 Jay
weighed down
by things i still
hold on to
Jay Apr 2016
I'm sorry if I'm not her
I'm sorry if I'm not like your past lover

I'm sorry if I misunderstood the things you said to me
I wasn't enough, at least I tried to be

You'd always choose them over me
I think I'm just too blind to see
To all the girls who can relate to this, know your worth. Leave that *******.

Sincerely, the girl who just realized her worth.
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