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  Jun 2019 Scot
Kieran Messer
Such a feeling felt
When greeted --
Reacquainted --
With the familiar
Human spirit
I so long missed.

A pool of water surrounds me.

How did I get so cold?
  Jun 2019 Scot
i overthink
i panic
i stress
i worry


i trust
i care
i stay
i love
  Jun 2019 Scot
Micrography-Mike D

The most damaging and deceitful lies

are the ones we tell ourselves

Written: April 20, 2019

All rights reserved.
  Jun 2019 Scot
Kayla Gallant
I am sightless
In a sea of light
Blinded by my own insanity
I can no longer see through the madness  ❤️
And for that I am glad.
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