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Scot Feb 2021
Don’t be sad now that I’m gone

For all my incompleteness has been made whole

My idiosyncrasies have synchronized

My evil has been turned to the good

My unwillingness made willing

Freed from myself I was allowed to right my wrong

Struggle free and find absolution

My absolution was quickly given away

To those that seek their own but cannot find it with the living
Scot Apr 2020
When words carelessly spoken
Cause about them a terrible roar
When hearts they are broken
Selling feelings like a *****

Scorned, throttled and beaten
Torn as if limbs in their minds
Thrown down, burned into ash and eaten
Careless to hurt, living so blind

When the ones you have treated
Have died, cursed, or bleated
Bedeviling thoughts of him who is seated
Shall return to you with fire in time

With fire of their ire
Will you they seek
To tear at your bones and your heart to *****
And then you will learn that they were priceless

To a tone deaf ******* whose heart was of stone
Seek revenge upon your eternal and dying soul
Only then will you understand you were rich
Only then will you know that karma’s a *****
Scot Apr 2020
Grip the side of the bed in fear
Swelling in the air, a curse run amok
Seeing faces turn gray the seer
Fingers turn white a stare at the clock

How can I go when I’m not ready?
The plaintive cries the hallways fill
See my hands shake, my legs unsteady
Jump out of the window or swallow a pill

Where will those with class go to mend?
Among the pittance of which they dwell
Without a small sheet to wipe their a$$es
Will they su€k and gasp to the pits of hell?

Where is the mercy that thou dost seek?
Not as gentle the mist that has released
Shall it be boisterous or commonly meek?
What shall your soul do if called deceased
Scot Mar 2020
I can’t share, the truths I can’t bear
Life is cold, it doesn’t seem fair

Walking beside yourself, passing you by
Needing some love, you cannot find

Earth is in action, it does not care
These are your dreams, vanish in the air

Seeing the truth in slices, that’s no lie
Gasping for air, why do I try?

Listing alone, off to the side
Seeking a purpose, a true and tried

Can’t ever go home, just wander wide
It’s all a loss, don’t know why I even tried
Scot Nov 2019
What we are isn’t what we were.
What we will be isn’t what we are now.
  Jun 2019 Scot
Mohan Sardarshahari
With you I enjoyed
World as if your smiling face
World's activities as if
your beautiful fingers running on knitting yarns
World's jewellery as if
Your beautiful sceneries
World's goodness as if
Your lovely sweetness
World's greenery as if
Your yummy culinary
World's annoyance as if
Your innocence

I never thought
The days will be so harsh
World's colour will be so dark
My wounds will be so invisible
Days will add salt to injuries
I will see no end to my miseries
Only your ideals will heal the wounds
Your memories will be boons
  Jun 2019 Scot
Kieran Messer
Such a feeling felt
When greeted --
Reacquainted --
With the familiar
Human spirit
I so long missed.

A pool of water surrounds me.

How did I get so cold?
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