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Scott 8h
Nothing speaks to the ears of the profane so loudly as silence.
Scott 9h
Nothing so deadly as can be
A triangle built of three
You, Her & He
Explosive combination as can be

A look and a glance
One more or two
Turn into romance
One not meant for you

Clouds of red, crimson red
Start with that look, it’s dread
One loves, one keeps, one’s bed
Culminates in blood, it’s said

So harmless at the time
But a die is cast
One’s feelings, worth naught a dime
Open the bore, end with a blast

Unholy, One’s hoof tracks
Left upon the floor
Oozing, ******* chest
Slamming door

Clothed in black
Skin, a pall
Laying on backs
Three days, no stall

Motorcade in procession
Could it’ve been foretold?
A mere lovers’ obsession
A story from time of old

An urge begun within
Started softly in the eye
Ended, where it all begins
From a soft forbidden sin
Scott 1d
Faces and places
Follow me near
Decidedly my demons
Drag on my heels
Calling on my soul

Into places I can only go alone

Men last seen in clouds of red
Images that remain in my head
Gods workers disassembling his creations
Someone must claim the remains
Left suddenly in horror and pain

Places I can only go alone

Laying asleep the demons come
Beating their unholy drums
Images in which they delight
Sitting on the couch at night
Checking doors

A life lived five times over
Did I sell my soul?
To the ancient dragon?
I see, whether eyes open or closed
They follow me interposed

Places I can only go alone

Someday when I’m redeemed
I’ll ask, “why me,? so it seems
Did you choose to be under fire
Of this life I simply tire
Ten lives packed into one

No one around you will understand ever
I live in places only I can go alone
On and on life drones
Seeking mine, but my life I’ve given
Torn to pieces inside, just riven

It was my choice no denying
Living among those dead and dying
Before you choose think it through
For surely, your comeuppance will call due
You will walk by yourself for eternity

In places only you can walk...alone
Scott 7d
Dark purple in my head
Cushioning gray matter

Dark purple in my chest
Beating to and fro

Dark purple in my gut
Filtering out so slow

Dark purple in my back
Liquid pouring through

Dark purple flowing in my veins
To gather more of breath

Dark purple close under skin
Covering muscles lying within

Dark purple means so much to us
It keeps us on our feet

Dark purple is the first in view
When death it does violently visit

Dark purple seeps outside the ear
When gunshots they do ring

Dark purple is the thing we bear
When gut wounds tear within

Dark purple is the thing we say
That first shows when skin does flay

Dark purple pools around the corpse
When throes of death do come

Dark purple seeps out of the head
When lo’ we are among the dead
So much of our bodies are dark purple.  It’s amazing how one color can permeate so much of us.
Scott 7d
At once I am
And then I’m not
I was, and still see
But not it’s far from me
I want but cannot
I do not, and want not
But then the feelings
How they rise again
For I seek in writhing pain
That which I am, but want not
I’m am what I’m not
But cling to the not, as if I am
I say and speak from the past
But I speak that which was not cast
I sort of am, but no
I have learned to change
But long for the past
That which came from love
But did not last
So I have the new, which is really old
But not to me, I’m not part I’m told
But I am part, or so it seems
But not, in my closest dreams
I have changed much
But stayed the same
A walking contradiction
Or so it seems
Scott Feb 5
I love you, yet I hate you
I am happy, yet devastated
I am whole, yet broken into shards
I am gentle, yet violent at once
I am hard, yet demur and harmless
I’m decisive, yet easily confused
I control, yet want no authority
I ****, yet cry at the death of a bird
I am wholesome, yet deeply sinful
I am truthful, but my life a lie
Scott Feb 3
The flies on the window
The stench in the air
Gave the first clues of demise
Of a man old and lonely

Lain upon a couch
The grease from his body staining the cushions
He almost seemed to be moving
The maggots rapidly consuming their meal

Natures clean-up crew at work
Cell-by-cell they munched their way through
Skin green and putrid
Signs of being alone

What to die lonely
What to die alone
What to become bones only
While maggots eat you to the bone

His eyes, ears, and mouth
Full of the white wiggling worms
Scared at my presence they seemed to flee
Their meal lay waiting for total consummation

No sign of fight
No sign of injury
No sign abnormal
No relative to call

Will I die like that?
Will you?
Alone to be feasted upon by the disassemblers?
Television on and phone lay quiet?

Roll the bloated body
Into the crisp white bag
The stench only increasing
The flies in a frenzy

To die alone.
To die alone.
The thief comes quick
And maggots he left thick
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