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  Jun 29 Scot
With you I enjoyed
World as if your smiling face
World's activities as if
your beautiful fingers running on knitting yarns
World's jewellery as if
Your beautiful sceneries
World's goodness as if
Your lovely sweetness
World's greenery as if
Your yummy culinary
World's annoyance as if
Your innocence

I never thought
The days will be so harsh
World's colour will become tarnish
My wounds will be so invisible
Days will add salt to injuries
Your ideals will heal the wounds
The life will merely be a ritual as a train's carriages.
  Jun 15 Scot
Kieran Messer
Such a feeling felt
When greeted --
Reacquainted --
With the familiar
Human spirit
I so long missed.

A pool of water surrounds me.

How did I get so cold?
  Jun 11 Scot
i overthink
i panic
i stress
i worry


i trust
i care
i stay
i love
  Jun 11 Scot
Micrography-Mike D

The most damaging and deceitful lies

are the ones we tell ourselves

Written: April 20, 2019

All rights reserved.
  Jun 9 Scot
patty m
first light shimmering
on flamingo horizon
kisses cloud and sky

spring flowers nod heads
accepting winds direction
basking in sunlight

through earth damp with dew
a small worm peeks cautiously
the robin swallows
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