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Apr 2019 · 594
A Reverse poem
Aman kumar Apr 2019
I hate the girl of my college.

You’ll never hear me say that

If you feel like I’m good enough

You’d be right

I used to be happy with her

To watch you

Was the greatest thing

I refuse to ignore it

But I know it’s a hope.

I feel bad for her

No longer can I say that


I’m still fighting for it.


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Dec 2018 · 296
A note to yourself
Aman kumar Dec 2018
When you are faced with challenges it's good to fall in love with them, it's good to have the support of friends, family, or your partner. But it's also important to have your iternal support system. It's you catch yourself in the middle of some nasty self talk, ask yourself, " Would I say this to your Best friend or
"You are your own Best Friend "
After that reframe your self talk so that what you are saying to yourself is positive and encouraging. Be your own best friend and treat yourself with the love and respect you deserve.
Dec 2018 · 204
Aman kumar Dec 2018
Sometimes,  I feel its a perfume kindly used just to smell our Heart
Oct 2018 · 456
Sometimes || lost We
Aman kumar Oct 2018
As far as the life goes on We get tormented in many dreams and fortunes.

We get lost in many uncertain things and then get back in ourself. Every aspect is claiming and is covering the very true value of the way we are.

True dislikes is the only hating for the sense that people make nowdays, handling many uncertain things and thoughts is quite high nowdays, getting lost in every realm is magic ,shadows high or the demons inside is burried inside the lost of us.

Someone truly said this point, backway when we were kid is the only way to get the back of the way we were suppose to or our happiness that is enchanted some times before in our life

Still we are growing up and forgetting that past.The back way of our parents help, Happy reasons of those friends and those pillow fights with our crazy cousins, time is moving on but our feelings for these reasons should never be lost.

Right is always wrong nowdays and if we consider left it makes always false choice. Just as the journey has started out and the time is moving on

Our reasons for every thing should remain constant and in a positive manner. Stay high and be thankfull for the reasons of happiness.
At, Some point we feel this
Oct 2018 · 939
Birth and Death
Aman kumar Oct 2018
Birth and Death

Are the bookends of our life

Beginning and end,

Life and Death,

new and worn,

young and old.

As we live our lives

We encounter duality

at every stage

It affect us, inspires us,

and shapes us into the

people we are

To think to much

about death is deemed morbid

Our culture is

devoted to perpetuating

the myth that we can

stay young and vital

Being aware of death

my encourage is to

live a good, meaningful,

and virtuos life.

Rather than

chasing after non essential

causes and getting upset

Over minor matters .

Death is not the ending

It’s a wake up call

to profound your

explanation for livin’.
Oct 2018 · 194
Stars || Look Up
Aman kumar Oct 2018
After this morning

For today’s Night

This may be the dreams

that might let me know

all the stars are closer

and if they are really closer


“I love to spend that time

on the roof top of my house

when everyone falls sleep

and just starring that

sparkling lights”

I really like the

kind of people

that get excited

Over the Stars at Night….
Sep 2018 · 478
Aman kumar Sep 2018
Silence, Isn't Ignoring
Sometimes, It shout loud
and everytime
It whisphers
If you listen
U’ll the voice of my silence sayin'
How are you?
And you feel that Heart
Listen Calls,
You Heart will start showering
me the emotions of  Happiness.
Sep 2018 · 1.1k
Walk Alone
Aman kumar Sep 2018
She will never walk alone,

She has God on her life

She will never walk alone,

Because, God is on her side

She will never walk alone,

Because, God is always watching her

by side.

She will never walk alone,

Because, She has a friend that is God.

She will never walk alone,

She has someone that loves her and

that soemone is God

She will never walk alone,

Because she has a friend that is God

She will never walk alone,

She will always has soemone to keep

her and that someone is God

She will never walk alone!!!
Sep 2018 · 2.8k
Shining lights
Aman kumar Sep 2018
Hey lights

You look so bright

Just wanted too look, At you

And got lost

In these magical lights.

You and me

Just cherish this sparkling lights

And in the late nights Just starring

you with the

Stars of that magical lights.

Wants to hightlight

A rhythm speed

Of the car headlights, Though wise

men at their end know,

Dark is right.


their words had forked, no

lightning They, do not go gentle

Into that good night.

Look what happens with

a love like that, It lights the whole sky.

And the skylight

lets the moonlight in!!!


the shining nights of the sparking


— The End —