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It was quarter past ten in the morning when the little heart first saw you. It was nothing like before after seeing you. You look pretty the heart complimented, but the brain stopped the message, the brain knew that the heart won’t be able to handle anymore.

The next day we met, you were wearing glasses “how could someone look so gorgeous?” The soul thought as she became eyesome to someone’s heart.

It was the third day they both met again but there was an awkward silence, it happened to be the shortest fairytale as they both knew it was the last time they are seeing each other. While she was walking away, she turned back with a look in her eyes ,which was both appealing and calming, the other heart wanted to say that “u are the reason of his smile “ but could not say a word and both left.
Ending the fairytale.
Aman kumar Sep 2018
Silence, Isn't Ignoring
Sometimes, It shout loud
and everytime
It whisphers
If you listen
U’ll the voice of my silence sayin'
How are you?
And you feel that Heart
Listen Calls,
You Heart will start showering
me the emotions of  Happiness.

— The End —