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Shruti Dadhich Feb 2019
From the rise of the golden empire on the sky,
           to the silver one shining over
            my head,

From listening the morning songs of those perfect singers who fly,
           to their coming back to bed...

From the time I get conscious,
         to the tiime I'm intoxicated,
               I'm addicted,
To borrow some words,
                     from nature's hymns,
To colour them in my emotions,
                     & create my own rhymes...
The only work I do with happiness, else than my workout is poetry...
Shruti Dadhich Feb 2019
She walks in proud,
With her neck high,
                Just like a mountain peak...

She walks swiftly,
Just like the waves,
Taking away many hearts,
With her heartbeat going up-&-down,
             Hiding it from all others that
                                         she's weak...

The one known for proud,
Is the one filled inside with insecurities & doubt!
The one notorious for proud,
In loneliness cries aloud!
The one who is said the definition of beauty,
     & idol of proud,
Just wear the mask of being happy,
She hides her ugliness inside,

The one who's thought to be the mistress of proud,
Is filled up with insecurities & doubt,

The one surrounded by a thousand friends,
Is the one who cries every moment,
But to be happy she always pretends...

The Princess of silence,
Holds the volcanoes inside...
People aren't always what they appear... There are people who need you, but will never tell....
  Jan 2019 Shruti Dadhich
I laugh through my words
So my pain goes unheard.
I joke through my darkest hour,
To drain the pain of power.

You won't see me frown,
But that doesn't mean I'm okay.
I'll take the crown,
"King of laughs,"you say.
I'll take the crown,
But the pain doesn't wash away.
Shruti Dadhich Jan 2019
मौत के तूफानों में,
                      रोशनी के आखिरी दिये-सी,
                          आखिरी पल तक जलती

   अपने आंचल में मौत की सेज सजाती शमाओ पर,
                      परवाने- सी मंडराती

     मौत की अंधियारी रात में,
                      सितारो-सी जंग लड़ती

वो दिया ही क्या,
                  जो तूफानों से घबराए,
वो परवाना ही क्या,
                 जो शमा में राख न हो पाए,
वो सितारा ही क्या,
                जो रात से डर कर सुबह की रोशनी में खो
वो जिंदगी ही क्या,
                 जो डर के आंचल में समाकर,
                 हर पल सौ मौतें मर कर जी जाए!

डर के परदे से निकलकर,
मौत की भट्टी से गुज़र कर,
               सोने-सी दमकती
I think life means livliness, merely breathing isn't life! Life never means to run away from death, but life means to welcome  everything that comes!!!
Shruti Dadhich Jan 2019
Being a child I used to say,
      "Everyone loves me!"

When I grew up a bit,
& they called me a grown up kid,
I used to say,
       "Everyone hates me!"

But oh, now I smile at my childishness,
& know how wrong was I,
Now I say,
      "Everyone likes me,
                     But nobody loves...."
Now I say,
      "Love now is merely a word,
       Which died before I came in this
I wish could have enjoyed love's lovely shower...:-(
     Just a thought...
Shruti Dadhich Dec 2018
I, Me, & Myself...

...I'm complete!!!
Now I need nobody else!!!
I'm complete in myself ,I don't need anybody else's shoulders for support, I have got the strongest shoulders!!!
I'm the brightest diamond, & I don't need the light of anyone else to shine bright!!!
I don't know why, but am feeling much more stronger!!!
Shruti Dadhich Dec 2018
Like holding Sun's hands comes morning,
& night, holding those of darkness,

Like money comes holding the hands of ego,
& status, holding one's dress,

Like the troubles come holding the life's lessons,
& relations, holding selfishness,

The same way-
The beauty of my thoughts,
The charm of my body,
The shine of my eyes,
The glow of my face,
The happiness in my toughest phase,
Comes just with your presence...

Like pain comes holding tears,
The same way,
Your absence, holds all my sorrows & fears...
Dedicated to my best secret keeper, MOON!!!
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