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Shruti Dadhich Oct 2018
I saw them decorating the whole place,
& decorating me;
    the thing to be sold,
    the burden which since my birth they did hold,
     the burden from which today they will get free...

I saw them giving me so many blessings,
& also listened to their relaxed breathings,
   Cause their biggest tension is soon going to end,
In my whole life after those seven rounds I found them most relaxed...

I saw them giving my hands in the hands of a boy, to me a stranger,
I wonder are they the same who kept me away from boys, from that lover?

I saw them packing in my bag
so much of gold & insurance paper of the new dowry's car,
   but they forget my love, my guitar,
I saw people asking them -
       "Does she know cooking?
     Is she good at house holding?"
But nobody bothered to ask,
      Was I still breathing???

& at last tearing they took me to a car,
& told me,
"Take care of your new family,
            & your husband"
the one who has got a new servant!!!
As I looked in the car I saw them smiling cruelly,
& as I looked back,
I saw them smiling,
& those momentary crocodile's tears ending,
I saw them relaxed & calm ,
Having got freedom of the biggest burden & a very big duty...
I have seen my elders guiding me every time that I will have to go to family of my in-laws...
It's just because of these guidelines & the destructed marriage lives around me that I'm having a big phobia of marriage, & these days am unable to sleep because of nightmares of my own wedding, which is equal to my destruction...
This is the form of the insecurity & fear I felt in my dream...
Hope to get rid of these nightmares after sharing it in this form...
Shruti Dadhich Oct 2018
Hey guys!!!
How will you feel,
If you are stopped from entering in kitchen for next five days???
What will you do,
If you are ordered to sleep on mat leaving your comfortable bed for next five days???
Will you not have a fight, if they stop you from entering in a temple saying you are impure for next five days???
How will you feel if you have two big  fights every month,
The fight with bleeding pain,
& the fight with society...
I can easily defy the pain,
But tell me how to fight with this society,
How to answer this question on my purity???????
Cause if this is impurity,
Then the one who made these rules is himself impure!!!
& you all are also impure!!!
If it's impure then God is also impure!!!
The problem that we face is thought to be pain, but actually the main problem is the poor mentality of people...
Cause girls have enough strength to fight with this pain, but how to fight this fight with society, the one who didn't know this pain made the rules mentioned above, & my anger is for the ladies who followed them blindly, without asking "Why?" , but I'm not blind & also won't follow anything blindly, so now I'm asking "Why?"
Shruti Dadhich Aug 2018
Honey I remember your blackish eyes,
   With the deepness of no moon night,
& how they shined bright,
       when you looked at me....

I yet remember your inviting eyes,
          Filled with lust,
& how they never understood &
         accepted my "No!"
& were ready to ask for it again
I'll always remember your truthful eyes,
Never matching with your tongue's lies,
Expressing like mirror your heart's feelings,
Which you always tried to hide....

        Actually I think I've forgotten you,
                   & all your lies,
But all I remember of you is your
               MESMERIZING EYES!!!
For the one left somewhere behind, in the ocean of time....
Shruti Dadhich Sep 2018
Looking at a sharp knife in my hand,
& me going out in midnight,
She thought I was fed up & was standing near my end,
At last frightened she asked me,
       "Do you want to die?",
I told her,
       " No, just seeking for an another
          reason to survive..."
If you don't find any reason to survive, just once think of dying, trust me you will start loving your life!!!
                 Trust me, it works!!!
                   I'm experienced!!!
Shruti Dadhich May 2019
A pair of deep eyes,
Leaves me in utter surprise!
For a moment they will reveal everything out,
& in the next will hide everything in the curtains of shies...

A pair of sharp eyes,
Doesn't know how to tell lies!
They attacks my tender heart,
When being collided with that of mine!
Trust me, they change their colour a bit,
Just like the magical ones,
& how perfectly would they fit,
When looked upon mine!

A pair of my perfect eyes,
Who has stolen my heart,
Lies sonewhere far beyond the skies...
Something after a long interval if exams...
Shruti Dadhich Jul 2018
I just want to go from here,
To a place where I could be more happier,
A place where I'm not known to anyone,
& I'm all free with nothing to fear,
I want nobody to be with me right now,
As I know they won't understand me now,
With no binds to make me alive,
     & no force to make me die,
I want no reason to answer anyone,
But I need a place to be unknown to everyone,
A place where I'm nothing to anyone,
A place where there is nobody to ask me questions,
      & nobody whom I shall reply,
A place where nobody is present to break my trust,
      & nobody on whom i shall rely....
If someone find such a place, then please tell me as I'm yet searching for such a place...
Shruti Dadhich Jul 2018
Showing everything as clear as it can,
Revealing all the secrets of men,
Eyes shows everything,
Just like a mirror to one's heart,
Reflecting all the lies,
On happiness shines,
& to show pain it shed diamonds,
Even if one try to hide them,
It will show symptoms...
To me eyes are the most beautiful part of anybody, cause it makes one convey all feelings, which even sometimes words can't...
Shruti Dadhich Sep 2018
Every morning me...
Just after having my tea back on my roof,
With my new book,
as an excuse,
But I'm back to my work...
My work -
         Of reading the stories written by the fog on the face of mountain,
        Of catching the momentary scrape on my body by the cool wind which won't come again,
        Of understanding the songs of birds,
     Of understanding the leaf's whispers to the buds,
           Of stealing the colors, & pleasant aroma from flower,
      Of listening the river's love hymns...
Every morning me...
Just after having my tea, back to my work,
My work of collecting all these words of nature & composing new rhymes,
My work of giving these rhymes love's aroma & peace's color,
My work of being a title giver,
My work of being a nature lover!!!
Shruti Dadhich Jul 2018
I love to be in hot summer's sunlight,
cause I know shadow isn't made for me,
I'm just happy with the black clouds,
cause I know rain isn't made for me,
I'm contented by the pleasuring waves of aroma,
cause I know the soft touch of flowers isn't made for me,
I love the darkness of night,
cause I know the stars & the moon ain't present for me,
& so sitting here,
I'm satisfied with what I have,
cause I know even if I'm unsatisfied,
these butterflies of happiness will never be back for me,
& after a while,
they will fly away,
& will go forever,
& won't come back for me.....
Shruti Dadhich Feb 2019
From the rise of the golden empire on the sky,
           to the silver one shining over
            my head,

From listening the morning songs of those perfect singers who fly,
           to their coming back to bed...

From the time I get conscious,
         to the tiime I'm intoxicated,
               I'm addicted,
To borrow some words,
                     from nature's hymns,
To colour them in my emotions,
                     & create my own rhymes...
The only work I do with happiness, else than my workout is poetry...
Shruti Dadhich Sep 2018
My intoxicating & love filled eyes whom you did admire,
Are now filled up with revenge's fire...

My sweet cherry lips you loved,
Have now ****** the saltiness of my tears & are now poisoned...

You loved my rosy nails,
Who now have been transformed into the iron's nails,

The ocean of tears in which you left me to drown,
Have flooded me & now my heart is nothing but a deserted town...

Now I ain't the tender teen girl whom you could easily cheat,
Now I'm a lioness of this forest whom badly nobody can treat...

So now dare you not to look at me,
Cause the acid you spread in my life is burning yet in my eyes...
I don't know what will be your reaction to this poem, but I have seen girls shading tears for the people who cheated them in love, & so this one is for them... Girls you need to identify your inner power & take your revenge...
Never think you are weak, cause you are the mightiest!!!
Shruti Dadhich Jan 2019
Being a child I used to say,
      "Everyone loves me!"

When I grew up a bit,
& they called me a grown up kid,
I used to say,
       "Everyone hates me!"

But oh, now I smile at my childishness,
& know how wrong was I,
Now I say,
      "Everyone likes me,
                     But nobody loves...."
Now I say,
      "Love now is merely a word,
       Which died before I came in this
I wish could have enjoyed love's lovely shower...:-(
     Just a thought...
Shruti Dadhich Nov 2018
Can't wait for a 100th follower now...
Desperate to know who will be the 100th one... I want to know it before my birthday, so fingers crossed for that!!!
Shruti Dadhich Jul 2018
The difference was only of thoughts,
You said she was no more,
& I said she went to heaven's shore...
Shruti Dadhich Dec 2018
Don't you worry, my love!
Cause I believe we'll meet!

Yes, we'll meet,
Beyond this night, beyond this sky,
The two love birds'll fly...

Don't you shed these pious diamonds, my sweet!
Cause we'll again meet,
We'll meet when the moon'll be kissed by the sea,
& when the sun will go to take rest,
On his beloved, night's breast...

Don't you be gloomy, my heart!
Cause we'll meet,
In the deadly silence,  & midnight's dark,
So bright will the two spirits spark...

Don't you look back again, at this separation, my dearest!
Cause this is our last separation,
& a step to make us the closest!

We'll meet when our souls will be free from all these humanly binds,
When this body & all these relations will be left behind,
When we won't have any fear,
& in land of love,
We'll be welcomed with flying colour...

Then these songs of melancholy we won't have to repeate,
& I know we'll definitely meet....
Although love is a thing I haven't ever been through & so don't know much about it, but I read a very sad & real love story today, & this is all what came out of my heart... I know that I can't just change the story,  so I imagined the story of future,  & wrote it accordingly...
Shruti Dadhich Dec 2018
Bit by bit
It's eating me...
- the depression!!!

Bit by bit
I'm drowning...
- in this melancholy's ocean!!!

Firstly my toes,
Then my legs,
Then my nose,
& now the one left is just melancholy & not me!!!

I can no more breathe!
But I can see,
I can feel,
Myself fading away,
In this never ending fountain of melancholy...

I have gone on that side of this ocean all alone...
Now left is merely melancholy
& faded me,
All those fake lovers & relatives being gone...
I want to cry, but tears not coming out,
With my heart bleeding,
But tongue frozen out.....
Shruti Dadhich Aug 2018
Have you ever seen those beautiful drops,
Washing all the masks worn on your face,
Leaving your heavy sky blank...
Have you seen those beautiful pearls,
Shading from the corner of you eyes,
Expressing all your hidden pain,
Just with a rain....
Have you ever observed those precious diamonds,
Getting birth from your eyes,
Showing your real beauty,
By washing all you makeup
& showing all your lies...
Have you ever observed those God gifted tears,
Which shows your love, your pain
& washes away all your fears.....
Shruti Dadhich Jul 2019
When my stars had decided not to spark,
& my moon had also hidden somewhere;
When the lights had left mine world in deep dark,
& I really needed somebody there,
I found my so called lovers nowhere...
So Honey,
Will you stop your lies,
Cause I know I'll never ever find you by my darkest sides...
- $D
Fake people, fake promises, & fake world!
Shruti Dadhich Dec 2018
Hoping that you will  understand,
Why I did so,
My dearest friend,
I know I promised to never leave you,
To never hurt you or anyone else,
But the things have slept away from my hand...

My dearest,
Sometimes even when a thousand lamps burn,
There is a corner of darkness left...

My friend,
Even when the lips are smiling,
The heart can bleed with tear...

There isn't a thing like I don't trust you,
The fact is that all the stars shine so bright,
But the one you can reach to are few...
....& you my unreachable star,
       who became mine sitting seven
          oceans far!

Oh my dearest one, I do ******,
As much as the last drop is trusted to quench the thristy's thirst..
Things  are not always as they appear...
I don't know what's it to you all so good poets, is it a poem or something else, but to me these are my tears for a dearest, & so trustable friend, I wish the one for whom it's  written may read it soon, & forgive me...
Shruti Dadhich Sep 2018
I won't fear or run away,
       If my death comes to me now,
But I will always regret for my unfulfilled wishes,
My wish of going to a sea beach & spending a whole night talking silently to the moon & the brightest star,
My wish of breaking this jail & run away somewhere far,
My wish of having at least a boyfriend,
My wish of leaving at least one person behind to cry on my end,
My wish of planting plants on my 18th b'day,
My wish of spending a day without tears & full of gay,
No I won't fear or run away,
     If the death comes to me now,
    & no I won't be filled up with the sorrow,
Cause I know Almighty will send me again to fulfill them maybe today or tomorrow!!!
A thought craving in my mind since last sleepless night!!!
Shruti Dadhich Sep 2018
I'm dead,
I have already committed suicide,
No you can see me,
You can feel me,
You can read me,
But you can't find even a single reason to call me alive,
No I haven't got cut on my hand,
& haven't ever tried to hang,
But I have got my heart bleed,
I have got it broken,
I couldn't actually die,
& sorry I'm unable to keep myself alive,
Not my fault,
cause I'm the one
never loved,
never cared,
never caressed,
never being consoled,
never being hold...
So here is a midway,
So here is a dead me,
With a human body,
Healthy & fit
A ***** kit!!!
What if I can't cut my lifeline,
I have already cut my connections with life & now I think it's all fine...
Sorry for this negative poem, but it's just a way to dry my tears away & make my eyes deserted again, & stick that fake so called lovely smile again...
I wish I could donate my life to someone who seriously wanted it!!!
Shruti Dadhich Dec 2018
I, Me, & Myself...

...I'm complete!!!
Now I need nobody else!!!
I'm complete in myself ,I don't need anybody else's shoulders for support, I have got the strongest shoulders!!!
I'm the brightest diamond, & I don't need the light of anyone else to shine bright!!!
I don't know why, but am feeling much more stronger!!!
Shruti Dadhich Nov 2018
After the sun goes to rest in the curtains of darkness,
& after I shut the curtains of consciousness,

After the day's hot winds get converted in the evening cool ones,
& after with my all works I'm done,

After the stars start dancing on
night's lullabies,
& after all the movements of this world get freeze,

After the night jasmine opens up to bathe in night's shower,
& after I feel & again try to forget this loneliness's fear,

After these tides, by this moon, get seduced,
& after I think of getting this tiredness & stress reduced,

After there left is merely the darkness's marks,
& after from my face I wash away all the masks,

After the world sleeps
on the bed of night,
on the pillow of dreams,
in the blanket of silence,
& all the light did night sweep,
I'm ready to sleep....
Sometime out of my heart!!!
The first two lines emerged in my heart during last sleepless night,  & when I woke up thankfully I remembered them, & finally converted these lines in a poem....
I think night is the most beautiful gift of God to us, isn't it???
Shruti Dadhich Jul 2018
You love me when...
I'm a topper or a party rocker,
A writer or a fighter,
A musician or a singer,
A dancer or a mathematician doing counting on fingers,
You hate me when..
I'm negative,
An ado,
Or a girl filled with ego...
Let me ask you is your love real???
Shruti Dadhich Jul 2018
I'm the creator of me,
I'm the destroyer of me,
It's my choice what I choose,
It's my thought,
Which isn't binded to anybody's oath,
Because I know that I'm one for myself,
& I know I'm the only one to take care of myself ,
& now I know it that there isn't anybody to save my respect,
I'm a fighter,
I'm a writer,
I'm the one with my own story,
& they are nobody to be nosey,
Because I'm the gusty waves of a change,
I'm the thunder of anger,
& if they try to **** in,
They won't last longer,
To them left is only to accept me as I am,
Else this thunder will destroy them....
Just trying to be myself!
Shruti Dadhich Oct 2018
Despite of intuitions of something wrong,
She went out on her daily late eve walk,
& took her phone along,
To get a nice company & someone to talk,
As she took a few steps,
& went out of her street,
After having a doubt,
& choosing a new way
that day,
She heard the dogs crying aloud,
& she knew it wasn't a good omen,
But she couldn't understand a thing & took step to that new way she didn't know when?
As she entered the street,
A nice perfume did her nose surround,
But she saw nobody around!
Suddenly street lights burst out,
& she gave a loud shout!
She switched her phone's flashlight,
But her fully charged phone suddenly showed "battery low!"
She now listened a whistle & as she looked backward she saw him giving her a bow,
He the one with that nice perfume,
& the conversation did he resume,
He looked directly in her deep brown eyes,
With his strange shimmering green eyes,
& said,
" Hey young lady!
I'm hypnotized by your beauty... "
"What!!!" She said with a little anger,
"I, I meant to say,
Why did you come here & when,
Can't you see it's about to rain!!!"
She looked at the clean sky & shining stars,
But suddenly she saw lightning,
heard thundering,
& the dark clouds captured the sky,
Before she could understand a thing,
The big water drops fell upon her head which those cruel clouds did bring,
Surprised she suddenly asked,
"It seriously rained, how?"
He took her milky white hands in his snowy ones,
& took her to a cottage nearby,
& said, "This one is my!"
She tried to take her hands out of his,
But he didn't leave,
She looked at his shiny strange green emerald's eyes,
But the shine was burnt in the fire of lust,
Now all left there was the hunger & fire of lust,
She tried to release herself but all in vain,
& she was feeling a strange pain,
He kissed her snowy white nervous hands,
He kissed her blushing cheeks,
He kissed her cheery lips,
He tries to arise all the lust present in her,
& she was filled with tears,
& his touches & eyes,
Enlightened the same fire,
the same desire,
in her eyes,
& they started shining so bright,
& together did they spend the whole night...
Her sleep was disturbed,
When her phone ringed,
She took it up,
It was her friend,
"Hey where are you? Be quick!
If we are late again, Principal will lead us to our end..."
She was numb,
She was shocked,
She was lying undressed in someone else's bed!!!
She remembered last night's incident,
She looked after the strange host,
& saw a portrait where it was written,
"Sir Joseph D. William
She was shocked & thought,
"How is it possible, was he a human or a..."
But the reality was now the host was gone,
The things left were
the unanswerable questions,
the unrealistic memories,
the unbelievable reality,
& she...
...along with that mysterious pleasant smell,
with a great fear,
& nothing to tell...
I thought of it when I went on my late eve walk on my roof, & felt the terror all around me, I saw the sky filled with that black & red color together, & felt the devil all around me, & wrote this...
You can take him as anything but for me he is a ghost with some unfulfilled desires, cause I believe in ghosts & such negative powers...
Shruti Dadhich Aug 2019
Kitne din hue,
Khud se nhi mulakat hui;
Khamoshi ki chader odhe pta hi nhi chala,
Kb subha se raat hui;
In ulzi ulzi julfo ko sulzaye,
Kitne din beete;
In aankho ki kahaniyo me dube,
Jaane kitne hafte beete;
Kitne din hue,
In tute sapno ko seete!
Arsa hua,
Khud k haal chal puche,
Uf! Kitne din hue,
Is duniya me kho se hye hai hum,
Khud ko kahi bhula sa diya,
Bs zindagi me ye hi h ek gam...
- $D
I won't regret for loosing anything or anyone in my life, but the thing I regret the most is loosing myself in the crowd of this fake world!
Shruti Dadhich Dec 2018
Like holding Sun's hands comes morning,
& night, holding those of darkness,

Like money comes holding the hands of ego,
& status, holding one's dress,

Like the troubles come holding the life's lessons,
& relations, holding selfishness,

The same way-
The beauty of my thoughts,
The charm of my body,
The shine of my eyes,
The glow of my face,
The happiness in my toughest phase,
Comes just with your presence...

Like pain comes holding tears,
The same way,
Your absence, holds all my sorrows & fears...
Dedicated to my best secret keeper, MOON!!!
Shruti Dadhich Jul 2018
Become a supporter,
The words I see when I come to read poems here,
Here is a nice world including fairytale, love, pain &  reality,
Hello Poetry the only place where I feel humanity,
Alive & breathing,
But looking at these words,
I seriously feel hurt,
Cause all I have is love, words, & feelings,
& to give I just have blessings,
But the day I'll have my job & salary,
I promise to support this wonderful world of poetry.....
One day I would to be able to contribute some amount,for this beautiful world, by my own, & I need your blessings & support for that......
Shruti Dadhich Jul 2018
Missing you every time,
No I ain't fine,
I see your face in everyone I see,
You left,
But I ain't free,
Like a thirsty tree,
I'm waiting for your rain,
You have lasting effect on my brain,
I have searched you in the depth of sea,
In the bright stars of night,
In the soft touch of raindrops,
& I'm yet searching your light...
For my loving & respectable Grandpa, whom I've lost in the ocean of death...
Shruti Dadhich Aug 2018
My dearest loneliness!!
Some say you are my disease,
While some say the happiness of my life you will decrease,
Some say you are the dark spot on the moon,
& some say you will end me completely very soon,
But they don't know,
That you are the only one who make me accept my mistakes,
& never listen to my excuses,
They don't know,
That you are the morning for the rising sun,
& the evening for the setting sun,
You are the voice of my heart,
You are my part,
You are my introspection,
& you take me away from all the tensions,
You are my best friend,
Whom I know will be with me till my end....
Meet my best friend - My loneliness!!
Something for you dear on behalf of "friendship day"!
Your loneliness is what you make it, if you accept it as your weakness then it can lead to your destruction & if you take it as your strength, it can lead you to that side of the golden door...
Shruti Dadhich Jul 2018
When the first spring flower blooms,
When the first rain drop falls,
When the day is about to end,
I miss you my dear friend
When I feel all alone,
& everybody else is gone,
When I see those children playing & fighting together,
When I see those birds flying together,
When I see empty brench over there,
I remember the last time you were hear,
With me,
& I remember your loving eyes filled with fear of separation,
With the pearls hidden in your eye
You said me good bye,
& now all I have is a heart with blank corner for a friend...
On the every stage of my life,
To share my happiness,
To share my sorrow,
To have some plans for tomorrow,
I need you,
For the sake of my friendship band,
Please come back!!
Oh my dear friend...
This is dedicated to my one & only friend whom I lost several years ago & for whom I'm yet waiting, after whom I never found any friend....
Shruti Dadhich Aug 2018
I never fear of people,
But I fear closeness to them,
I ain't afraid to play,
But I'm afraid of loosing the game,
I'm not afraid of dark nights,
But I'm afraid of loosing myself in that darkness,
I'm never afraid of looking in their eyes,
But I'm afraid of being my secrets getting revealed in front of them...
Some of my fears, which fear me every night, & in my every thought....
Trying to overcome them...:-)
Shruti Dadhich Jul 2018
Looking at the sunrise
I wonder will my sun ever rise again?
Will I be able to feel that warmth for my life again?
Will I be able to find out a way out of this dark night?
So many question marks in my life, & so many questions breaking up my heart....
Totally Depressed!
Shruti Dadhich Aug 2018
My dear Shruti!
Who says your eyes have dried away,
Cause only I have seen your tears hiding in the ocean of emotions,
& only I have seen them coming out as pearls,
Which later on formed themselves in a beautiful structure named poems..
Shruti Dadhich Feb 2019
I tried to escape,
I tried to fled,
But nothing in my control I had!
My heart denied,
But all my senses intoxicated,
In your liquor!
I took steps bit-by-bit,
To be your!
Like a fish,
moving in the depths of life's sea,
Got stuck in the waves,
& is moving  out to the death's  peaceful shore without her wish...
& now that you're just a step far,
I have found you the brightest star,
Brighter than the success' Sun,
Brighter than any lively fun!

So hearby I declare myself your prisoner of yours,
Oh Princess of Charms!
Cause leaving as small thing as breathe to get you,
has no harms...
Death may sound fearful from far, but trust it's real Princess of Charms!!! I think it needs more improvement, & so please give me your valuable suggestions in comments!!!
Shruti Dadhich Sep 2018
A new life flourishing in an old,
roof - leaking, Poverty's hut,
Like in that filthy bog, a beautiful lotus is blossoming but,
I wonder will that lotus ever reach to its true place, the Muse's legs,
Or will it get lost like all others in the bog of poverty & lacks?
Will this lotus drown in this bog in this storm of malnutrition,
Or will it ever be able to get its basic right
- the right of education?
  I don't know, & neither do you all,
Cause this hut is surrounded by the suffocating smoke,
- which is tearing of the new life of this young child born in dark,
Oh wake up & save him, before the door of his life get shut!!!
Shruti Dadhich Feb 2019
She walks in proud,
With her neck high,
                Just like a mountain peak...

She walks swiftly,
Just like the waves,
Taking away many hearts,
With her heartbeat going up-&-down,
             Hiding it from all others that
                                         she's weak...

The one known for proud,
Is the one filled inside with insecurities & doubt!
The one notorious for proud,
In loneliness cries aloud!
The one who is said the definition of beauty,
     & idol of proud,
Just wear the mask of being happy,
She hides her ugliness inside,

The one who's thought to be the mistress of proud,
Is filled up with insecurities & doubt,

The one surrounded by a thousand friends,
Is the one who cries every moment,
But to be happy she always pretends...

The Princess of silence,
Holds the volcanoes inside...
People aren't always what they appear... There are people who need you, but will never tell....
Shruti Dadhich Aug 2018
Like after every bright  day,
                      Dark  night will come,
Like after every green spring,
                      Dry autumn will come,
In the same way,
The song of sorrow will again come on
my lips...
The song of sorrow will come again on my lips,
Like the tears come into eyes,
                  Just after that bright shine,
Like the lips became silent again,
                 After scattering a beautiful
Like the sky became empty again,
                 After a flooding rain,
Like After a few bright nights,
      A dark no moon night will come,
Like After a few days peace,
The storm will strike the shore,
    Like every youth will end in old age,
    Like every river will end in a sea,
In the same way the song of sorrow will again come on my lips...
Sorrow is a part of our life, after a few moments of happiness, it will again come in our life, & so instead of running away from it, let's accept it as a reality!
Based on one of my Hindi poem!
Shruti Dadhich Jun 2019
The sun had left the world dark,
& that day on his sky no star did spark!
His moon, his Jane had gone,
Now he was left all alone...
Dark bellied clouds captured the sky,
But all he knew was Jane left him saying,
"To call me now, you don't even try!"
He was going to catch a train,
But in way cats & dogs started to rain!
The rain drops were heavier,
But not heavier than his heaviest tears, filled up with uncertainty & fear!
He kept of going in some known, unknown streets lost in Jane's thought,
& finally he reached at a point where there was nothing, else than a board symbolizing to the right,
"The Cursed Port"!
Reading the board, he sadly smiled & said,
"Nothing can be much more cursed than my life..."
Without bothering much he went to the port's side,
& sat on the platform aside!
The waves rose like the hungry sharks,
to eat up those dark bellied clouds,
& the angry clouds attacked back with the thunder, the lightning, & those heavy drops!
All the warriors gave the loud shouts!
But unaware of all these he was filled up with doubts!
Nobody knows who won the war,
& all knew was that the love of his life had gone far...
Suddenly in his right ear, he heard a soft whisper,
Before he could understand it, he felt a feathery soft touch on his right shoulder;
Swiftly did he turn,
& by his side found a beautiful maiden!
I feel beauty in terror!:-)
Will give the second part soon!:-)
Shruti Dadhich Jul 2019
At first,
Meeting someone like that he found scary,
But looking at her half face, especially those red shiny lips peeping from a black umbrella,
He found her a black dressed fairy!
She bent her back towards his right & rubbing her frozen fingers on his right cheek she wiped his tear!
She than came as closer as she could to his right ear,
Said in the sweetest voice he ever heard,
"Gentleman you look tired & wet;
Come to my place & have some rest!"
His eyes shaded no more tear,
Now he forgot all his fears,
& looked at her!
Falling till her waist she had dusky hair,
Curly at the ends!
As she shook her head or blowed the cold air,
They moved like snake,
Ah! With her every move she gave him a heartache!
She had deepest curves he had ever seen!
Oh, to hold her, he was so keen!
He looked at her down to upside,
With his not so experienced eyes,
& bit his lower lip in delight!
She walked lost in her own self,
Oh God to herself he was now confound!
But she walked creating curves on the ground,
Like a snake,
A snake he would like to stop,
& get deliberately poisoned by her,
"But how could her poison win over Jane's elixir?"
He was confused,
& to look at her, she have him an another excuse...
& here is the part II...
Hope you guys may like it!
Shruti Dadhich Sep 2018
On my way,
One day,
I met a handsome guy,
Who was on the seventh sky,
He told me I looked like a ****** ***!!!
& with his sayings I was embraced
I cried & went to the mirror,
I asked,"Do I look good???
  Am I too fatty or too slimmer??? "
Laughing at me it didn't answer,
I understood & was filled with tear,
Oh I didn't eat during day
& couldn't sleep in night,
It was like I wasn't made for this beautiful beauty filled site,
& hiding my face I went out, & stood aside...
I looked at the moon,
Jealous of his beauty I closed myself in my room...
I forgot the incident & was lost in the world of books,
No I wasn't at all focussing on my looks,
Oh after bending over backward for several months,
I got the fruitful results,
Now that handsome proud guy saluted me,
& the mirror couldn't match his eyes from me,
& now I stood in front of moon's fake light,
Asking it to ignite itself,
& be bright,
Else at his place, he will see myself!!!
Looks seriously don't matter, the thing that matters is one's hardworking, & one's attitude towards life!!!
& beauty isn't in one's face, but it's in one's heart, & one's behaviour!!!
Shruti Dadhich Jul 2018
Why are you hiding under the curtains of clouds?
Oh where is your shine & your proud?
Are you hiding something from me,
Or have you seen something you can't share with me,
Are those stars again teasing you?
Or the sea again tried to kidnap you?
Have you seen the real faces hidden in those beautiful masks?
Or again someone implicated you due to those marks?
Tell me...
Just tell me..
Your silence is killing me...
I'm leaving a question mark for you all...If someone find the reason for his hiding please tell me...My every night is incomplete without him, & I'm missing him from so many nights...
Shruti Dadhich Nov 2018
If the birds start singing just for you,
       & the moon seems dancing & along with you,                                        *○ '
If the leaves start clapping on your ridiculous dance,                             ♤
           & the angels have appeard near the moon & light their flashes upon you to capture your image,          ☆

If the flowers blossom just for you,  
          & the mirror showing you the most beautiful,                                         *

If you are smiling eternally for no reason,
.....then congratulations dear!!!!
        You are the happiest person!!!!
I think this is my first happy poem ever!!!
Don't know what would be your reaction to this, cause have no idea of how to pen this happiness...
      Written in my happiest moments, this happiness is given to me by my so sweet & loving friends on  hellopoetry, & by the sweetest & my most special, my 100th follower _ELSA_!!!
Thank you all for this happiness!!!
Shruti Dadhich Aug 2018
With my heart weeping every moment,
& my deserted eyes not even shading a single tear,
Oh! I feel my every part screaming with pain,
But my tongue yet silent with a known  fear!
& no here ain't present  any of my lover,
Or anyone of my creditors,
      who owe a part of my love,
But in the similar faces left are just the pain givers...
The pain givers are only the one whom you have ever loved....
Unknown & unloved ones can never give one that severe pain, which causes      "Heart Break"!
Shruti Dadhich Jul 2018
The pain of my life,
The pain of my life,
Everyone else has left me,
From the day you have left them,
But I ain't worried at all,
Cause I know you won't ever left me,
I know it well
That you are the night ,
          And I'm the star,
I'm the blood,
                  And you are the war,
That we are partners forever,
Whom even God can't separate...
From the day you have left them,
But I ain't worried at all,
Cause I know you won't ever left me,
I know it well
That you are the night ,
          And I'm the star,
I'm the blood,
                  And you are the war,
That we are the partners forever,
Whom even God can't separate...
Finally have found a friend to be with me till my end...
Shruti Dadhich Aug 2018
The things of me people don't know about,
Are the things people will always have a doubt....
              Doubt on my appearance,
              Doubt on my race,
              Doubt on my existence,
              Doubt on my base,
              Doubt on my character,
Even doubt on my answer,
                            to their questions...
The things people don't know about,
Are the things they'll always point out
So I've decided now on  myself I won't ever doubt,
& nor on them I'll ever shout,
But to focus on my aim,
& now with me I won't allow them to play any game...
Kuch to log kahenge,
{People will say something}
                    Logo ka kaam h kahena...
                   {People have the work of saying..}
As soon as you will understand it, your life will become easier, cause life is already filled with complications, so why to complicate it with the opinion of those who matter nothing to us...
Shruti Dadhich Sep 2018
I love this lonely forest way,
Here I don't get any fake hope of gay,
Or anyone to break my trust,
Here isn't anyone to tell me the worst,
But here I'm left alone in the lap of nature,
I love to talk to the young trees full of life,
& those elder ones who are quiet mature,
The pure wind giving me the positivity,
& taking away all my impurity,
The sacred river taking me to the peace,
Here all my anxieties & tensions I do  release,
Here is a blessing of evergreen greenery & happiness,
From here passes the way of liveliness...
It's only because of nature that we are able to survive, else this inhuman humanity would have killed us...
Shruti Dadhich Jul 2018
Looking all my efforts getting swept away in the ocean of nothingness,
My eyes have rained...
-A rain washing up all the broken pieces of those efforts,
Those efforts in vain,
Left my eyes filled with pain,
& an unknown emptiness...
-With a promise with myself to never do those efforts again...
Those efforts in vain have broken my heart, & now I have left doing any effort now...
Shruti Dadhich Jul 2018
The hands in whom I was given up,
The hands in whom I was brought up,
The hands by whom for all my mistakes I was forgiven,
The hands who left me alone when I was brought up,

In this alone world leaving me alone,
Somewhere else they were gone,
I never found them again....
& then the hands by whom I was given up helded me & supported me,
They showed steps of success to me,
I followed them where ever they took me,
They binded me in many binds,
but I never left them,
The hands were just like the hands of me,
With a golden ring with golden diamond,
Which enlightened,
Many lives with its brightness,
Just like that of mine,
I couldn't hold them in my hands,
& so followed to held them,
& at last those hands stopped for me,
It was like the time has stopped for me,
I heard several calls from my family members,
They were calling me,
& I felt their tears,
Only those hands were visible to me,
& leaving all the things,
I went closer & closer to those hands,
& went there breaking all the trends,
I held those hands in hands of mine,
The golden ring enlightened,
& very bright did it shine,
& I turned blind,
For the first time whole body of those hands appeared to me,
I was with Almighty!
As I looked downward,
I saw myself lying as a CORPSE,
& for me everyone was filled with tears...
Everything those hands gave me,
& losing everything I found them,
& for whole world I was dead,
But for me I got rebirth,
In the lap of Almighty...
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