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Shruti Dadhich Dec 2018
Bit by bit
It's eating me...
- the depression!!!

Bit by bit
I'm drowning...
- in this melancholy's ocean!!!

Firstly my toes,
Then my legs,
Then my nose,
& now the one left is just melancholy & not me!!!

I can no more breathe!
But I can see,
I can feel,
Myself fading away,
In this never ending fountain of melancholy...

I have gone on that side of this ocean all alone...
Now left is merely melancholy
& faded me,
All those fake lovers & relatives being gone...
I want to cry, but tears not coming out,
With my heart bleeding,
But tongue frozen out.....
Shruti Dadhich Dec 2018
Hoping that you will  understand,
Why I did so,
My dearest friend,
I know I promised to never leave you,
To never hurt you or anyone else,
But the things have slept away from my hand...

My dearest,
Sometimes even when a thousand lamps burn,
There is a corner of darkness left...

My friend,
Even when the lips are smiling,
The heart can bleed with tear...

There isn't a thing like I don't trust you,
The fact is that all the stars shine so bright,
But the one you can reach to are few...
....& you my unreachable star,
       who became mine sitting seven
          oceans far!

Oh my dearest one, I do ******,
As much as the last drop is trusted to quench the thristy's thirst..
Things  are not always as they appear...
I don't know what's it to you all so good poets, is it a poem or something else, but to me these are my tears for a dearest, & so trustable friend, I wish the one for whom it's  written may read it soon, & forgive me...
Shruti Dadhich Dec 2018
Don't you worry, my love!
Cause I believe we'll meet!

Yes, we'll meet,
Beyond this night, beyond this sky,
The two love birds'll fly...

Don't you shed these pious diamonds, my sweet!
Cause we'll again meet,
We'll meet when the moon'll be kissed by the sea,
& when the sun will go to take rest,
On his beloved, night's breast...

Don't you be gloomy, my heart!
Cause we'll meet,
In the deadly silence,  & midnight's dark,
So bright will the two spirits spark...

Don't you look back again, at this separation, my dearest!
Cause this is our last separation,
& a step to make us the closest!

We'll meet when our souls will be free from all these humanly binds,
When this body & all these relations will be left behind,
When we won't have any fear,
& in land of love,
We'll be welcomed with flying colour...

Then these songs of melancholy we won't have to repeate,
& I know we'll definitely meet....
Although love is a thing I haven't ever been through & so don't know much about it, but I read a very sad & real love story today, & this is all what came out of my heart... I know that I can't just change the story,  so I imagined the story of future,  & wrote it accordingly...
when you ask me if I'm bored
of listening to your terrible stories,
it makes me think about
what boredom means to me
and why it’s beauty that I find
in apparent mundanity.

you color my life in every tone of grey -
in a nourishing and poetic, underrated way.
GREY - the soul of every color in the world;
Invisible and aligned - right between extremes -
like all well designed things are known to be.

Or maybe because grey
feels like routine,
and you’re the everyday
that's to come and that has been.

you're where I set my bar for normal;
you're my Sunday night pajama informal.

You’re my common sense, and my reality check,
my perspective lens, my goodnight peck.
and even your grim phone voice
and plot less stories on sleepless nights
are part of the palette  I've come to adore,
painting magic in monochrome.
Shruti Dadhich Nov 2018
If the birds start singing just for you,
       & the moon seems dancing & along with you,                                        *○ '
If the leaves start clapping on your ridiculous dance,                             ♤
           & the angels have appeard near the moon & light their flashes upon you to capture your image,          ☆

If the flowers blossom just for you,  
          & the mirror showing you the most beautiful,                                         *

If you are smiling eternally for no reason,
.....then congratulations dear!!!!
        You are the happiest person!!!!
I think this is my first happy poem ever!!!
Don't know what would be your reaction to this, cause have no idea of how to pen this happiness...
      Written in my happiest moments, this happiness is given to me by my so sweet & loving friends on  hellopoetry, & by the sweetest & my most special, my 100th follower _ELSA_!!!
Thank you all for this happiness!!!
Shruti Dadhich Nov 2018
Can't wait for a 100th follower now...
Desperate to know who will be the 100th one... I want to know it before my birthday, so fingers crossed for that!!!
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