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Amoy Sep 2019
The wheels of time spins in my direction knocking me off my feet
telling me I need to yield for it is my master. Time the illusional master captures me, casting shadows on my mind, body and heart.
imprisoning my thoughts and emotions with promises to sooth my pain
Does Time heal all wounds?
Poetress2 Apr 2019
An Anaconda,
captures it's prey, then eats it,
swallowing it whole.
Debbie Ogenyi Jul 2017
Just in time
He shows up
Takes my hand
Captures my heart

Just in Time
He shows up
Not so perfect
But just enough
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
Lifes blood ebbs away
I'm sorry I could not stay
But life will go on
I was no longer strong
Even a diamond can crack
And no one had my back

Don't cry for me
Just because my body you can't see
I leave you memories, and love
And now this agony I'm gonna be free of

I've written it down the best I could
And maybe by some I'll be understood
My poems capture my life and torment
Put into this world for Gods enjoyment

With all this pain and remorse
I took this way out, of course
It's not the easy way out, as they say
I thought it through for days and days

My thoughts have formed a noose
And more pain made sure it wasn't lose
So now all I need is to step off this chair
And become so  unaware........
Lala Dec 2014
A cruel and heartless obsession…
I am only ever seen as a possession.

— The End —