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The moments of our love, when we were together,
How can you deny, to remember?
I still find those moments sometimes, scattered here & there, in my heart,
As I had a strong faith,that nothing could tear us apart!

My mind goes sometimes, upto those primeval days of our love,
When we used to have a talk of eyes,
And I could spend hours long, staring at your sweet smiles.
I do still remember, your face covered by shy,
But today, with a couple of tearful eyes,
I must bade you, a very Goodbye.

The day, my love was broken by cruel betray,
I lost the illumination of the life,
BY receiving that very precious gift of
And found myself, standing on a mighty disbelief!
It was like a book, with no end,
As I lost you, perhaps forgood, my dear endeared!

I wish you to get the shine in life,
and may you receive the golden wings;
So you may fly to your dreams,
and get all the beautiful things.
I waited a long, to meet you again,
But, you were ready to fly,
So, allow me to wish you,
Delighted memories, ended with all the well wishes to the dear love...
It was a day of being separated forever;
How could I forget our last meeting of ever!

The sun was hidden somewhere, behind the cloud;
and a dusty wind was to flow,as if the nature tried to play a sorrow-tune!

Suddenly I found my eyes to be stared at you,
And our silent tears,became the witness of our presence,
after a two years of silence...!

You asked me to have a snap with me and to frame it forever, somewhere in the corner of your heart.

I could feel your silent wish for me,
Looking at your eyes;
and when you stopped your lips,twice-
  from the attempt of saying me something;
My eyes somehow captured the scene,
and you would never understand, my that silent pain!

The album of our 'days of together' was turning over, Infront of my eyes;
As if the memories, just got rememorised!

A lots of things were to tell you, a lots of tears to share,
But the time reminded me, we are not together!
I would never forget the words of your eyes,
When we made a silent promise to remember,
And to never meet again, forever!
I do still remember, our walk,
  In every morning and evening,
How very winded path, together we have decided,
  Keeping our hand to hand of each other,
    Having an embarrassment in together,
Two fresh mind was roaming freely in the air.

How lovely, was my childhood,
     filled with the memories of loves and brabbles,
But, why do I love you, in my memories-- so immense?
   and why do I still wonder,
That I've lost you forever?

Why the childhood love always losts,
      by the increasing age?
why the list of my losing is getting so longer,
     And oh! For that I really wonder.

Something must have been changed,
          either me or you,
Or may even the time,
But, for that why our love spotted with grime?

We even don't know today, where we are now?
  But on your that sorrow,
I had my part also!

In this running life, in an inch of place,
You will never find me again,
And I even may won't search for you, once again!

You are may be doing well.....
      and I'm not also bad!
Yet, in the core of my heart,
You are always remembered.
And sometimes, I still wonder,
    How I lost you forever?

               __ Sougat Dasgupta.
A few lines on  lost love......
Something had broken,without falling,
     Yet the silence of my mind,
Had not been disturbed---
      rather had become deeper!

My love for her, was like flowing,
     In the river in an autumn flood;
My poems are like the murmur of a
         Stream, that used to make her refreshed and glad.
But in a fraction of time, everything changed---
   And I was obliged to take the blame!
O' dear life, let me live.....
No more blame me, for that grief!
I simply fall with her in an endless love,
And dreamed of a future as a beautiful scene,
Then, tell me, O'life...
       Why the love is a SIN?
I fantasised her beauty,
       With my anguished eyes;
I felt her sometimes, by an eternal bonding....
    As if we entouched by those times.
I simply loved her childliness,
    And sacrificed myself entirely;
Then, tell me, O'life, why I was moved to the way of destroy?
   Why was I pushed in a perished ravine?
Tell me, O' life, why the love is a SIN?
A poem that says the inner pain of a true lover......
Oh, never say me that, I was false of my love,
Never claim that, I betrayed your trust!
I find the beauty of love in each of our dispute time,
I kept silent every moment, to win your trust.
You may forget all the moments with the time,
But never say me that, I was false of my heart.
I loved you, by all my soul...
I felt your walk in the beauty,
I enjoyed all of your simplicity,
But the time changed you, I never found....
And when you started a walk of going far,
I tried to hold on...
But in a few days, u made all the memories so blur.
A poem that concludes a thousands of memories....
Touch the elixir of fire, to my soul,
     To set out my final tour!
Let me 'take wing' to deep of the air,
Let you light the lamp, with a devotional care;
And stay there, to welcome me---
I'm coming to have my eternity!
Let my pyre, be burning for long,
Untill I may hear your last song....
Let the flame of the pyre, be an emitter,
To illuminate the night of darker.
At the time, I'll leave,
May there be no mourning or grief...
May the way of my leaving be so peerless,
That, I may usher a new journey to the endless.
Let the vim of my pyre be so mighty,
That it may clear all the ambiguity;
And burn all my vainglory!
It's the time, of getting rid of all my pain,
And fulfillment of a dream;
That, When I may meet you again?
              __ Sougat Dasgupta.
A few lines.....remembering my elder sister...... waiting so eagerly to meet her again.
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