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Traci Sims Oct 2021
I write near the open window and feel
Early autumn's cool crisp gently passing over my neck and shoulders.
The neighbourhood saxophonist leans into
"Starry, Starry Night", caressing the darkness and my ears
with silky melancholic sweetness.
"If music be the food of love--Play on "
Traci Sims Oct 2021
In hippie times
The solution to world problems was getting everyone on a remote mountain top
And pry off the caps
Of ice-cold Coca Colas.
While bottles were handed around everyone
lifted voices
And sang heartfelt prayers
For racial and religious harmony,
Seekers of world peace clasped outstretched hands and graced each other with knowing smiles
In recognition of shared humanity.
Somehow the Coke seemed to work,
And the darkness was held back--
At least for the length of a swallow.
I wonder what miracle soft drink is
Needed to solve the problems
Mankind faces nowadays?
#bell-bottom blues #1970
#Coca Cola marketing campaigns
Traci Sims Feb 2022
I sincerely
  Hope your
beautiful home
Is industrial-strength
Be careful about throwing rocks of what you think may be reason but are actually emotion. The wind has been known to change course.

Just sayin'.
Traci Sims Oct 2020
**** it, did you just light your hookah?
I was hoping to have a cozy chat about the world of the Red Queen
Not the Mary Jane land you think to lead me into
where you live out your lust-filled dreams,
I was hoping for a little bit of tea
and gossip,
just as we used to when we were younger and unknown
I don't want to sit on the wet grass while you boast about your brain size
--Or other measurements--
the talk always ends up
with you under the mushroom,
giggling like a hyena,
and me just standing there,
tapping my slippered foot in disgust.
There is nothing ruder than a friend getting high while you're in the middle of a pleasant chat about nothing!
Traci Sims Mar 2020
anger swells but does not surge the dam has held this long and I feel imprisoned by language I cannot pull myself  free of
the thickets of nationality my feet squelch in the black ooze of star-spangled imperialism rockets burst in the backyard of my head the anthem worthless if I cannot take a knee for the fallen and the voiceless...
Traci Sims Nov 2020
Count them, count them all...
Send a message to fat cats
Some things aren't for sale.
I think this is self-explanatory
Traci Sims Aug 2021
What you call freedom
Is the right to self-ruin
Don't let me stop you.
Traci Sims Oct 2021
Anxiety is sitting in your painful chair,
Sipping green tea and listening
to your reflection throw itself against a window over and over again.
I don't know why I enjoy feeling this bad
A participant to your ravenous
Maybe I am also hungry...
I unfriended someone today.
Traci Sims Aug 2020
Which fruit tastes sweeter?
Desire drives my stretching hand.
Both sides look askance.
The dilemmas of love.
Traci Sims Mar 2020
Why whisper when a word can be shouted?
Traci Sims Jun 2022
Does but does not
Should but cannot
You threw it away
To gain mediocrity.
Traci Sims Oct 2020
Maybe, just maybe...
America gets lucky,
****** gets vaporized!
I don't want Trump to get vaporised, just his re-election chances!
Traci Sims Dec 2020
The year is now done.
I say with sincerity:
"**** 2020".
Traci Sims Mar 2022
Bend to me darling and feel my embrace,
I shall be your only lover--
Whether you like it or not.
They might try and divide us,
But I will not let that happen,
We are meant to be together.
We will always be together.
Your blood runs like poetry
It soothes my dark fever,
I will drink you with pleasure
And revive this dead soul. 
As I trample your green earth
I do not care if you run,
I will narrow your escape
So you run only to me.
Your screams and cries are the symphony
I composed with a gun,
I have waited so long
And I ache to conduct.
My chance has arrived,
I'm impatient, dear sweetheart,
No more blue, no more yellow,
But my own white and blue,
New born from old,
Red as blood, bound forever...
Before his Ukraine invasion, Vladimir Putin addressed its people, telling them "Whether you like it or not, TAKE IT, my darling." This quote was widely assumed to be a reference to a song about a person sexually assaulting a corpse.

Slava Ukraini.
Traci Sims Feb 2022
You have betrayed me, dear body,
Greying my hair in bits and pieces,
Finally losing all sense of restraint,
And drowning my head (and elsewhere)
In an **** of winter delight.
You have caused me to sag, soften and yet stiffen
When I execute my new early morning ballet of groaning
And now, you have perhaps committed the greatest betrayal
of all by taking me
to the first basecamp of what will be the final summit.
If I could, I would trade you
Traci Sims Feb 2022
Three ****** and it starts
An x-ray tells the story
The door to the tunnel has opened
I hope that this road has two paths
And not one.
Get a mammogram, ladies.
Traci Sims Jul 2020
I celebrate myself
"Cause I'm all I really got
No man's hard chest to rest on
No children to make adults.

My head might be full of worries
But I keep a smile on my full red lips
Nothing's ever going to get me down
I've got a lot of things to do.

I'll dance when no one's looking
And gaze up at the stars at night
My Life's road might be long and hard
But I know Peace will guide me home.
Traci Sims Dec 2020
Life can be like the Sahara in August
When water becomes an urgent issue
And the oasis is another day away...
Traci Sims Jul 2022
Some men prefer dolls.
Real women are too complex.
Dolls keep egos safe.
Traci Sims Mar 2020
And so you see...
I built my wall,
Not because I disliked you,
But because I could not allow you
To know more of my truth,
My dreams, my fears, and what makes me
Lie awake on a rainy night.
I cannot trust you to carefully
Hold my heart,
Or pull me back before I walk off that cliff...
And so,
I built my wall,
Brick by brick,
Tear by tear, disappeared.
Traci Sims May 2022
Replacement's a myth
Sold by those who crave power
Fear can make men ****.
To the memory of the ten who lost their lives in Buffalo, NY, May 14, 2022.
Traci Sims Mar 2020
I am tired of wiping
Word dribble from the corners of your mouth
And your continuous pushing of similes and metaphors around your bowl
Only to occasionally stop and throw entire ribbons of iambic pentameter against the wall
Exhausts me
I am raising a baby monster poet
Traci Sims Jan 2022
Please gift me
Thor's powers, I really want to bounce a hammer off this person's skull now!

Traci Sims Jul 2020
Black lives should matter
Why is this so hard to get?
We all want justice.
Traci Sims Nov 2020
Five people only
I have one wife, four children...
One child eats outside.
A gentle joke shared between me and one of my Afghani coworkers.
Traci Sims May 2022
Moving in silence,
Shadows part, leaving no trace,
A cat's ninth journey.
Traci Sims Sep 2019
"Love is nothing but a biological transaction," you yelled at me and we fought anew over the perfidies of the male ***.
Initially dismayed, I soon understood that
As a girl, you saw your father break your mother,
Her will over the years fusing with his own
As she became shadow,
And then sickly ghost,
Her lucky marriage effectively erasing the stain of her Jewish birth--
As oh so Catholic Daddy
proudly told his friends and relatives.
And even though you tried to fight Daddy's self-importance,
He was always there behind you, squeezing you between his fists,
molding you, as he imitated his god creating Eve,
Casting you into his own perfect image of chaste and chastened womanhood.
And when your mother decided to permanently leave,
Daddy forbade you to miss her,
Celebrating, instead, his own resurrection with a new project and a new wife.
You thought you could resist,
But Daddy's benevolent advice
about your plain face and lumpy body wormed into your fragile psyche and
cracked you in two, leaving you raving and disjointed.
Daddy eventually joined his sky-Father
And you wept, vowing to forget and remember his legacy.
And now you live, addled and alone,
A basket of pills on your dresser,
Fanatically frustrated yet terrified of a man's  touch,
Angry yet wishing Daddy was here to save you.
And as the years passed and your friends married and divorced, you
convinced yourself that you had
escaped a woman's fate , not
realizing that you had offered up your own heart and soul  years ago as a suitable offering to His eternal memory.

Yes, Daddy made ****** sure there would be no following act.
This is the story of a real person. Everything I wrote about her father is something she told me actually happened to her and her family. It is a modern American horror story.
Traci Sims Feb 2020
Well, it's official...
Justice trampled in the dust/
Freedom starts to pack.
Current events. Stock up on Kleenex.
Traci Sims Apr 2021
Your words flashed
And my skin turned to cinders.
But I heard rain outside,
And put on my flippers,
Diving deep down,
Into the nearest puddle,
Your face turned liquid
As I seek absolution.
Bad argument with a good friend.
Traci Sims Apr 2020
God, where's the duct tape?
Our leader just won't shut up.
His lies burn my ears.
Traci Sims May 2017
Tantum tempus temporis
quoniam aliena femina in meo cubiculo dormivit;
ecce illi quantum dulce somnus est.
Quanta etiam libera somnia sunt.
In alia aetate mundum certe rexit
vel optimo regi in matrimonio fideliter ducta est
qui iuxtus flumen psalmos luce lunae scripsit.

**** me iri foras egressum et spatiatum
Nihil occurit hic, nihil umquam fit.
Praeterea si incedat iam volat me narrare;
habeo nihil, praecipue erga quicquid erat.

Viam cepi aviam
qua celeres non superant;
dignis praemia sunt
qui verbum veritatis distinguere possunt.
Hospes solus me docere potuit
praeclaram orem iustitiae contemplari
et videre oculum pro oculo, et dentem pro dente.

Nisi duo homines in mansionem,
Est nullus in viso; verem exspectant,
proinde quasi ver plaustro accederet.
Mundus deleretur ea nocte
sed meae amicae aequum esset;
illa meo cubiculo dormiret *** revenirem.

Meridiano me promoveo
adhuc in obscura parte viae;
in angustos corruere
et constans manere non possum.
Alius mea ore dicit
sed solum meo animo audit,
calcas omnibus etiam tibi feci
quibus tamen careo.

Ego et ego
In creatione quo ingenium alicuius
nec alicui ignoscit nec excolit.
Ego et ego
unus alteri dicit nullus et videre
imaginem meum et vivere possit.

From "Bird's Nest In Your Hair" by Brian Jobe
For Lovers of the Latin language...
Traci Sims Oct 2020
And so he sat next to me,
his bloodhound pacing the bus floor,
Round and round in a tight circle,
before settling at our feet.
Sadness hung on the young man
like a soggy blanket,
And my
observation, sharpened by intuition
led me to venture...
"It's cold out tonight."
He startled and smiled: "Why yes, yes it is".

(What do we do for the downtrodden?)

"Is this the bus to Capitol Hill?
I'm going to buy groceries,
my boy here is hungry  and I hope one is still open".
I looked at him closely
"No, this one goes to Queen Anne,
everything's closed for the evening.
Maybe I'm wrong,
I don't think you're okay,
Somehow I know
you're not telling the truth".

He sighed and shrank into himself,
"You guessed right-- I am homeless,
On the streets for a year now.
Me and my buddy,
with no end in sight".

(What do we do for the downtrodden?)

"They took all my things
when my car was broke into,
My entire world shattered with the blow of a hammer,
But at least I've got him,
and he glanced towards his companion,
I'll find a warm vent,
and we'll sit there til morning."

Bartell's was still open
and I opened my wallet,
Some soup, of course, dog food,
roast beef hash and hot tea,
"Please find a good doctor, there are many to help you,
I can tell that you're suffering, give you and buddy a new life."
He thanked me and with a whistle
called the bloodhound to him,
They turned right towards Lake Union,
Fading into the night.

(What do we do for the downtrodden?)
This is a true story that I experienced 10/23/20.
Inspirational Music:"Eleanor Rigby"--The Beatles
Traci Sims Jan 2022
This time, I need to end it slowly...
Half-boot to full
And then...She's gone.

The curb awaits.
Traci Sims Apr 2022
I think, at the bottom of the pile,
is a list of all the things
I've learned to be afraid of...

And it all comes down to one
moment, one millisecond of traffic light red strobing deep into my terrified soul,
Pushing me forward into a sun so bright it burns like acid
And callously exposing me in all of my littleness
To the universe who looks over once and then ignores...

When I fell in love with life I did not know that one day it would lay in wait for me to pass by,
And then jump from behind to press
Itself into my open back
Slicing my core to ribbons,
And presenting me with the only truth there is:

"Nothing, absolutely nothing, is guaranteed."
They keep finding things.
Traci Sims Mar 2022
A hospital bombed...
But...Putin worships Christ, right?
At least he's not "woke".
To the memory of those, born and unborn, who lost their lives in Mariupol, Ukraine, March 8/9, 2022.
Traci Sims Jun 2017
Say my love is easy had,
Say I'm bitten raw with pride,
Say I am too often sad--
Still behold me at your side.

Say I'm neither brave nor young,
Say I woo and coddle care.
Say the devil touched my tongue--

Still you have my heart to wear.

But say my verses do not scan,
And I get me another man!
True this...
Traci Sims May 2017
Chinese bells red tassels
scarlet swaying winds
Mongolian warriors on horseback
leather gauntlet falcons
grip with strong talons
Face-bent good and hot
Cheese curds steaming
in the cold winter night
on the mountain snow-covered
steppes step back front
door and took out to the
horizon horses drive towards
the mud and centre of our camp
Young girls wrestle in embroidered boots
helmets on lacquered heads black
as satin and moth wings...
This was part of a freewriting exercise...Set the timer for five minutes and start writing...Good luck!
Traci Sims Apr 2020
If a friendship falls to the ground
Does it break into a thousand pieces?
Traci Sims Jun 2017
If I had a shiny gun
I could have a world of fun
Speeding bullets through the brains
Of the folk who give me pains

Or had I some poison gas
I could make the moments pass
Bumping off a number of
People whom I do not love.

But I have no legal weapon--
Thus does Fate our pleasure step on!
So they still are quick and well
Who should be, by rights, in hell.
One of my favourite wits of all time.
Traci Sims Aug 2020
Half an egg, a chicken thigh,
And a tower of noodles
soaring high to a pair of chopsticks
floating in the air,
The entire mix graced with a green garnish,
All if it fake and covered in varnish.

---by Brian Jobe, author of "Bird's Nest In Your Hair"
Traci Sims Oct 2020
Sometimes I'm rain when I appear sunny,
Grey when I 'm actually blue,
My ups moving towards downs,
Inner turbulence masked with a smile.
I'm eternally aware of the butterflies,
Circling my seeking mind,
Scary-fascinated when hell
breaks loose,
And the butterflies dance towards freedom...
Traci Sims Mar 2020
Romantic posings
I think I would die for you
Such a drama queen.
Traci Sims Apr 2020
Sea slick like an oyster
Your skin glows like a Capri lagoon
And I'm raw from your cat-tongue face
Your neck smells of forest and the open road
I can't wait to explore
Traci Sims Oct 2019
Sweet and sour bears!
Come home to my mouth.
I love gummy bears.
Traci Sims Nov 2020
He drove up from Federal Way
South of Seattle.
I did not ask him.
But he did it anyway.
His intent is to be"my future husband".
I should be ecstatic.
I do not want it.
But he wants it anyway.
I would be his dream wife.
How lucky I would be!
If only I'd stop thinking.
I disagree with him.
But I don't matter anyway.
Traci Sims Feb 2018
I see you wrote me
    And I will try to reply
    Please... take a number

2. Love me NOW, ******!
    I can only wait so long
    Another beckons.
Traci Sims Jun 2022
Luck led me to his mother,
A goddess who
kept him in a Ziploc bag,
"He's the Special One" she sighed
And reached in to rub his star-spangled head.
Visits on Thursdays,
My boy prince,
My young king,
wintry-eyed with hair
caressing his neck like a black snake,
His mouth thinned
from hours of runic recitation,
his eyes weary with remembering
forbidden knowledge
of an older time.
With my muse
and an old bloodhound
We'll tour the world
in an authentic 60's Volkswagen minivan
we stole from a hippy's backyard.
When night falls
and the fireflies stab the dark with flashing points of light,
We'll conjure archways dripping with roses
Our ******* rapturous
on sleeping bags stashed in the back.
Honey mead will flow as we solve riddles
and listen to the sounds of ol' Terra
creaking on her eternal foundation...
This came from a dream.
Traci Sims Nov 2020
the edges of my hatred for you had grown ragged
and i realized it was time to file them down,
i picked up the whetstone of contempt and weighed it carefully,
its blunt smoothness removing me to a higher plane,
And i smiled as i placed it on the table,
My pleasure almost obscene
As i slowly dragged the edge of disgust
across its surface, enhancing and restoring the original shine...
I think we've all felt this at one time or another...
Traci Sims Oct 2020
Eyes laser lock into mine
Broad white hands grip my hips
and like lion like wolf like the night
I'm pulled onto your aching mouth
Violent with longing I dance with and against you
While the air crackling wet and hot
moves around us with the sharp smell of fevered impatience.
Our searching fingers ****** into each other's hair,
My curls spiraling your ear like a witch's vise,
yours dark-straight and otter-slick,
daggering and slicing my open skin.
The brine from your forehead oceans me
As you pour yourself into every pore of my body
seeking the source, seeking infinity,
and I'm tasting you, wanting you,  
my senses overwhelmed by your driving desire,
Every synapse is pin point and I'm dangerous as I try to hold onto this massiveness this urgency to burn and meld with you as we fling ourselves into the abyss of a dying sun and shatter into a million fragments...
Inspirational music: "The Plan"--Nada Surf

Inspirational thought:  "There's no *** in your violence."--Everything Zen, Bush
Traci Sims Jan 2021
A call to rebel
From the top, is no call.
It is sedition.
I have not had time to get out a proper poem expressing my horror over the events of yesterday in Washington, D.C. I have read the "freedom fighters" justification for their actions. They need to simply look up three words: "Sedition"
Only then will they understand what they really did.
Let us not forget this, America.
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