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Christina Apr 2014
I am standing on a hill
Where city lights become
Fireflies that lead me home
And stars are night lights for
Those who are afraid of their
Thoughts that only come out
After the sun has set
And I am trying to think of
All the times when
Words didn't work
And all the times
I used pain to remind myself
That I am still alive
And all the times
I let people
Break my heart
Just so I could feel
And I think I have
Kissed more bottles than people
But either way I still end up
Drunk on the idea of love
Christina Apr 2014
We were made to roam every corner of this earth, to become nomads whose homes are inside each other.

Our hearts are too curious to be kept in this cage made of bones.
Christina Apr 2014
He caresses her palms so often
And kisses her on the forehead
The way she likes since her parents
Never gave her the love she wanted;
It's as if he could erase the scars
That has been permanently carved
Inside of her for so long.
As each kiss lands on her skin
She forgets the the wounds are so deep; his touch is strong but it is tender and with each graze
Her pain starts to wash away.
Christina Apr 2014
I want all my secrets back.
Christina Mar 2014
And in the end, I fear I will be nothing more than a name.
The night terrors have gotten worse now
And it’s been so long since I last slept
The thought of rest is starting to sound surreal

Yet every time my lids grow heavy
This nightmare becomes reality
My greatest fear becomes my fate

In dream after dream I am forced
To see myself die, each night in a new way
Over and over I witness the end of my life

This does not scare me for I fear not the reaper
But another detail never changes
It is what I see as I draw in my final breath

This mirage of my mind stands at my side
Though she’s always just out of reach
Her eyes telling the tale of heart break

This nameless woman bears my child
For my greatest fear is not my death
It’s leaving behind the family that I never met
Christina Mar 2014
We burned our love
To the ground
In the ashes
We are found
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