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TSK Nov 2017
an empty page
a hopeless start
a blank beginning.
the moment before the brush hits
or the pen touches the sheet.
right before the music starts
or the bridge is burned.
life is full of “almost”s
of “not yet”s
and “just a second”s.
so don’t be afraid of that moment
where your breath catches,
or your heart skips a beat.
because life is full of “thank you”s
of “never again”s
and of everything in between.
find someone worth the risk. and don’t give up on them. life is messy. art is imperfect. so are we.
TSK Sep 2017
When I find myself with you
I find myself in not only this moment
But in all the moments to come
to have and to hold
from this day forward.

It’s the Saturday mornings
with their lazy light
and the birds crisp songs
and all the trials and battles
stand still as we remember,
for better or for worse

And the Tuesday nights
as the keys hit the table
after a long day is over
when work was rough
and the week has just begun,
for richer or for poorer

It’s in the Sunday afternoons
as the sun traces its way across the sky
and we rejoice in what we have
whether it be hard or heartening
or the good and the better,
in sickness and in health

Its then that I think of you
In a thousand little moments yet to come
And its then I must remember
to not be so excited for forever
that I forget it is happening right now,
‘til death do us part.
TSK Mar 2017
Sitting in our heart of hearts
a kindled pile awaits,
hoping for that tiny spark
that will awake its fate.
Soon to be an ember,
smoldering away,
if we allow that light to catch
and let it have its say.
Flickering to life it comes
once the fire has caught
and nothing can deter its path
with no battle left unfought.
Be wary of this fragile fire
lest it becomes a blaze
and unleash a force so very great
it consumes your ways.
For inside each of us can burn a passion
so pure, wild, untamed,
beware for it’s your only chance
to douse an eternal flame.
TSK Mar 2017
I’ve spent my time dancing with the waves,
Back and forth, a fun little game.
A splendid step, a tentative twirl,
this feeling becomes no tidal wave.

I’ve spent my time yelling at the breeze,
Empty words unreturned, a relaxing exchange.
No biting reply, just the biting cold,
this courtship is no whirlwind.

I’ve spent my time trembling with the earth,
Captivating and swaying, powerful and strong.
Fearless it quakes, but not in anger
this occasion brings no after shock.

I’ve spent my time with you,
A step, a fight, a world-shaking moment.
Much less safe, much more real
naturally a disaster.
TSK Mar 2017
If someone ever asks you
if you have change to spare,
You'll dig inside your pockets
But you won’t find it there.
You’re baffled at their ignorance,
You really can’t be blamed
For up upon that horse so high,
nothing looks the same.
And people most unlike yourself?
you think they must be taught.
but it is you who must understand,
that this change cannot be bought.
  Mar 2017 TSK
Daniel Lockerbie
I fell in love with you
the way the sea fell in love
with the shoreline:
relentlessly trying to reach it
always being pulled back
by the tide.
TSK Feb 2016
Press on the brakes
Red lights
Slow going.
Just across the way
White lights shine
So promising.
Full of hope.
And happiness.
A color of encouragement
and a better day.
Yet sitting, stuck,
amid a sea of red.
Let me remind you
of the most crucial
detail you forget:
Behind every white light
glows a red.
And preceding every red,
just out of sight,
is a pair of white lights,
shining brighter than day.
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