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 Mar 2017 TSK
Daniel Lockerbie
I fell in love with you
the way the sea fell in love
with the shoreline:
relentlessly trying to reach it
always being pulled back
by the tide.
 May 2015 TSK
the message received
from mother to me
do you have a girlfriend
i laughed myself to sleep
 Apr 2015 TSK
an armageddon
in a sundress
a walking tsunami
bent on whisking you up
and slamming you down
drowning you
with every word
that you wanted to hear
shes a monsoon
in the middle of july
a dust storm
clouding a freeway
if my veins are rivers
then she flooded them all
my home was taken
in the tornado that she was
ripped from its foundation
and later found wasted
she decimated my mind
with the hurricane she resembled
and to tell the truth
i guess ive always been a stormchaser
ive always sought out
the most dangerous situations
and she was no different
she left me in the street
with no one around
but she cant be blamed
i asked for it


— The End —