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Our Donald­ J. Trump, he's the president of the United States
In America and Washington DC, He's the greatest!

He's got the pen, He's got the power, He's the man of the hour  
And he's signing executive orders as fast as he can!

He's just like superman, Woa! - By 4 am he's inked a travel ban,
Kissed his wife, walked the dog and sanctioned Iran!

And Donald J. Trump's done all of this before sunrise, Whew!
Regards, President Donald J. Trump,  45 stars for you!

For Sam, always.*    
                       She above

the business (close).
                         time as it goes.

The enter, the
                        bed of flowers
                        (the glaciers
                        of the poppy)
                        among & over
(the opening of the heart)
This is where we take our start.

Here, an atlas planted clean.
(the golden paint,
the dripping sheen)
I am a novice
of ink & love
(an expert at illusion)
Sweep you off of your feet
leaving behind no contusion
You with the marble eyes
Fragile with porcelain bones
You look at the stars and you wonder why
Are you as hungry as I?

I can't see me or someone I used to be
I can't see you now
or someone who used to be you
Are you someone new?
Are you someone I used to know?
Have you been there before?
Have you seen me before?

When was the last time you cried
I think it was centuries ago
A stake through the heart and sunrise
Will keep me away
A song I wrote centuries ago.
Ninety mornings passed
Since I last wrote you a poem
The sun was down since
I have never been drunk my whole life,
Until today.
It started with a sip, then a shot;
Until I had a glass almost empty.
I couldn’t stop, I needed more;
Every words slipping out aroused my whole being;
Every letter, every pause, every rhyme;
I felt a stranger’s heart, it became my reality.
My head was spinning hard,
I didn’t want it to stop.
So this is how it feels to be drunk.
Can I have more?
Please, just one more shot.
Sometimes, you'll be able to write poetry without even planning it. You heard many beautiful words from strangers and connected with them instantly. Then it hit you, it's time to create beautiful words of your own.
You were sealed in a box when I first saw you
I was hesitant to approach you, since you seem far beyond my reach
But the red tea I’m holding don’t excite me anymore
So I tried, though I’m uncertain
Pouring out the hot water, your scent captivated me
I felt your warmth as I held my cup
And when I had that one first sip
Can’t wait to have another and another
So invigorating, so stimulating
Moments with you made me alive again
I wanted another cup of you
But I had to sit back and wait
At least I know, your box is now opened
Personification Poetry Collection No. 2
This is how you stop thinking of that someone.
do not date a girl
who writes.
she will internalize
carve poems
into your eyelashes
instead of
kissing them,

she will analyze you,
calculate age
from the rings
your coffee cup
instead of refilling it.

she will memorize
the way your
lips curl around steam,
but not that you
take it
two sugars,
no cream.

she will read your
palm instead of
holding it
against her chest.

she will not
when you leave,
because she is
romanticizing it.
You dream of someplace
where the men have better
reasons for calling and you
no longer feel so alone.

Where the sun shines
without the inevitability
of the rain, where the skies
aren't blackened by the
smoke of his cigarettes.

You'll exhale the fresh air,
and you won't remember
the colour of his eyes or the
scar above his left brow.

You'll forget how he
smirked when you said
that you loved him.

You're moving on, the
past will no longer suffocate
you with the fragrance of
its cheap perfume, you'll
learn to count the days rather
than to tick them off.

One day you'll step
forward without looking
back and you'll realize
you are infinite and he is
just a glitch in time.
© copyright
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