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Evander Wilson Apr 2016
I was born with fists clenched
And full of contradiction.
I was born teeth first
And mouth last, which is to say
I knew how to bite back
Long before I knew how to open.
I was born with an umbillical noose
And blue skin.
Sometimes I forget that
There was, in fact, a revival.
I was born into a family
Of magicians.
Maybe thats why
I find comfort in the empty rooms.
I was born there.
Sometimes I think about
The sins I have not yet commited
And can't remember
Anything about Eve in a wedding dress.
Sometimes I think about the sins
I am actively committing
And relive the Leviticus stoning of
my own Mother
when I was seven
And she made my father disappear.
I was born hearing folklore
Of a hare that was too tired
to finish the race.
I was born being the tree that it napped against,
And also the hare
And also the finish line
And also the unfinished line
And never the tortoise.
I was born on Noahs Ark. 
I have always been
The 39th night.
Always close to the sun returning in the morning
But never and closer,
Though I have been a rainbow
And I have held concrete.  
I have gone swimming in the mud.  
I **** the panic with smoke.  
I know all three states of god
Because I was born the
god of something.  
I was born the God of my body
And that's something
That's never going to change.
Rheanna S Feb 2016
There's  nothing  wrong  in  making  a  mistake.
As  lon­g  as  you  don't  follow  it  up  with  encores.

Keith  Wilson.­  Windermere.  UK  2016.;"**

Except - this has been published, already. In 2005 - not 2016. And not by Keith Wilson. See for yourself:

How to Develop a Positive Life
By Bob Mangroo, 2005

Links provided in group:
Miss Clofullia Sep 2015
makes it hard for me to breathe,
difficult to see and
impossible to understand this complex mechanism of inside-out

I should’ve known by now
that one foot cannot do well without
the other,
that I am merely a one way ticket to
one of Jupiter’s moons,
that one without two
is a stranger to three
and that this will all end one day
in a big blast!

Stranded between Tom Hanks' Wilson
and Aylan’s sandprint,
I won’t be of much use to you;
just like a viral video that you share with your friends,
on a Monday morning and,
then, again, after a couple of months. Funny gas inside
some old abandoned car’s  tank.

makes it hard to be serious
about life,
difficult to die and
impossible to commit suicide.
Matt May 2015
Nearly half the country
Receives most of its subsistence
From the other half

The public treasury
Has become a public trough

This began under Roosevelt and Wilson
Neither of them experienced participation
In the risk of their own personal wealth
In order to get a return on their investment

One was coddled by academia
The other by his own family
Excerpt taken from

Judge Napolitano: How Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson Destroyed Constitutional Freedom
Tony JR Wilson Jun 2014
I Like Jazz (d)
by Tony J.R. Wilson

Maybe it's been lost
In the hearts and souls
Of the youth,

But jazz has
Lived and will be alive!

Live life, jazz and all!

Live jazz; jazz us all!

I like jazz. Jazz is all!

Lick the spoon of jazz
After scooping jazz
In the hearts and the souls
Of the youthful soul!

Love that jazz as your own!

Like that jazz and just get grown!

Listen to the jazz that's played!
Listen to the notes not played!
Listen to and understand that jazz!


Yeah, it's not the thing
You hear
Looking for an easy swing,
Look into your heart and find that jazz!

Lead into your soul and
See that jazz alive
With burning fire!
Jazz is sweet and burns
With flames of fire from the soul!
Let it go and let jazz in
From head to toe!

Let life jazz and let go!
An admiration of jazz, if only briefly (;
Tony JR Wilson Jun 2014
Let Them Know You Love Them (d)
by Tony J.R. Wilson

Love can bring these:
A lasting joy,
And last of all,
The light of life.

One can sigh and wait
For just one lasting face
That looks into their eyes and says
The things that make them know
Who they are and what they need.

This is what one needs:
A lasting face,
And most of all,
The love of life.

It's not enough of
What is love that's
Put in one's mind:
The thing that takes
Away from what is true love
Is the sacrifice.

A sacrifice is what makes love:
When one may leave the other
In the ground, but takes the time
To dig the other out,
Love is made.

I can't live without
The knowledge that
I've said something
That you've heard:

Take some time
To think about
The things I've said.

I want for there
To be an everlasting
Lesson here that makes
The ones you know and love
Let you know they love you.
This is just a reflection on the importance of love and affection. Some people may need an occasional act of affection to be reminded that there is someone that loves him/her.

— The End —