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Anastasia Apr 23
run fiery creature
a small red thing
his name is simply fox
and trouble, he likes to bring
just out of his kit years
he searches for his *****
and as soon as he laid eyes on her
he knew that he was smitten
she had amber eyes and delicate paws
fur like fire and tips like gauze
as soon as he saw her his heart was aflame
he walked and they talked and he found out her name
lily was his *****, forever till the end
kisses and snuggles, his best friend
AsianGenderWater Feb 2019
The vulpine creeps into the room,
On silent, tiny paws.
Her fur a mellow chestnut,
Her eyes a silky fawn.

Her charming looks encapture
All who turn and stare.
And yet they don't realise
She's caught them in her snare

She smiles a caring smile,
Her eyes glow in the light.
And yet nobody sees
This is all an act.

She twists and snaps and snarls
At the stumbling little cat.
"You're worthless!" She shouts.
"I hope you die!" She shouts.

She turns around, grinning
A lopsided, silly smile.
Nobody heard or saw
The beast she really is.
About someone in my class
Peter Dempster Jan 2019
She was

Her lips
Bled lipstick

Dark hair

Hearts wine

Castled beauty



all love

Steven Forrester Nov 2018
Thump thump
What is that?
Thump thump
There it is again
Thump thump
It's coming from inside
Thump thump
I'm starting to feel alive
Thump thump
Ice is falling from my skin
Thump thump
Is this a sign?
Thump thump
Shall I begin?

I see this face
It's beautiful
It's radical
How this image
Takes a hold of me
A *****
Veritably vanquishing
This viciously vile
And yes
I feel alive
At my door
I hear as opportunity knocks
Taking the form
Or figure
Of a fox
Slyly slithering
In to my thoughts
Eating away
My cage
And I awake

Was it just a dream?

I don't thinks so......
For Adrienne
I was
hers and
still toggle
their feature
as this
cluster in
maudlin with
alluvion tears
as rain
only to
gape acquiescence
there and
strengthen peace
of mind
or frizzy
hair ends
the medallion
I'm seeking my immortal foe.
He must mosh hard and enjoy Edgar Allen Poe
You should have a secret identity that nobody can know...              
Be a secret **** super-villain, be my, John Doe!
I'm now hiring, inquire within!
Don't keep me waiting - my heads in a tale spin

I'm looking for my Dark Lord
A deliciously evil ruler of my dark heart....
Someone with plans, someone to top the charts
You must be an experienced magus in the dark arts
I'm searching for that man...
I need you to be the Joker to my Batman!
Tell me are you clever and cool?
Do you want to force the world up under your rule?
Are you at least 5'8"?
It's rather specific but this I can't break
About me, I'm a dark Gothic angel in disguise
A royal beauty who likes keeping it all under my demise
Vanilla ice cream is my favourite flavor surprise
Together you and I would be our own alibi
Tell me, what mischief and mayhem can we get up to?
Together we would concoct our own strange brew
I'm an honest *****, I work a 9 to 5
So I'd like to fight crime with you from like 6 to 9
Are you evil? Tell me, how's your laugh?
I'm seeking a unique dare devil
My diabolical better half
You had better bring along your sword and staff
My **** side kick with a troubled past
If "Conquer the world" is all that you desire
Then it's a man like you, yes Sir, I could admirer!
Laura Rosso Jan 2015
Soft palms applaud
Winter’s arrival: Welcome Snow!
So glad you could come, take a chair on the lawn,
Or lounge on the sill, and worship the starlight.
We knew you were coming,
When little Earth threw the annual arctic fox over her shoulders,
Peeping through chiffon hairs, her green eyes
Met its black lipped smile,
Hers; hidden.

Sounds of snow so singular, so awkward to place:
Perhaps the closure of wings on feathered flanks,
Paws on rain-soaked oak leaves,
The pearl moon laughing in the kitchen sink,

Until his alabaster lips part into a yawn,
And all is frozen as a lake in the sky.
Did you know the stars are Russian skaters?
They twist on one toe
Wrapped in the silver furs of foreign foxes.

Closer to home,
My window opens like an unblinking eye
Onto an army of pine,
Needles turning upwards
As an apricot afternoon chills to ivory.
It snowed a couple days ago

— The End —