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Peter Dempster Jan 2019
She was

Her lips
Bled lipstick

Dark hair

Hearts wine

Castled beauty



all love

Peter Dempster Jan 2019
But I am not you
I could not understand
The shock barely believed you
Confessing his ***** hands

It rolled off like water from duck
And I think I have plumbed the depths
And gone the distance

But I am not you
I don't know what its like
To have been abused
For you to believe that you didn't fight
For all those years

Im not sorry I cant understand
Its a much much deeper remorse than that
Clutching at my hidden fears
But don't think that means we cant go there
Or that I will chicken out and leave you crushed behind
Never ever
Please begin to trust yourself and take my hand
And show me your strength
The ebbs and flows
You need to heal me into your pain
I am not you
You are beautiful
You are strong
You did fight
But the war is long
And here you are still on the front line
Never backing down
Advancing with time
For many years you were a soldier of truth in a battalion of one

I need a medic
My emotions have burst
Someone stretcher me off

Im not you
But im here in the trenches
Im not turning back
We're in this
We're buying time back

I didn't really craft these words
That's creepy
They are just the truth unfiltered
Im sorry there's no structure
But who would want to build a monster

Im not ashamed anymore of saying what I feel to you
I am becoming you
believe me
Peter Dempster Jan 2019
We began to write
The thoughts that crossed
The line that we had written in the sand
The boundary they sold us on these lands.

And we’ve become the old age rising
Understanding word beyond the spoken
What can compare to the things we see?
It feels like the simplest summer breeze.

Some shot bolt found our heart the target

No point to stem the steed now bolted

The inky reed quivers in every hand

I've come across these beautiful lines

That you have loved

into this sand.
Expressing how writing together has helped us discover new and better places. It applies particularly to conflict zones, both physical and perceived. It is valuable to find the real reason for a fence,  wall, or entrenched belief by encouraging written expressions of the hearts involved. Once ignited in us, the power of words take over.

— The End —