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Nina Aug 2
You've been long gone,
But my love for you is still standing strong.
Maybe you've moved on
Maybe you don't love me no more

One day, I'd be the same
But one thing i can promise you,
Even if i found someone new,
I will always love you.

Somewhere deep inside my heart,
I will keep you hidden.
I will love you always
An undying love for you
Abigale May 6
in bed

I do nothing
but lay in this bed

"ABIGALE!!!" I can hear
my name being called as if I'm
some sort of maid to her every beck
and call but I'm not, I'm just her daughter

I'm just her tired, lonely, sad, and afraid, daughter
Who at times feel grateful but at others feel terrified
I don't know what to do, what to say, or how to be myself
when all I feel is sadness in her presence yet at the same time
undying & endless love because after all, she is my one and only
I don't even know what this is but it's something I thought I'd share ; )
Saigen Embrace Feb 2017
I sit and loathe under this night sky
I Loathe for the end is nigh
I Loathe for she's no more and I ask Why?
I Loathe for a lost love I can't deny
I Loathe Cause am still here yet our Love shall never DIE
Melaka Jude Jul 2016
Your eyes are the stars
Of my own little world
Brightly they twinkle and glow

Your words are like water
From a sparkling stream
Singing to me as they flow

Your touch is as gentle
As the morning sun
Strengthening with every pass

To be with you
I consider myself lucky
But worried whether luck will last

When I see you laughing
And smiling with others
When I see you talking with someone else

Flames of anger
Flames of envy
I feel them like the ringing of bells

In my arms to hold you
To never let go of you
To protect you with all that I have

To make you my queen
In the world of my dreams
That is my dream and plan

So please don't leave me
Be always beside me
Cause I love you more than anything else.
They say there's plenty other flower
But you're the one that matter
Should i want another?
This flower meant more than a lover

The last few petals are still there
Making it hard for me to stare
Inevitable, i still care
But who's to say all is fair

You fought well hard & true
I guess i did so, too
I'm trying to save you, really i do
Tulips are weak, like us two.

**Svelte Rogue, ACS
Gia Garcia Feb 2016
Soft brown hair and that smile
That I haven't seen in a while
The way you think and your disposition
I once thought was a poison
But like most illusions I've seen,
It was just love after all.

You slid your hands in your pockets
Eyes shifting within their sockets
This is the you I cried so many times over
And after all these years, I've only just begun getting sober.

The loss of what could and what might have been,
Is a wound that time can never heal
You've made my life slightly dim
And made pain an emotion I frequently feel

But a day like today,
Is a day I never thought would arrive
You walk towards me in your worst of states,
And my love for you was somehow revived.

I begin to repel the emotion I cursed that I never again would let near
But little did I know , it has always been here.

And as you walk away looking back at me with the softest of eyes
I loved you again, to my surprise.
It was then , I realized—
This is a love that never dies
Poetic Justice Nov 2015
Tell me
you will be there
that you'll never go away

Tell me
you are listening
caring what I have to say

Tell me
you miss me
that you always want me near

Tell me
it will be okay
eliminate my fear

Tell me
you think of me
that I’m always on your mind

Tell me
*our love is strong
and will stand the test of time
You never know just how much certain words mean until they are no longer spoken

— The End —