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Greta Jun 10
I’m done with you. I’m done with the idyllic stories
we used to create
and I’m done trusting in the allegories
of our wretched fate. I’m just over it.
Still, I use our picture as a talisman.
I bring you with me just in case I need somewhere
to belong, once in a while. Cause you built a house
in my pocket, a playground in my heart, in return
I exiled you from home. I’m sorry I did it.
But I knew my insides were starting
to grow all around you, and I didn’t want you
to suffocate.
I’m done with you,
but your picture is still my talisman.
Greta Jun 8
Our love was an interactive game.
Our love was already written by some drunk guy
on his sofa, we only had to pick between two choices
to slightly change the ending,
which by the way is almost always the same.
Our love was an interactive game.
Our love made us miserable and made us fight
over simple choices that meant nothing
to anyone but us,
which by the way should’ve concerned someone.
Speaking-of, I did not choose once.
I did not pick a single choice of our interactive game.
You wanted control and I wanted to rest,
I’m telling you, this is not a good pair. I wanted to stop
rushing for a while and you wanted power
over something in your life. Guess we both lost,
I did not rest,
And you did not control me.
But we had fun, didn’t we?
Greta Apr 26
Would you drink my tears,
If I asked you to?
And maybe get intoxicated by that little
salty taste I somehow still
find a way to get addicted to?
Cause I would,
for you.

I would fill an entire jar of tears,
any size you’d like.
Ask me for a bigger one and
I’d still find another reason to cry.
Could you bottle one for me,
Greta Mar 9
I feel drained
and I can’t do anything but
complain about the way I’m
slowly fading away

I should change,
but the more people tell me
I’m only good at breaking hearts
the more I leave ‘em behind

stop trying to fix me,
i will not stay this time
I wish I did
Greta Feb 2021
I heard about twin flames,
wouldn't it be fun if I knew where mine is?
I'd die a hundred times
finding the one for me
so I wouldn't die trying
to make people fall for me
this is my first one, I'm sorry.

— The End —