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MSunspoken Dec 2019
I shimmer in the light-
As I swim in the sea
Taking a random path around
As fitting as that sounds

I live for the spotlight
Though I’m the smallest  to be seen-
Gaining attention from my peers
Though I know I lack originality

Repeat repeat
That’s the fastest way to fame-
Being the class clown is never easy
Yet my jokes are always the same

School, who knew?
I have better things to do
Or at least that’s what I think
As long as I can avoid responsibility

Have you ever had a dream?
Well sometimes, I think of my wish
One that will end all my trying
And I can be free as a fish
Rewriting the fact this these poems are for a challenge gets tiring...this poem is for the class clown (obviously), and I wrote it this way, because I imagine how exhausting it must be to always try and be the funny one.
aL Dec 2018
Kutis na unti unting napupunit sa hamog
Sa kapal nitong dilim ako ay bihag ng yamot
Makapal kong balat tila ay namanhid na
Kasabay nito ng manipis na pag ambon
Mahinhin ang paligid gawa ng panahon
Ang araw ay magtatago buong maghapon
Tanging pagkasala ay paggising ng pagkaaga-aga
At pagkaantok ay hindi na makababalik pa
Ito marahil ay sanhi ng maaga kong pag tanda
LGY Aug 2018
Knock Knock.
Who’s there?
Knock Knock.
Who’s there?
Knock Knock.
Who’s there?
Knock Knock.
Who’s there?
Uvuyo Jul 2018
I lived a minute longer than my fears.
Be Grateful!
Danielle L Cook Sep 2015
I see you walking around
With your head held high
Like you're above everyone else
Because you're such a bad guy
That's why you got a tattoo, right
To remind us all you're dangerous
Well here's a news flash amigo  
You're as dangerous as my ****
laughing because I rhymed dangerous with ****

high school: thugs

— The End —