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Arsala May 21
Once they asked me describe your life...
I said my soul is living in hell
And my body in heaven....
Kitten Nov 2019
Eyes heavy
Breathing slowly
Signs of sleep
Approach me
Nooraay Sep 2017
When i'm going through the pain
When it's all in vain
When i'm broken in my bed
When i'm falling from the heights
When I put the world aside
When there's no light
When life becomes a lie
When im standing in the dark
When the time stretches by
When wind blew high
When the stroms tear apart
When the moon split in half
When I crawled in the dark
When I hear only howls
When I see no light
When I'm standing at the edge
When I don't feel alive
When I feel so lone
But I fear no more
It's not something new
Something I've been through
everyday and night.
But all I need is you.
Destre' May 2015
Im not sure what im doing tonight I have far to much on my mind and nothings sounding right, really im just trying to sort through my thoughts all the while wondering if im really alright.  You see, I go back and forth about that, im good untill I get stuck in my head. My head can be a scary thing, filled with harsh veiws of myself and the world mixed with odd hellish dreams. I feel if I tried to explain my thoughts to some, I mean to really explain and try sort through it all, that they'd probably just laugh at me n say im crazy. And crazy as I may or may not be.. I lost my train of thought
Sometimes I want to scream
Destre' May 2015
My mind begins to race
And i struggle to keep up with the chase
My imagination runs wild
But honestly im really tierd
Why cant my mind let me rest
Maybe it feels I need to process and digest
But you see, id have to disagree
Because I dont want to think about climbing a tree
Why cant my mind let me be
Id really like it right now if I were asleep
I cant sleep

— The End —