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Destre' Feb 2019
Rest is hard for a heavy heart
  Jul 2018 Destre'
To climb is to fall.
In time, the ladder bends.
The hand reaches too far and grabs
a fistful of nothing.
And all of a sudden, we're slipping off the edge.
Destre' Apr 2018
“I took
the sweatshirt
from the chair
in your room

Your favorite
Philadelphia Eagles

I send my regrets
You’re probably cold
It’s kept me warm
And it still
Smells like you”
I miss you
Destre' Apr 2018


Destre' Apr 2018
It was flaccid on my tongue.
Tie dye design fading,
Tightly pressed fibers dissipating,
A paper spitball soon to be dissolved.

Out of sight out of mind,
Until the wood grain on his dresser started to shift,
Move together then apart
Like a kaleidoscope in tones of brown

I stumbled out,
Thin socks met frozen wooden planks,
Then black jeans were introduced
As I took a seat criss-crossed: perched.

Snow fell from above
Like shooting stars abandoning the sky.
They landed on my lashes,
So I blinked a Big Bang and galaxies were born.

Frostbite should’ve crept into my fingertips,
But I was all tingles: pins and needles,
My nerve endings firing like new year’s sparklers at midnight.

Music filled my ears without a sound in the air.
Northern lights were waves emitted from trees
And the waves in the sky danced in time to my imaginary melody.

He snuck up behind me,
Seemed to appear beside me,
So I laid my head on his knees,
But his leg hair started to crawl,
Each strand a pink and green gradient
Like a **** carpet come to life,
A 1970’s nightmare

He looked down at me
His pupils like black holes: ******* me in
Shivers crawled up my spine:
A thousand spiders carrying snowflakes.

He wasn't talking but his face was moving: morphing,
It wasn't gloopy as you'd expect morphing to be,
But sharp, Jagged:
Stained glass mismatched.
Destre' Feb 2018
The same road I've walked down a thousand times
suddenly opens up to clear blue skies
And I can practically hear it ringing in my ears
the waves of the ocean that I've been dreaming about for years
The birds, the wind, the sand between my toes
The sun on my skin, lounging around sipping mojitos
"Paradise is a place that's far from home,
and lately all I ever see is everything I've ever known"

But then the clouds roll in
reminding me, I'm in the same place I've always been
The italicized lyric is from Paradise by Ryan Caraveo
Destre' Feb 2018
A blocked up
Jumbled mess
like a flock of birds in a cage
when you try to let one out
somehow they all find a way to escape
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