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Euphrosyne Mar 4
A flower boy is in love
His words run like river
His mouth scented like flower
His mind full of words in power
He expres his feelings like shower

He travels to the unknown
He wanders and float
Because nothing matters
Nothing, except his dream girl

Flower boy confessed
Because he felt loved
Flower boy was rejected
But now after flower boy did,

A flower boy is still in love, but,
His words run like tears
His mind full of fears
His mouth once full of flowery words
Now it disappears
His heart is now in shears
This poem doesn't mean that I'm giving up.
It means I'm hurt.
Jannell O Feb 2016
I see you, yes you.
Hiding in the dark, your waiting for my heart.
  Scratching the walls and screaming in the cage, your making me grow with rage.  How you laugh as I fall,  knowing this won't heal at all.
   You know me and I know you, I see you cutting through.
Again the cage is getting weak, I fear I'm on a losing streak.
   But I won't back down yet, I wish I could press reset.
Your screams echos my mind, letting me know I'm out of time.
   Who is this, monster I see, Staring back at me?
You whisper sweet words of poison, I stand still frozen.
    I move , you move.
I sit down, you sit down with me.
   Are you mocking me?
Or is that really me?..I see?
I walked the road closed off
With one who is pre-engaged
Absorbing the rays of sunlight
Listening to the chants of our conscience

You led me through with good intentions
Sliced away with a bitter malice
A walking temptation you couldn't pass
You shattered the barrier with your bare hands

In a moment the music seized
All that can be heard are the mumbles
The desperate cries of help
Shuffles of clothes being shed

A war of dominance over temptation
Not one giving into cries of pain
Friction towards the seduction of defeat
But there will be no surrender

After the signs of blue and red
Condensation of ****** heat
Wrinkled sheets of a ****** war
A silent deal to those unsuspecting relations

We went through the road together
Each step matched each other in gait
A knife on one hand while holding the other’s
It hasn't ended, it has only begun.

— The End —