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Candi Mar 2019
We were not meant to be friends
But somehow we became
But becoming is not enough
And we have failed to maintain
Candi Mar 2019
Waiting in despair a chill to the air
Inching closer and closer to peak right thorough
Noticing everything I see, everything about you
Doubt is the only thing which holds me back
Overthinking each play before I react
Waiting patiently for what I do not know, therefore forever I remain right by the window
Candi Mar 2019
Snow covered sidewalks began to melt warmed by the sun
Pulling everyone from their hibernation to explore what is to come
Rays from the sky intensifies, nourishing us within
Internal sunshine is the key to happiness
Nights are cool but just enough to still enjoy outside
Gosh! I'm ecstatic it is finally spring time
Candi Mar 2019
When Left in solitude or when surrounded by many
The Overwhelming stillness of it all sets in
The Numbness pours over your body making you wish
something Else was there
But Life has its way of making your senses disappear
The Yearning of it all seems less sever
Candi Mar 2019
Convince me that what you see is truly a reflection of me
Am I all that you think me to be or is this just a fantasy
Never truly knowing what lies deep within    
Determined to discover is there more to this gem
Introverted to the core but quickly clawing out
Curious to see things from a third person view
Exactly what would I see if I looked at me like you do
Candi Mar 2019
Fierce combat in an unknown land
One winner, may the best man withstand
Race against the elements, surrounded by foes
The battle is underway, stock up on ammo
Navigate the grounds, try to stay out of sight
If spotted be prepared for a brutal fight
Time nears the end only two remain
Everything fades black that’s the end of the game
Candi Mar 2019
The smell of dew lingers in the air
All around me is deserted except there’s you
The only sound we can hear
Is the sound of the rain as it seeps through

Watching the water as it falls from the sky
Our clothes becoming damp, but we don’t care
Engrossed in the nothingness, I stare in your eyes
Trying to understand your deepest fears

Can we stay like this forever?
Can the rain never go away?
For I fear when the rain is severed,
This feeling, this moment may not stay

How I love the raw emotion
As we both bear our souls
A moment to share our devotion,
To be free and lose control

Hear the trees as they blow
Feel the chill as it sets in
Here we sit in this shadow
With no desire for this to end

Just being here next to you
It feels like everything will be alright
Just sitting here among the rainy dew
Becoming one with the night
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