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Ackerrman Aug 2019
Time is not a line nor a road,
It doesn't pass by in equal integers:
It grows,
In small moments,
Gets caught in the reefs.
larger pools for more prominent moments.
Boundless depth in a singularity.

To see through the eyes of a dead man,
In a moment long past,
Forget the small,
Waves career from the bigger ones,
Crashing into my small boat.

To be cast from the hull
And sink in the singularity,
Be consumed,

A moment doesn’t pass,
It clings,
Swipe at the water,
Seeping in,
Try and throw it out,
Before another wave…

The time we spent
Continues to consume,
It swells,
And dwells
In the foreground,
Time does not pass by,
It is here,
Just as it always has been,

I don’t think that I can bare
To accumulate anymore of our time.
My lungs are full,
I have choked on the untameable mass of the lamenting sea.
Fawn and Sukanya Sinha Roy wrote a couple of beautiful pieces concerning time. I felt inspired. It is a bit rushed, but I don't mind so much.
newpoetica Mar 2019
i'm beyond stressed.
i can't help but wonder when the good lord will let me rest.
the pressure is building upon my shoulders.
like the ocean swells that crash upon the cliffside boulders.
all of these tiresome, daily meddles.
i'm waiting for the moment it all comes crashing down and the dust finally settles.
my midterms are this week and i'm currently dying. (love being a disorganized AP kid! haha) and obviously i'm extremely stressed because my final yearbook deadline is also this week and wow just wish me luck you guys :'(
stopdoopy Feb 11
soft tears cresting in eyes

oh how they've hurt you so

dearest one, let this pass

in pain, fury, the deepest swells of sadness

let them wash over you again and again

until you are calmed

smoothed out until new

you will prove victorious

and they will meet their end
it will start

as a dream

slowly rotting to

a memory that

you can’t burn

from your mind

it sticks to you

like it did to your skin

and no matter how

nice life is right now,

still it will swell and show

that you are

a basket for shrapnel

of things you survived


don’t worry,

there is more

than just surviving this,

there is also the joy

of just knowing you aren’t dead

and that maybe life can be great

despite the fact that you’re still in it

say you’re at risk of becoming a partial optimist

just rest assured that this likely isn’t a terminal case

— The End —