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Max Jan 2019
In my dreams
Everything is vague
The clearity will be there
When I open my eyes
And embrace this sleep-induced plague.
I have a lot of dreams lately..
Amitav Radiance Apr 2015
Sleep casts a spell over my eyes
Heavy eyelids caress my dreams
So many thoughts nurtured today
Sleep shall take over the stage
Laying supine, soul is in a realm
Of the subconsciousness realization
Paradise of life blooms with colors
Colors of life and beyond
Gives dreams a makeover
Sibyl Apr 2015
Raise the cup

and put it down

said the brain

to the hand,

and let us search

for thoughts sublime


the waves and sand.

- And as the waves

crawled up the shore

and has returned to sea,

the memories of you remain,

at the beach,


I was walking along the side of the road and then it struck me.

I realized that I was subconsciously thinking of someone.
Amitav Radiance Nov 2014
There is too much commotion
And the mind feels violated
Consciousness is hijacked
With stark reality being fed
Every waking hour
The mental borders struck down
By the brute forces
Driving it towards insanity
Derision of the thoughts
It’s totally exposed to abuse
Now, only rely on subconscious
To draw a mental map
Of the escape route
Towards the path of silence
Away from the commotion
And find sanity again

— The End —