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Amanda Jul 2018
Told you my deepest regrets
Then you let them get swept in the wind
Trusted you with those secret moments
You showed me love that was only pretend

It was over long before it began
Should have seen from the start
Ignored my instincts like a fool
Handed you my heart

Somehow kept me frozen in place
Throughout hurt and dishonesty
Despite the tears, fights, long nights
Believed we were meant to be

Thought the pleasure was worth the pain
Was ready to settle for what little you gave
Realized there was hope for inner peace
Though your soul was already too gone to save

Tried all the ways I knew how
To teach you how to turn around
I was too late, your fate since promised
To shadows to which you are bound

I tried to fight demons off
But was battling them alone
Gave every bit of strength I have
Unable to win the war on my own

The silhouettes ailed your soul
Blackness was all you could feel
Dug the dirt out to your center
So deep could never fully heal

Tried to remain standing upright
Counting stars to keep sane
Mapping paths of wild constellations
Scattered across walls of my eager brain

Brightest always burn out fast
Leave traces fading in the sky
Was hard to see past your sparkling surface
Guess I didn't really try

Lost control of persistent thoughts
Failed to mark accurate score
Until your games blurred together
And we weren't certain who was winning anymore

Rules no longer held weight
Meaningless numbers displayed on a page
Order and sense went out the window
We started expressing our rage

Ounces of emotion littered about
The universe and galaxy
Testament to the immensity of our love
Time-tested passion simple to see

We lost important items
Burned to ash and sand
Slashed into scraps of fabric
Left to gather what remained with hands

Each came with a seperate story
To onlookers was all the same shade of red
Neither of us the villian
Could have made better choices instead

Every morning faced new failures
Took awhile to see we werent meant to be
Though apart I still feel threads of you
Your bones woven with strands of me
It was over before it started

t/46-8m 47a
Jim Davis Sep 2017
Holding a love
Between one
And another
Fibers unseen

Some strong
Some weak
A look alone
Can break one

A word can
Break two or three
A few words can
break forty or more

Replace those
Strands of
Love and
More in hope

For unless
New bonds
Love breaks
One falls

©  2017 Jim Davis
Endless Horizon Oct 2014
I stepped into a room.
An empty room.
The seats were covered in white cloth,
The tiles were unusually clean.

I sat down on a chair,
shifted my place until
I felt comfortable.
The rips and cracks on the leather,
they didn't bother me.

The procedure begun.
Electric razors skimmed my hair,
severing connections months in the making,
and, in an instant,
they started falling
like snowflakes when it snowed.

But it is as if every strand of my hair
carried with it, a message.
A signal. A dream.
And as the metal blades closed in,
they fell to the floor, swept up, and thrown away.
And it was as if
it took my dreams with it.

Just as quickly it had begun,
the procedure was over.
And, I could already feel some part of me,
was gone.
They handed me a mirror,
and I saw myself in the reflection.
Nothing had happened.
Nothing had changed.
But deep inside, something did.

Because I had let it.

I stood up,
brushed the dust off,
and left the room.
Knowing that I'll be returning here again,
quite soon.

— The End —