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and yet I now fly
through the clouds that are aimlessly drifting ...
so high
that no sound
echoing by
below where the mountains are lifting
the sky
can be heard.

Like a bird,
but not meek,
like a hawk from a distance regarding its prey,
I will shriek,
not a word,
but a screech,
and my terrible clamor will turn them to clay—
the sheep,
the earthbound.


Tashunka Witko of the Lakota Sioux, better known as Crazy Horse, had a vision of a red-tailed hawk at Sylvan Lake, South Dakota. In his vision he saw himself riding a spirit horse, flying through a storm, as the hawk flew above him, shrieking. When he awoke, a red-tailed hawk was perched near his horse.

Published by American Indian Pride and Boston Poetry Magazine
Sioux Vision Quest
by Crazy Horse, Oglala Lakota Sioux, circa 1840-1877
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

A man must pursue his Vision
as the eagle explores
the sky's deepest blues.

Originally published by The HyperTexts
sunprincess Jan 2017

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, great warriors of mother earth
These are the men I love, they know what love's worth

I see them and I smile, and I say "Come love me Tonight"
Love me long into the night, love me under the moonlight

And the warrior with skin sun-kissed, comes
and strokes my hair and strokes my legs, and holds me close,
and closer even, and then...

He caresses my face and kisses me long, long into the night
And together we smoke some magic, and he kisses me more
Then says, "my darling, my love, please never leave my sight"
And the world slips away, O' we are no longer of this world

We have spun away into the cosmos, We have become light
Flowing like ribbons, ever changing, chasing away darkness  

Together my warrior love and I , O' we have become one,
One, a  luminous vivacious light of a beautiful origin

sunprincess Nov 2016
Shining a bright light of truth into the darkness,
  great warriors of Standing Rock Sioux Tribe  

Protecting mother earth and all things sacred,
protecting mother earth's water and land

The Standing Rock Sioux tribe of North Dakota,
fighters and heroes for the great of mankind

With their words shining like our Sun, Bright
burning away lies of white men far and Wide
If you wish to stand with the Standing Rock warriors
then please sign the petition posted on their site

— The End —